Riggins, ID 83549 ZIP Code Map


Riggins ZIP Codes


83549 Schools


  • Riggins Elementary School
  • Salmon River Jr-Sr High School
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    ZIP Code 83549 is located in Idaho County

    83549 Street Addresses

    Ace's Pl ((301-798)) Barn Rd ((100-198)) Berger St ((200-398)) Big Salmon Rd ((100-198)) Borah Ave ((1000-1198)) Brandi Cir ((100-199)) Cemetery Rd ((1900-2299)) Cherry Ln ((301-599)) Chinook Cir ((100-199)) Church St ((201-399)) Dalton Dr ((700-799)) Elfers Rd ((801-899)) Fish Hatchery Rd ((501-527)) Fish Trap Rd S ((53-57)) French Creek Rd ((4200-4298)) Fuzi Rd ((2-299)) Georgianna Dr ((100-198)) Grace Creek Rd ((201-299)) Grouse Ct ((100-299)) Heath Dr ((1-398)) Helms Rd ((113-125)) Hwy 95 ((100-3299)) Jessica Ln ((137-199)) Lake Creek Rd ((300-398)) Little Salmon Overlook ((13-99)) Lodge St ((101-199)) Macarthur Ave ((100-999)) Mc Arthur Ave ((100-922)) Natl Forest Develop Road 1614 Rd ((1501-1599)) Natl Forest Develop Road 2114 Rd ((1-599)) Natl Forest Develop Road 241 Rd ((100-699)) Natl Forest Develop Road 246 Rd ((4200-4298)) Natl Forest Develop Road 517 Rd ((100-399)) N Dixon St ((301-499)) North St ((914-1698)) Old Pollock Rd ((2-799)) Oleary Driveway ((1601-1699)) Orchard Ln ((301-499)) Park St ((100-199)) Pollock Rd ((2-689)) Puma Ln ((1-198)) Race Creek Rd ((100-699)) Ranny Rd ((2-6)) Rapid River Rd ((1-599)) Rapid River Vis ((100-199)) Rehner Rd ((500-599)) River Ln ((1-99)) River Village Driveway ((1300-1398)) Salmon Dr ((1300-1698)) Salmon Rd ((200-398)) Salmon River Rd ((1501-1599)) Salmon Run Rd ((100-198)) Seven Devils ((1-167)) Seven Devils Rd ((100-899)) South St ((801-1098)) Squaw Creek Rd ((1-399)) Steelhead Cir ((100-199)) US Hwy 95 ((100-3299)) Well St ((600-998)) Whitetail Dr ((500-599))

    83549 Places and Attractions

    Ace Butte Aitken Aitken Spring Alberta Mine Alder Spring Allison Creek Allison Creek Campground Allison Creek Picnic Area Alum Gulch Alvin Gulch Antler Ridge Appendix Lake Bald Mountain Baldy Lake Banner Mine Barton Spring Basin Lake Bean Creek Bean Creek Saddle Bear Creek Bear Lake Bear Pete Lake Bear Pete Mountain Bear Trap Creek Beartrap Saddle Beaver Dam Creek Berg Creek Berg Mountain Bernard Creek Bicardi Place Big Bar Big Three Mine Bills Creek Bills Creek Rapids Black Butte Black Butte Lookout Blacks Creek Blue Gulch Blue Gulch Spring Blue Mountain Boodry Place Box Canyon Bridge Creek Broken Leg Trail Brush Creek Brush Creek Brush Creek Rapids Brush Creek Saddle Buckhorn Spring Buck Park Bullion Creek Bullion Mine Burgdorf Creek Burgdorf Guard Station Burgdorf Post Office (historical) Butzien Butte Cabin Creek Cable Car Crossing Camel Ridge Canada Saddle Cannon Ball Mountain Cannon Ball Spring Cannon Creek Captain John Creek Carey Creek Carey Dome Carey Dome Scenic View Carey Falls Caribou Creek Carrey Cat Creek Chain Spring Chair Creek Cherry Creek Cherry Creek Chessler Creek Chimney Bar Chimney Bar Chimney Saddle Chittam Creek Chittam Rapids Circle C Ranch Circle Creek City of Riggins Clarks Creek Clarks Fork Clarks Hole Clarks Ridge Clyde Spring Coconut Grove Coconut Grove Creek Coffee Can Saddle Cold Springs Cow Camp Cold Springs Mountains Coon Gulch Cora Gulch Cora Spring Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Spring Cougar Basin Cougar Creek Cow Flats Crater Lake Crum Cub Creek Deep Creek Deep Saddle Dempsey Flat DeVeny Place Devils Farm Devils Farm Creek Devils Ladder Devils Throne Devils Tooth Ditch Creek Dog Creek Dog Lake Dogtown Dried Meat Rapids Dry Basin Dry Diggins Lookout Dry Diggins Ridge Dry Gulch Dry Lake Dugout Creek Dutch Oven Creek Dutch Oven Ridge East Fork Berg Creek East Fork Fall Creek East Fork Sheep Creek Echo Lake Egbert Gulch Elkhorn Creek Elk Meadows Emery Creek Fall Creek Fall Creek Fiddle Creek Fiddle Creek Rapids Fire Camp Saddle Flock Canyon Flume Gulch Forest Gulch French Creek French Creek French Creek Post Office (historical) Frosty Meadows Game Warden Saddle Garrison Flat Gasper Creek Gay Lake Gem Lake Goat Creek Goat Lake Goat Ridge Goat Rock Creek Gold Bug Mine Golden Anchor Mine Granite Creek Granite Creek Rapids Granite Mountain Granite Rapids Grave Creek Grave Creek Saddle Green Grouse Creek Grouse Creek Gus Creek Haas Lake Hackett Cabin Hailey Creek Halls Gulch Hanover Creek Hanson Creek Hanson Lakes Hat Creek Heavens Gate Heavens Gate Trail (historical) He Devil He Devil Lake Hell Creek Hells Canyon Forest Service Station Hershey Point Hershey Point Lookout Hibbs Cabin Hibbs Cow Camp Hibbs Ranch Hiltsley Flat Hinkley Cabin Hite Spring Horse Heaven Horse Heaven Lake Howard Ranch Howard Spring Huntz Creek Huntz Gulch Hutton Gulch Hyatt Mine Idaho State Emergency Airstrip Indian Crossing Indian Mountain Indian Springs Indian Trail Ridge Indigo Creek Island Bar Jackson Creek Jenkins Crossing Jessie Creek John Lake Johnson Bar Johnson Butte Johnson Creek Johnson Saddle Josephine Creek Josephine Lake Kelly Creek Kessler Creek Kessler Creek Spring Kimberly Mine Klip Creek Ladder Creek Lake Creek Lake Creek Point Last Chance Gulch Lava Butte Lava Butte Lakes Lava Butte Trail Lava Ridge Leadville Mine Lightning Creek Lightning Creek Lightning Creek Saddle Lightning Ridge Lily Pad Lake Little Berg Creek Little French Creek Little Granite Creek Little Growler Rapids Little Salmon River Log Creek Log Trough Spring Long Cabin Long Tom Bar Long Tom Creek Lovell Gulch Lower Bernard Creek Rapids Lower Bernard Creek Rapids Lower Cannon Lake Lower Twin Lake Low Saddle Low Saddle Manning Bridge Marks Creek Marshall Mountain Mary Lake Maxim Ridge Maxwell Creek Maxwell Point McCalla Basin McCanen Gulch McCatron Ridge McClinery Ridge McCrea Creek McCrea Place McGaffee Basin McGaffee Cabin McLead Ranch McMeekin Ranch Meadow Creek Middle Fork Clarks Fork Middle Ridge Mirror Lake Morrison Ridge Morrison Ridge Spring Mount Belial Mount Marshall Mine Mount Sampson Mullin Spring Music Bar Myers Creek Nethker Creek Nethker Lake Nez Perce National Forest No-Name Rapids North Butte North Creek North Fork Lightning Creek North Fork Rattlesnake Creek North Fork Sheep Creek North Fork Squaw Creek North Riggens North Riggins Cemetery Old Boise Trail Old Timer Creek Old Timer Mine Old Timer Mountain Oregon Tipton Mnine Oxbow Creek Papoose Campground Papoose Creek Papoose Lake Papoose Saddle Paradise Lake Partridge Creek Partridge Creek Bridge Partridge Creek Lake Patrick Butte Patrick Creek Pete Creek Peterson Flat Pine Bar Pipe Saddle Plant Creek Plummer Creek Pollock Pond Creek Porcupine Creek Porcupine Meadow Potato Hill Potter Place Preacher Mountain Purgatory Lake Pyramid Mountain Quad Lake Race Creek Ranch Creek Rapid River Rapid River Fish Hatchery Rattlesnake Basin Rattlesnake Creek Rattlesnake Spring Rattlesnake Spring Riggins Riggins City Fire Department Riggins Division Riggins Elementary School Riggins Flight Strip Riggins Hot Springs Robbins Creek Rock Creek Rock Creek Point Rock Island Lake Rocky Point Rapids Rocky Point Rapids Rodger Spring Rooney Basin Rough Creek Rough Creek Round Knob Ruby Rapids Saddle Camp Saddle Creek Saddle Gulch Saddle Spring Salmon Point Salmon River Junior - Senior High School Salmon River Rural Fire District Station 3 Sams Throne Sands Creek Saw Pit Saddle Sawyer Creek Schoolmarm Peak Scott Place Scott Saddle Scribner Lake Seaburg Seven Devils Campground Seven Devils Guard Station Seven Devils Lake Seven Devils Mountains Seven Devils Recreation Site She Devil Sheep Creek Sheep Creek Sheep Creek Sheep Creek Point Sheep Creek Rest Area Sheep Creek Rest Area Sheep Lake Sheep Mountain Shelf Lake Sherman-Howe Mine Shingle Creek Shorts Creek Silvers Station Slaughter Gulch Sleepy Hollow Slide Rock Lake Smith Canyon Soard Flat South Fork Race Creek South Fork Shingle Creek South Fork Squaw Creek Spotted Horse Mine Spring Bar Spring Creek Spring Creek Squaw Bar Squaw Creek Squaw Point Steep Creek Stickney Basin Stickney Garden Stormy Point Studebaker Saddle Sweet Anise Spring Taylor Gulch The Goblin The Narrows The Ogre Thorn Gulch Three Creek Three Creek Rapids Tony Seyfreid Spring Tower of Babel Traps Creek Triangle Lake Turner Tuttle Mine Twin Imps Two Creek Union Creek Upper Bernard Creek Rapids Upper Bernard Creek Rapids Upper Cannon Lake Upper Twin Lake US Mine Van Creek Vinegar Creek Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp Vinegar Creek Rapids Vista Point Lookout Warm Springs Bar Warm Springs Creek Warm Springs Point Warm Springs Saddle Warnock Ridge Waterspout Creek Weinheimer Gulch West Fork Allison Creek West Fork Lake Creek West Fork Race Creek West Fork Rapid River West Fork Robbins Creek West Fork Sheep Creek Whiskey Butte Whiskey Gulch White Bird Ridge Whiteman Wickiup Creek Wicks Wildhorse Saddle Wild Sheep Rapids Wild Sheep Rapids Willow Creek Wilson Wilson Cabin Wilson Cabin Wilson Cabin Wilson Cow Camp Wind River Wind River Boat Ramp Wind River Bridge Trailhead Wind River Pack Bridge Windy Saddle Campground Wisdom Wisdom Creek Witsher Creek Wurl Cabin Wyant Camp Wyant Creek