Kooskia, ID 83539 ZIP Code Map


Kooskia ZIP Codes


83539 Schools


  • Clearwater Valley Elementary
  • Clearwater Valley Jr-Sr
  • Census



    ZIP Code 83539 is located in Idaho County

    83539 Street Addresses

    2nd Ave ((1-131)) Appaloosa Dr ((1-199)) Apple Ln ((100-198)) Barn St ((100-199)) Battle Ridge Rd ((101-1699)) B Ave ((1-99)) Beach St ((400-498)) Big Cedar Rd ((101-1198)) Big Horse Canyon Rd ((100-299)) Blue Bird Dr ((100-199)) Broadway ((600-899)) Broadway Ave ((101-698)) Cedar Hollow Ln ((100-299)) Cemetery Rd ((100-299)) Chandelier Ln ((100-199)) Clear Creek Rd ((1-1499)) Clearwater Ave ((1-399)) Clearwater St ((400-799)) Crane Hill Rd ((100-399)) Depot St ((601-699)) Dike St ((300-398)) Doughty Rd ((100-299)) Down River Rd ((200-999)) East Ave ((301-399)) East Rd ((1000-1098)) East St ((300-398)) Edgewater Rd ((101-199)) E Koaskia ((600-699)) Esther Spr ((2-499)) Esther St ((1-399)) E Winter Ave ((600-899)) Fall Ave ((301-899)) Flying Eagle Rd ((100-199)) Fountain St ((100-798)) Front St ((1-399)) Glenwood Rd ((1200-1398)) Harris Ridge Loop ((101-298)) Harris Ridge Rd ((100-999)) Hill St ((2-198)) Idaho St ((500-598)) Jericho Rd ((100-299)) Jerico Dr ((100-294)) Kettle Creek Rd ((100-198)) Kim Pl ((1-99)) Leitch Creek Rd ((401-799)) Little Cedar Ck Rd ((1-99)) Little Smith Creek Ln ((101-199)) Little Smith Creek Rd ((0-199)) Long Bluff Rd ((101-399)) Lowary St ((500-517)) Lukes Gulch Rd ((2739-2899)) Main St ((2-607)) McLean Ln ((100-199)) Mc Pherson Rd ((800-899)) Mill Rd ((0-299)) Mill St ((602-698)) Mt Stuart Dr ((401-499)) Mulledy Rd ((100-398)) Nat For Dev Rd 418 ((201-299)) Natl Forest Develop Road 1842 Rd ((1-799)) Natl Forest Develop Road 284 Rd ((2-299)) Natl Forest Develop Road 286 Rd ((100-698)) Natl Forest Develop Road 515 Rd ((1-1499)) Nelson Rd ((100-299)) North St ((100-198)) N River Rd ((200-2899)) Old Elk City Wagon Rd ((2-299)) Olive Branch ((100-198)) Ought Seven Rd ((1-199)) Park Ave ((500-699)) Pine Ave ((200-699)) Pine Rd ((100-198)) Ping St ((400-599)) Red Fir Rd ((100-998)) Reservation Line Rd ((1000-1098)) Resort Rd ((101-299)) Ridgewood Dr ((1-1215)) Ridgewood Rd ((401-1198)) Riverside Aly ((201-299)) Riverside Ave ((301-499)) School Hs Rd ((800-998)) Selway Rd ((101-1199)) Smith Creek Rd ((201-299)) Spring St ((100-198)) State Hwy 13 ((101-399)) State Hwy 13 Bus ((101-698)) State Hwy 13 Scn ((101-399)) State St ((501-799)) Stites Grade Rd ((0-199)) Sutter Creek Rd ((101-599)) Suttler Creek Rd ((100-499)) Syringa Ln ((100-199)) Tahoe Loop ((100-299)) Tahoe Rd ((200-499)) Thenon St ((1-199)) Tom Taha Rd ((1200-1398)) Tookush Rd ((201-299)) Too Kush Rd ((100-298)) Tram Rd ((1301-11498)) Trenary Cutoff Rd ((101-199)) Trenary Rd ((200-499)) Ulmer Rd ((101-298)) Walker Rd ((101-199)) West St ((400-599)) W Fork Clear Creek Rd ((201-299)) Winona Grade ((101-299)) Winona Grade Rd ((1301-11498)) Winter Ave ((200-498))

    83539 Places and Attractions

    12 Mile Saddle Alder Creek Alkire Creek Andys Hump Andys Lakes Ant Creek Ant Hill Apgar Campground Apgar Creek April Creek Archer Mountain Ash Creek Ashpile Creek Ashpile Peak Austin Creek Austin Ridge Austin Ridge Lookout Badger Creek Bad Luck Creek Bad Luck Lookout Tower Bad Luck Mountain Bailey Creek Bailey Mountain Bait Creek Bald Mountain Bald Mountain Creek Bald Mountain Lake Baldy Creek Baldy Mountain Ball Creek Ballinger Creek Ballinger Point Bar Creek Barefoot Creek Barren Creek Barren Hill Barren Ridge Bat Creek Battle Creek Battle Creek Ridge Battle Lake Battle Ridge Battle Ridge Cemetery Bear Creek Bear Creek Pass Bear Creek Pass Bear Creek Pass Bear Creek Pass Campground Bear Mountain Bear Mountain Creek Bear Packer Camp Bears Oil and Roots Camp Bear Wallow Beaver Creek Beaver Dam Creek Beaver Dam Saddle Beaver Flat Beaver Jack Mountain Beaver Lake Beaver Meadows Beaver Point Beaver Ridge Beaver Ridge Lookout Beaver Saddle Bee Creek Bell Creek Belle Creek Belle Creek Campground Bell Lake Bell Point Berry Creek Bess Creek Big Cedar Big Cedar Creek Big Creek Big Creek Point Big Flat Creek Big Fog Lake Big Fog Mountain Big Fog Saddle Bigfoot Lake Big Hill Big Hill Rapids Big Horse Canyon Creek Big Rock Mountain Big Sand Creek Big Sand Lake Big Smith Creek Big Stew Creek Big Tinker Creek Bill Creek Bills Lake Bimerick Creek Bimerick Meadows Birch Creek Bitch Creek Bitch Lake Black Canyon Blacktail Butte Blacktail Ridge Blodgett Mountain Blodgett Pass Blodgett Pass Bluff Creek Boulder Creek Boulder Flat Boulder Pass Boundary Peak Bowl Butte Bowl Creek Box Car Creek Box Car Mountain Boyd Creek Boyd Creek Campground Boyd Lake Brady Creek Brave Creek Bridge Creek Bridge Creek Browns Spring Browns Spring Creek Brush Hill Brushy Fork Brushy Fork Creek Brushy Fork Lake Buck Lake Burn Creek Burned Creek Burnt Cedar Creek Burnt Strip Mountain Cabin Creek Cabin Creek Cache Creek Cache Creek Cache Mountain Camp California Creek California Lake California Point Camel Creek Camel Hill Camp Creek Camp Martin Camp Moosehorn Cantaloupe Creek Canteen Creek Canteen Meadows Canyon Creek Canyon Creek Canyon Junction Canyon Lake Canyon Meadows Work Center Cascade Creek Castle Butte Castle Butte Camp Castle Creek Cat Creek Cayuse Mountain Ceanothus Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Flats Cedar Flats Campground Cedar Flats Job Corps Center Cedar Knob Cedar Ridge Cedar Saddle Chain Creek Chain Meadows Chamook Creek Chamook Ridge Chamook Saddle Chance Creek Cherokee Creek Chimney Butte Chimney Creek Chimney Lake Chimney Peak China Point China Point Ridge Chitwood Mine Chute Creek City of Kooskia Clamp Creek Clark Tree Clear Creek Clear Creek Clear Creek Clearwater Valley Elementary School Clearwater Valley High School Clearwater Valley Primary School Cliff Creek Cliff Creek Clift Creek Cold Creek Cold Springs Cold Storage Creek Colgate Creek Colgate Licks Nature National Recreation Trail Colgate Warm Springs Colt Creek Colt Creek Cabin Colt Creek Campground Colt Killed Creek Colt Lake Cone Peak Coolwater Creek Coolwater Lake Coolwater Mountain Coolwater Ridge Coon Creek Cooperation Creek Cooperation Point Cooper Creek Cooper Flat Cooper Flat Guard Station Cooper Point Copper Butte Copper Creek Copper Ridge Coquina Lake Corky Lake Corral Creek Corral Hill Cove Camp Cove Lakes Cove Peak Cow Creek Cow Creek Cox Creek Coyote Creek Coyote Creek Crab Creek Crane Hill Crew Creek Crooked Fork Crow Creek Crystal Lake Cub Creek Cub Lake Cub Point Cuneo Point Cupboard Creek Dan Creek Dan Lake Dan Ridge Dead Elk Creek Dead Elk Point Deadman Creek Decker Creek Deep Saddle Deep Saddle Deep Saddle Creek Devils Chair Diablo Mountain Diablo Spring Diamond Lake Diamond Rock Dipper Creek Dishpan Lake Ditch Creek Divide Creek Divide Number Three Dodge Creek Dodge Lake Dodge Lake Dodo Creek Doe Creek Doe Lake Doe Lake Creek Doe Point Dog Creek Dog Point Dollar Creek Dolph Creek Dora Creek Doty Draw Double Creek Double Drop Rapids Doubt Creek Drake Creek Drake Saddle Dry Bar Dry Camp Dry Point Duck Creek Duck Lake Dusty Creek Dutch Creek Eagle Creek Eagle Mountain Eagle Mountain Creek Eagle Mountain Lake Eagle Mountain Pack Bridge Eagle Rock East Boyd Glover Roundtop National Recreation Trail East Fork Moose Creek East Fork Split Creek East Fork Waw’aalamnime Creek East Peak East Peak Lake Eben Creek Eel Creek Elbow Bend Elbow Creek Eldorado Ridge Elevator Mountain Elizabeth Lake Elk City Creek Elk Creek Elk Creek Elk Meadows Elk Summit Elk Summit Work Center Emerald Lake End Butte Eva Creek Fall Creek Fan Creek Fan Creek Saddle Fawn Lake Felix Creek Fenn Mountain Fenn Ranger Station Fern Creek Fire Creek Fire Creek Fire Creek Point Fire Lake First Smoke Jump Site Fish Butte Fish Butte Saddle Fish Creek Fish Creek Meadows Fish Lake Fish Lake Airport Fish lake Cabin Fish Lake Creek Fish Lake Saddle Fitting Creek Fitz Creek Five Island Fivemile Creek Flame Creek Flea Lake Flea Ridge Point Florence Lake Flytrap Butte Fog Mountain Fog Mountain Campground Fog Mountain Saddle Footrot Corrals Footrot Corrals Campground Footstool Point Fox Creek Fox Creek Fox Park Fox Peak Freeman Creek Freeman Peak Freeman Place Freezeout Creek Freezeout Mountain Frenchman Butte Frenchman Creek Friday Pass Friday Ridge Frisco Peak Fro Creek Frog Creek Frog Lake Frog Peak Fry Pan Creek Full Stomach Camp Gardiner Creek Gardiner Fork Gardiner Peak Garnet Creek Garnet Lake Gass Creek Gateway Peak Gedney Creek Gedney Creek Campground Gedney Mountain George Creek Ghost Mountain Glacier Creek Glade Creek Glade Creek Camp Glade Creek Campground Glover Campground Glover Creek Glover Ridge Glover Saddle Goat Heaven Peaks Goat Lake Goat Lakes Goat Mountain Goat Ridge Goat Roost Goddard Bar Goddard Creek Goddard Point Gold Creek Gold Hill Gold Meadows Gold Meadows Creek Granite Creek Granite Creek Granite Lake Granite Lake Grave Butte Grave Creek Grave Meadow Peak Grave Peak Green Flat Campground Green Mountain Green Saddle Greenside Butte Greensward Camp Greystone Butte Greystone Creek Greystone Lake Grimes Lake Grit Creek Grizzly Saddle Grotto Creek Grouse Creek Grouse Lake Gypsy Creek Halfway Creek Halfway Creek Handy Creek Hard Creek Harris Ridge Heath Creek Heather Creek Helix Creek Hell Creek Hellgate Creek Hemlock Butte Heslip Creek Heslip Lake Hidden Creek Hidden Creek Hidden Creek Ridge Hidden Lake Hidden Peak Higgins Creek Higgins Creek Higgins Hump Highline Lakes Highline Ridge High Spring Hjort Lake Holly Creek Hoodoo Creek Hoodoo Creek Hoodoo Lake Hoodoo Lake Campground Hoodoo Mountain Hopwood Creek Horn Creek Horse Camp Horse Creek Horsefly Meadows Horseshoe Creek Horseshoe Lake Horsesteak Meadow Camp Horse Sweat Pass Camp Hot Point Hot Springs Point Howard Camp Huckleberry Butte Huckleberry Creek Hungery Creek Hungery Creek Camp Hungry Lake Hungry Point Hungry Rock Hunter Peak Icicle Spring Idaho County Idaho Game Department Idaho Point Indian Creek Indian Creek Campground Indian Grave Camp Indian Grave Creek Indian Grave Peak Indian Hill Indian Hill Indian Hill Creek Indian Hill Lookout Indian Lake Indian Meadow Creek Indian Meadows Indian Park Indian Postoffice Indian Postoffice Lake Indian Rapids Indian Ridge Isaac Creek Isaac Lake Jack Creek Jacksons Cow Camp Jake Creek Jam Creek Jay Creek Jay Point Jeanette Creek Jeanette Lake Jeanette Mountain Jerry Johnson Campground Jerry Johnson Hot Springs Jerusalem Artichokes Campsite Jesse Pass Jims Creek Johnagan Creek Johnson Bar Johnson Creek Jungle Point Kate Creek Kay Creek Kerlee Creek Kerr Creek Kettle Lake Kidney Lake Kinnikinnick Creek Knife Edge Campground Knife Edge Ridge Knoll Creek Kooskia Kooskia Ambulance Kooskia Fire Department Kooskia Municipal Airport Kooskia National Fish Hatchery Kooskooskia Meadows Kube Creek Kube Park Lake Creek Lark Creek Legend Lake Leitch Creek Lewis and Clark Grove Lily Lake Linda Creek Little Cedar Creek Little Copper Butte Little Copper Creek Little Creek Little Dead Elk Creek Little Smith Creek Little Tinker Creek Little Weitas Butte Little Weitas Creek Lizard Creek Lizard Lakes Lizard Peak Liz Butte Liz Creek Liz Creek Cabin Lloyd Lake Lochsa Historical Station Lochsa Peak Lochsa River Lochsa Work Center Lodge Creek Lodge Point Log Creek Log Ridge Lolo Pass Lolo Pass Ski Area Lone Creek Lone Knob Lone Knob Creek Lone Lakes Lone Pine Creek Lone Pine Point Lonesome Cove Camp Lonesome Creek Lonesome Lake Long Lake Long Lake Point Lookout Butte Lookout Creek Lost Creek Lost Horse Pass Lost Horse Pass Lost Knife Meadows Lost Mule Creek Lost Park Meadows Lottie Creek Lottie Lake Louse Lake Louse Point Lowell Lowell Creek Lower Bear Lake Lunch Creek Macaroni Creek Maggie Bend Maggie Creek Magkpie Creek Magruder Campground Maiden Creek Major Fenn Nature Nautral Recreation Trail Major Fenn Picnic Area Maple Creek Maple Creek Maple Lake Maple Lake Ridge Marion Meadows Marten Creek Marten Hot Springs Maud Creek Maude Lake Maud Lake May Creek May Lake McConnell Mountain McLendon Butte Meadow Creek National Recreation Trail Meeker Creek Meeker Point Meeker Ridge Mex Creek Mex Mountain Mex Mountain Work Center Mica Creek Middle Butte Middle Fork Clear Creek Middle Fork Clearwater Wild and Scenic River Middle Ridge Mike White Creek Mink Creek Mink Peak Mire Creek Moccasin Peak Mocus Creek Mocus Point Mocus Point Rock Bridge Moe Lake Moe Peak Monument Creek Moon Creek Moon Saddle Moose Creek Moose Creek Airport Moose Lake Moose Lake Moose Meadows Moose Ridge Mount George Mount Paloma Mount Stewart Mox Creek Mud Lake Mud Lake Muleshoe Creek Muleshoe Creek Camp Myrtle Creek Mystery Creek Nevada Creek Nez Perce Peak Nick Creek Nick Wynn Mountain Ninemile Rest Area Nineteenmile Creek Nipple Knob No Business Creek North Fork Goat Creek North Fork Maggie Creek North Fork Moose Creek North Fork Spruce Creek North Fork Storm Creek North Lone Lake North Peak North Star Ranch North Three Links Lakes No-see-um Butte No-see-um Camp No-see-um Creek No-see-um Meadows Number One Creek Nut Creek Obia Cabin Obia Creek Obia Point O'Hara Bar Historical Site O'Hara Creek O'Hara Youth Camp Old Man Creek Old Man Lake Old Man Meadows Old Man Point Old Nez Perce Trail Old Warriors Face Otter Butte Otter Creek Otter Slide Creek Packbox Creek Packbox Pass Pack Creek Pack Creek Packer Creek Packer Meadows Pagoda Creek Paloma Creek Papoose Lake Parachute Lake Paradise Campground Paradise Creek Paradise Guard Station Park Lake Parsell Point Parsons Lake Parsons Spring Pass Creek Patrol Point Patsy Ann Falls Peach Creek Pea Creek Pedro Creek Pell Creek Pell Creek Penny Cliffs Pete Creek Pete Forks Campground Pete King Creek Peterson Point Pettibone Creek Pettibone Ridge Pillar Creek Pinchot Creek Pine Grove Cemetery Pine Knob Pine Knob Creek Pipe Creek Placer Creek Poacher Creek Poker Creek Polar Creek Pollywog Lake Pondosa Creek Porphyry Creek Porphyry Lake Porphyry Peak Portable Soup Camp Postoffice Creek Potato Hill Power Creek Prism Creek Prospect Point Puzzle Creek Queen Creek Rabbit Creek Rabbit Creek Race Creek Race Creek Campground Race Track Campground Rackliff Campground Rainbow Lake Ranger Lake Rattlesnake Bar Raven Creek Campground Red Lake Creek Red Pine Creek Relaskop Creek Remount Renshaw Creek Retreat Camp Retreat Camp Reverse Creek Rhoda Creek Rhoda Point Ridge Runner Fire Department Roar Creek Robin Creek Robin Creek Rock Cairns Rock Creek Rock Island Rock Lake Rock Lake Creek Rock Pillar Rock Point Rocky Ridge Rocky Ridge Creek Rocky Ridge Lake Rocky Ridge Lake Campground Roll Creek Round Lake Roundtop Round Top Mountain Rudd-Moore Lakes Rupe Peak Rye Patch Creek Saddle Blanket Ridge Saddle Camp Saddle Creek Saddle Fork Saddle Gulch Saddle Mountain Salix Creek Salmon Trout Camp Sand Creek Santa Creek Sardine Creek Saturday Creek Saturday Ridge Savage Camp Savage Creek Savage Pass Savage Ridge Schofield Creek Seat Creek Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Selway Falls Guard Station Selway Lodge Selway River Serpent Creek Seven Lakes Shady Creek Shasta Creek Shasta Lake Shasta Point Shattuck Mountain Shearer Airport Shearer Guard Station Shearer Peak Sheep Creek Sheep Hill Sherman Creek Sherman Peak Sherman Saddle Shissler Peak Shoestring Falls Shoot Creek Short Creek Siah Lake Siberia Creek Sid Lake Six-Bit Creek Sixtytwo Creek Sixtytwo Ranger Station Sixtytwo Ridge Skookum Creek Skookum Lake Sled Creek Slide Creek Slide Creek Campground Slims Campground Small Prairie Camp Smith Butte Smith Creek Smith Creek Work Center Smith Mine Smith Saddle Smoky Peak Sneakfoot Meadows Snowshoe Creek Snowy Summit Soldier Meadows Solo Creek South Fork Canyon Creek South Fork Clear Creek South Fork Goat Creek South Fork Lookout Creek South Fork Saddle Gulch South Fork Spruce Creek South Fork Storm Creek South Lone Lake South Three Links Lakes Spirit Revival Ridge Camp Split Creek Split Creek Bridge Split Creek Point Split Creek Ridge Sponge Creek Sponge Lake Sponge Meadows Sponge Mountain Spring Creek Spring Mountain Spruce Creek Spruce Creek Spruce Creek Lakes Spruce Lake Spur Creek Square Rock Square Rock Lake Squawberry Spring Squaw Creek Squirrel Creek Stanley Butte Stanley Creek Stanley Hot Springs Stewart Creek Stingray Lake Stony Creek Storm Creek Storm Lake Stove Creek Stuart Hot Springs Stub Creek Stud Creek Surprise Creek Suttler Creek Swamp Creek Swamp Lake Swan Creek Swiftwater Creek Syringa Tadpole Lake Tahoe Tahoe Cemetery Tahoe Creek Tahoe Ridge Tamarack Mountain Tango Creek Tenmile Flat Tepee Cabin Tepee Creek Test Creek The Crags The Horn The Sinque Hole Camp The Smoking Place Camp Thimble Creek Three Devils Creek Three Devils Picnic Area Three Forks Ranger Station Three Links Creek Three Links Meadows Three Links Point Three Links Work Station Tick Creek Timothy Flats Tom Beal Creek Tom Beal Park Tom Beal Peak Tomcat Creek Tony Creek Tony Point Too Kush Creek Traveling Creek Tray Creek Tribulation Saddle Triple Creek Triple Lakes Trout Creek Trout Creek Trout Peak Tumble Creek Twentyfive Mile Bar Twentymile Bar Twentymile Bar Campground Twentythree Mile Campground Twentythree Mile Creek Twin Butte Twin Creek Two-bit Creek Two Lakes Two Lakes Cabin Twomile Creek Upper Bear Lake Upper Weitas Pack Bridge Utah Creek Vance Mountain Vance Point Vista Creek Wacamyoos Likoolam Saddle Wag Creek Wag Meadows Wahoo Creek Wahoo Peak Walde Creek Walde Mountain Walton Creek Walton Lakes Wapiti Creek Wapiti Creek Warm Springs Creek Warm Springs Pass Washout Creek Waw’aalamnime Creek Weasel Creek Weasel Point Weir Creek Weir Creek Hot Springs Weitas Butte Weitas Meadows Weitas Meadows Campground Weitas Ridge Wendover Campground Wendover Creek West Branch South Fork Clear Creek West Fork Boulder Creek West Fork Clear Creek West Fork Gedney Creek West Fork Postoffice Creek West Fork Three Links Creek West Fork Waw’aalamnime Creek West Moose Creek Whistling Pig Creek White Cap Creek White Cap Lakes White Cap Trailhead White Creek White Sand Lake Wilderness Gateway Pack Bridge Wild Goose Campground Wild Horse Creek Willow Creek Willow Point Wilson Creek Wind Lakes Wind Lakes Creek Windy Creek Windy Ridge Camp Windy Saddle Wolf Creek Wolf Point Wood Lake Woodrat Mountain Wounded Doe Creek Wounded Doe Licks Wounded Doe Ridge Wye Creek Wylies Peak Wylies Ridge Yew Creek Yokum Creek Yoosa Creek Young Creek Zoe Creek