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  • Region Ii Prof-Tech Academy
  • Prairie High School
  • Prairie Elementary School
  • Prairie Middle School
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    ZIP Code 83522 is located in Idaho County

    83522 Street Addresses

    1st South St ((400-507)) 2nd South St ((400-610)) 3rd South St ((401-409)) Adams Ave ((800-899)) Airport Rd ((100-299)) Angle St ((300-398)) A St ((100-699)) Bash St ((200-699)) Bogli Rd ((100-198)) Broadway St ((2-398)) Butler St ((400-598)) Butte Dr ((1-99)) Butte Rd ((100-798)) Camas Dr ((500-599)) Camas Rd ((400-440)) Canfield Rd ((100-198)) Center Canyon Rd ((100-198)) Center Creek Rd ((100-198)) Center Rd ((1-99)) Church St ((401-799)) Clark St ((1200-1998)) Cottonwood Butte Rd ((100-1599)) Cottonwood Creek Rd ((200-298)) Craigmountain Rd ((500-798)) Dead End Rd ((1800-1898)) Dirt Butte Rd ((501-599)) East Rd ((1-599)) East St ((500-1999)) End Rd ((100-198)) E Rd ((1-899)) Forsman Rd ((100-199)) Foster Ave ((600-999)) Foster St ((100-599)) Front St ((300-899)) Garrett St ((300-698)) Gilmore St ((400-699)) Goeckner Rd ((100-299)) Goldstone St ((401-599)) Graves Creek Rd ((400-2098)) Greencreek Rd ((101-799)) Hogan St ((300-1399)) Idaho St ((2-399)) Jack Pine Rd ((101-199)) Jefferson Ave ((801-899)) Jentges Rd ((101-599)) Joseph Rd ((800-2199)) Junction St ((200-499)) Jungert Rd ((100-199)) Keuterville Rd ((100-1999)) King St ((500-1999)) Lewiston St ((500-1999)) Lockett Ln ((100-199)) Lustig Rd ((101-599)) Madison Ave ((901-1098)) Main St ((200-499)) Maple St ((300-1199)) Maughmer Point Rd ((600-1098)) Maughmer Pt Rd ((301-498)) Meadow Creek Rd ((601-1499)) Monestary Rd ((101-499)) Myrtle St ((400-699)) North St ((400-998)) Nuxoll Rd ((200-298)) Oak St ((500-599)) Old Homestead Rd ((1-299)) Old Hwy 7 ((1601-1699)) Peasley St ((500-699)) Pierce Rd ((100-299)) Pine St ((105-1299)) Powerline Rd ((700-899)) Radar Rd ((200-598)) Reservation Line Rd ((1601-1699)) Reservation Rd ((501-699)) Reservoir Rd ((100-398)) Rieman Rd ((200-499)) Riener Rd ((101-598)) Rock Pit Rd ((100-399)) Rocky Canyon Rd ((400-798)) S 3rd St ((301-323)) Salmon River Rd ((100-798)) Sandspur Rd ((100-298)) Sawmill Rd ((100-798)) Schaefer Rd ((100-290)) School St ((700-1399)) Seven Mile Cut-Off Rd ((1301-1499)) Shortcut Rd ((1-299)) Smith St ((400-999)) Sonnen Rd ((101-161)) St Michael's Rd ((101-199)) Stubbers Rd ((100-499)) Substation Rd ((101-599)) Sunset Dr ((501-599)) Tacke Rd ((200-399)) Talkington St ((500-599)) Telcher Creek Rd ((600-899)) Tinker Ln ((100-298)) Trestle Dr ((800-899)) Turkey Run Dr ((300-1099)) Twin House Rd ((1-799)) US Hwy 95 Bus ((200-1506)) Valley Rd ((201-299)) Wasem Rd ((201-299)) Washington Ave ((801-899)) Wensman Rd ((101-498)) Westlake Rd ((800-898)) Windy Loop Rd ((100-198))

    83522 Places and Attractions

    Abercombie Ridge American Bar Andrews Canyon Annie Gulch Basin Creek Bear Creek Rapids Bear Gulch Bear Gulch Biddle Ridge Big Gulch Big Sulphur Creek Big Sulphur Rapids Big Sulphur Rapids Billy Creek Bingman Ridge Birch Creek Blackburn Gulch Blind Gulch Blue Spring Boise Trail (historical) Boles Boulder Rapids Boulder Rapids Box Flat Brushy Canyon Brust Creek Bug Slope Bureau of Land Management Cottonwood Field Office Burnt Creek Camp Creek Camp Creek Camp Howard Cow Camp Camp Howard Ridge Camp Thomas Camp Thomas Spring Canaan Canyon Canfield Canfield Cemetery Center Creek Center Creek Center Ridge Chamberlain Gulch Christmas Tree Gulch City of Cottonwood Cold Spring Gulch Copper Rapids Cottonwood Cottonwood Air Force Station (historical) Cottonwood Butte Cottonwood Cemetery Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Division Cottonwood Job Corps Center Cottonwood Municipal Airport Cottonwood Rural Fire Department Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department Coyote Ridge Crows Nest Basin Davidson Deadhorse Saddle Deep Creek Deep Creek Rapids Deer Gulch Dellas Peak Dewey Gulch Divide Creek Divide Creek Rapids Divide Creek Rapids Dog Creek Dry Creek Dry Creek Dry Creek Rapids Dry Point Dug Bar Recreation Site Eagle Creek Eureka Bar Eureka Creek Fall Creek Fall Point Fick Point Fir Creek Fir Creek First Creek Five Fine Rapids Five Pine Rapids Flynn Creek Flynn Creek Ranch Fourmile Creek Fourth of July Spring Garden Gulch Getta Creek Gibbons Canyon Gillespie Gulch Gill Gulch Grave Creek Grouse Ridge Guthery Creek Hanley Gulch High Breaks High Breaks Creek Highrange Creek Highrange Rapids Highrange Ridge Home Sweet Home Creek Imnaha Rapids Imnaha Rapids Imnaha River Indian Creek Joe Point Jones Creek Joseph Joseph Cemetery Joseph Plains Kane Gulch Kerlee Ridge Keuterville Kidder Flat Kylie Creek Lacey Flat Left Fork Divide Creek Left Fork Dry Creek Left Fork Wolf Creek Little Fir Creek Little Sulphur Creek Long Canyon Lookout Creek Rapids Lyda Spring Mack Gulch Mahoney Creek Maple Canyon Meadow Creek Meadow Creek Cemetery Mexican Place Miller Creek Mockmer Butte Mollie Point Moonshine Canyon Moughmer Point Moughmer Ridge Mountain Sheep Creek Mountain Sheep Rapids Murdicks Spring Nelson Gulch North Idaho Correctional Institution Fire Department Oxbow Packers Creek Pimble Point Pine Tree Gulch Pool Gulch Pool Knob Pot Creek Prairie Elementary School Prairie High School Prairie Middle School Price Ridge Quinn Creek Ragtown Bar Rail Creek Rankin Gulch Rattlesnake Creek Rattlesnake Ridge Reed Point Rice Creek Rice Creek Bridge Rickman Creek Right Fork Rock Creek Rock Creek Rock Creek Rocky Canyon Roland Bar Rapids Rose Lewis Point Round Spring Creek Ruggles Gulch Saddle Horse Ridge Saint Gertrude Academy (historical) Saint Joseph School Sawmill Gulch Scully Creek Second Creek Seven Springs Canyon Shillam Flat Skeleton Creek Slick Ear Creek Snow Hole Rapids Soldiers Home Creek Somers Creek Rapids Spencer Ranch Spencer Ranch Landing Strip Spring Camp Ranch Sugarloaf Butte Sugarloaf Knob Talbot Gulch Telcher Creek Thorn Creek Thorn Spring Twogood Flat Vance Gulch Walters Ranch Wapshilla Rapids Wells Gulch White Bird Creek White Bird Ridge Whitehorse Rapids Whitehorse Rapids White House Bar Wickiup Creek Wild Cow Creek Wilmer Owl Gulch Windy Point Windy Ridge Wolf Creek Wyley Creek Zigzag Creek Zigzag Rapids Zigzag Rapids