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83346 Schools


  • Oakley Jr-Sr High School
  • Oakley Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 83346 is located in Cassia County

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    Aspen Creek Basin Basin Cemetery Beaverdam Creek Bedke Canyon Bedke Spring Big Canyon Big Cedar Canyon Big Cedar Canyon Big Hollow Birch Creek Blue Hill Blue Hill Creek Buckbrush Spring Buck Corral Creek Buckhorn Substation Buckhorn Wildlife Habitat Area Cave Canyon Cave Gulch Cedar Hollow Spring Chalk Spring Churchill Churchill City of Oakley Coal Banks Spring Cold Creek Cottonwood Ridge Coyote Creek Daves Pass Daves Pass Spring Day Canyon Dry Fork Dry Gulch Dry Gulch Spring Emery Canyon Emery Creek Emery Ranch Fairchild Creek Fish Creek Franks Canyon Franks Spring Garrard Ranch Hole in the Wall Spring Hot Spring Hudson Ridge Spring Ibex Hollow Ibex Peak Island Iversons Lake Creek Land Creek Land Ranch Spring Lbex Peak Little Cedar Canyon Little Cedar Canyon Little Cottonwood Creek Little Squaw Creek Lone Cedar Creek Lone Cedar Spring Lyman Pass Mackey Canyon Mackey Wash Magpie Spring Marion Marion Marion Cemetery Marion Number One Wildlife Habitat Area East Marion Number One Wildlife Habitat Area South Marion Number Two Wildlife Habitat Area East Marion Number Two Wildlife Habitat Area South Mill Creek Myers Canyon Myers Mine N E Creek North Carson Creek North Rock Wildlife Habitat Area Oakley Oakley Elementary School Oakley Fire Department Oakley Junior-Senior High School Oakley Municipal Airport Oakley Quick Response Unit Oakley Wildlife Habitat Area East Owens Corral Creek Owens Corral Spring Pickett Hollow Pole Creek Pole Creek Poulton Spring Robber Gulch Rock Spring Rock Wildlife Habitat Area Rodeo Spring Sage Hen Spring Sawmill Creek Section 9 Spring South Carson Creek South Cottonwood Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek Squaw Creek Summit Creek Summit Station Creek Swede Spring Tent Spring The Knolls Trail Creek Triple Spring Trout Twin Springs Violets Hollow Walters Creek Wards Corral Warm Creek Ranch Warm Spring Warr Whiskey Spring Wilson Gulch Worm Corral Hollow Worm Corral Spring