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Soda Springs

83276 Schools


  • Caribou (Alt) High School
  • Tigert Middle School
  • Soda Springs High School
  • Howard E Thirkill Primary Sch
  • Census


    ZIP Code 83276 is located in Caribou County (97.40%) Bear Lake County (2.60%)

    83276 Street Addresses

    1st W St ((300-399)) 2500 Rd ((2301-2499)) 2550 Rd ((2601-2699)) Aftons Way ((2400-2499)) Alexander Rd ((2200-2298)) Argonne Ave ((100-199)) Ashland Dr ((200-399)) Bailey Creek Cir ((1200-2099)) Bailey Creek Eight Mile Rd ((1200-1599)) Bailey Creek Rd ((1-999)) Big Springs Rd ((100-598)) Blackfoot River Rd ((3200-3898)) Blm Rd ((2401-2499)) Cammack Dr ((2-98)) Caribou Nf Rd 102 ((2400-2498)) Caribou Nf Rd 125 ((3101-3898)) Caribou Rd ((1-3199)) Cascade Quey St ((100-199)) Cedar Ave ((1-198)) Cedar View Rd ((1-1799)) Chateau Thierry St ((300-399)) Citation Ct ((1-99)) Corder Cir ((1601-1699)) Court St ((200-399)) Creek Rd ((1200-2899)) Davis Ville Rd ((1600-2398)) Diamond Creek Rd ((2400-2498)) Dike Rd ((2801-2999)) Donahue Ave ((200-299)) E 1st S ((700-799)) E 1st St N ((1-599)) E 1st St S ((1-298)) E 2nd S ((300-898)) E 2nd St N ((100-1098)) E 3rd St S ((1-299)) E 480th St N ((500-598)) E 4th St N ((700-899)) E 4th St S ((1-299)) E 530th St N ((600-699)) Eastman Ave ((200-299)) E Big Springs Rd ((1-199)) E Hooper Ave ((1-699)) Eight Mile Canyon Rd ((1-2799)) Eight Mile Creek Rd ((1-2799)) Eight Mile Rd ((1200-2899)) E Industrial Pl ((600-899)) E Woodland Dr ((600-899)) Formation Ave ((500-599)) Gagon Dr ((200-499)) Godwin Cir ((2900-2999)) Government Dam Rd ((1801-2599)) Gunnell Rd ((1600-1698)) Harbor Rd ((2800-2999)) Hawker Rd ((1401-2799)) Henry Cutoff Rd ((3300-3598)) Hillside Dr ((2400-2499)) Hilltop Rd ((1100-1799)) Hines Ln ((2901-3098)) Hooper Rd ((2701-2799)) Hopkins Ln ((600-799)) Horseshoe Pl ((2400-2499)) Hyperion Rd ((101-1299)) Hyperion Way ((1-399)) Island Cir ((1200-1299)) Kelly Park Rd ((900-1098)) Keystone Ct ((100-299)) Lake Easement Rd ((2801-2999)) Lallatin Ln ((201-299)) Lanes Creek Rd ((3000-3898)) Larsen Rd ((1300-1599)) Lewis Ave ((500-599)) Long Valley Rd ((3200-3499)) Lowe Rd ((1600-1699)) Main St ((100-898)) Maughan Dr ((2600-2698)) McArthur Ave ((100-199)) Mc Lean Ave ((300-399)) Meadowville Rd ((2601-2699)) Mill Fork Rd ((3300-3398)) Mineral Height St ((2-98)) Monsanto Blvd ((300-498)) Moores Ln ((2800-2898)) Mountain View Ave ((300-399)) Mullen Rd ((2401-2499)) N 1st St E ((1-299)) N 2nd E ((1-399)) N 3rd St E ((1-399)) N 4th E ((1-99)) N 700th St E ((450-499)) N 770 E ((300-499)) N 7th E ((300-598)) N 7th St E ((1-99)) N 8th E ((400-598)) N 8th St E ((500-598)) Nashua Cir ((1200-1299)) N Hooper Ave ((2-499)) Nijinsky Pl ((1200-1299)) N Main St ((1-199)) Nounan Rd ((12601-19699)) N Trail Rd ((1800-2598)) N Woodland Dr ((1-799)) Old Oregon Rd ((1-1298)) Oregon Trail Rd ((1600-1698)) Panting Ln ((1900-2099)) Pioneer Dr ((600-1199)) Pioneer Rd ((1-399)) Rasmussen Valley Rd ((3200-3298)) Rd 425 ((1-2799)) Reed Ln ((1601-1699)) Reservoir Easement Rd ((2800-2999)) Reservoir Rd ((2200-2698)) River Dr ((200-299)) Robinson Canyon Rd ((1701-1799)) Rock Chuck Rd ((1000-3099)) Rose St ((300-399)) S 1st St E ((1-399)) S 1st St W ((100-399)) S 2nd St E ((1-499)) S 2nd St W ((101-499)) S 3rd St E ((1-1599)) S 3rd St W ((200-399)) S 7th St E ((0-99)) Second Bridge Rd ((2600-2698)) Sherman Ave ((2-98)) Skyline Dr ((1600-1699)) Slug Creek Rd ((2101-2598)) S Main St ((1-599)) Soda Creek Dr ((1-199)) Soda Hill Dr ((1-99)) Soda Point Power Plant Rd ((1500-1699)) Spring Creek Dr ((400-499)) Spring Vw ((100-199)) S Spring Creek Dr ((400-499)) State Hwy 34 ((1-4798)) State Hwy 34 Scn ((1-3799)) S Trail Rd ((3300-3898)) Swan Lake Rd ((3200-3298)) Ten Mile Pass Rd ((2301-2499)) Torgesen Ln ((201-299)) Trail Canyon Rd ((1800-3399)) Trail Creek Rd ((1800-3399)) US Hwy 30 ((1-3298)) US Hwy 30 N ((301-550)) US Hwy 30 Scn ((1-3280)) US Hwy 89 ((1-65)) Valley View Dr ((1700-2499)) Valley View Rd ((2400-2499)) Village Rd ((1300-3098)) Vista Cir ((1700-1799)) W 1st South St ((20-53)) W 3rd St S ((1-299)) W 4th S ((100-399)) Wayan Loop ((3700-3999)) W Center St ((1-798)) Wells Ln ((2700-2799)) W Hooper Ave ((1-99)) Wood Canyon Rd ((601-3898))

    83276 Places and Attractions

    Alexander Alexander Dam Alexander Reservoir Allen H Tigert Airport Aspen Range Bailey Creek Bay Island Beker Tailings Number Three Dam Bennett Ranch Big Basin Big Spring Big Spring Creek Bitton Ranch Blackfoot Bridge Blackfoot Dam Blackfoot Lava Field Blackfoot Reservoir Blackfoot River Park Blackfoot River Park Access Area Bluff Hollow Buck Island Burchertt Canyon Burchertt Spring Burchett Lake Caribou County Caribou County Fire Department Caribou Emergency Medical Services Soda Springs Chain Island Chesterfield Cow Camp Chester Hill Chicken Creek Chicken Point China Cap China Cap Dam China Hat Cinder Island City of Soda Springs Clark Valley Clements Ranch Columbia River Great Basin Divide Conda Conda Mine Conda Site Tailings Dam Crane Island Dewey Sulphur Mine Diamond Gulch Doulls Ranch Dry Fork Eightmile Creek Eightmile School Enders Dam Enoch Valley Finlayson Ranch Fivemile Meadows Formation Spring Fox Ranch Goodheart Creek Goose Lake G Portal Gravel Creek Campground Grays Lake Grays Lake Dam Grays Range Gronewell Lake Gull Island Harrington Peak Henry Henry Mine Henry Peak Henry Stampede Park Henry Strip Mine Hole in the Rock Hooper School Hooper Spring Hopkins Landing Howard E Thirkill Primary School Huckleberry Basin Idaho Ranch Idaho Sulphur Mine Indian Spring Johnson Creek Jougelard Ranch Jouglard Canyon Junction Spring KBRV-AM (Soda Springs) Kelly Park KFIS-FM (Soda Springs) Knudsen Ranch Lakey Reservoir Largilliere Creek Ledger Creek Little Blackfoot River Little Crater Little Spring Creek Long Island Long Ridge Long Valley Lower Valley Mammath Spring Meadow Creek Meadow Spring Meadowville Middle Sulphur Canyon Midnight Spring Nelson Game Enclosure Nelson Spring Nettle Island Ninety Percent Canyon Ninety Percent Range Ninety Percent Spring North Cone Northside Narrows Access Area North Sulphur Canyon Old Williamsburg (historical) Petterson Canyon Petterson Ranch Pritchert Spring Rabbit Mountain R Allen Ranch Rasmussen Ridge Red Mountain Reese Canyon Reservoir Mountain Robbers Roost Robinson Draw Rose Saddle Spring Sheep Island Shield Canyon Simplot Number Six Tailings Dam Slug Creek Soda Creek Soda Creek Dam Soda Dam Soda Point Soda Springs Soda Springs Division Soda Springs Fire Department Soda Springs High School Soda Springs Junior High School South Sulphur Canyon Stampede Park Steamboat Hill Steamboat Spring Stocking Ranch Strong Ranch Sulphur Canyon Sulphur Peak Sulphur Spring Swan Lake Swan Lake Gulch Swan Lakes The Ponds The Reservoir Thompson Creek Threemile Knoll Trail Canyon Trail Creek Trail Creek Warm Spring West Steadman Ranch Wilde Canyon Willow Island Winchell Creek Winchell Spring Windmill Flat Wolf Mountain Woodall Mountain Woodall Ranch Woodall Spring Wood Canyon