Moore, ID 83255 ZIP Code Map


Moore ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 83255 is located in Butte County (59.10%) Custer County (40.90%)

83255 Street Addresses

83255 Places and Attractions

Angelo Ditch Antelope Cemetery Antelope Creek Antelope Creek Access Area Antelope Guard Station Antelope (historical) Antelope Valley Antelope Valley Airport Appendicitis Hill Bailey Corral Canyon Bear Creek Bear Creek Summit Beck and Evan Ditch Beck Canyon Berry Canyon Big Buck Spring Big Canyon Big Spring Black Cap Black Cap Peak Blaine Canal Blind Canyon Blizzard Basin Blue Rock Box Bailey Corral Canyon Brockie Lake Brockie Ranch Burnett Ditch Burnt Hollow Cabin Creek Camp Creek Carcass Creek Cave Rock Cherry Creek Chicken Canyon City of Lost River City of Moore Clark Canyon Cold Spring Cold Spring Canyon Coyote Canyon Crawford Canyon Darlington Darlington Cemetery Darlington Ditch Darlington Sinks Death Canyon Deer Creek Dry Canyon Dry Fork Creek East Side Ditch Elbow Canyon Ella Mine Era Fishpole Lake Flower Garden Fox Canyon Fury Ditch Golden Chariot Mine Grasshopper Creek Grassy Cone Graveyard Canyon Grouse Grouse School Hammond Canyon Hammond Spring Creek Hanrahan Ditch Hooley Creek Horsethief Creek Hub Mine Hurst Canyon Iron Bog Creek Iron Bog Lake Iron Bog Swamp Island Ditch Jaggles Canyon Jepson Canyon King Canyon Lake Creek Larkspur Canyon Last Chance Mine Latham Hollow Leadbelt Creek Left Fork Bear Creek Left Fork Cherry Creek Left Fork Death Canyon Left Fork Iron Bog Creek Left Fork Waddoups Canyon Leslie Leslie Butte Little Chokecherry Canyon Little Cottonwood Creek Little Cottonwood Springs Little Rough Canyon Lone Pine Creek Lost River Lost River Lost River Cemetery Lost River Fire District Lower Pass Creek Lupine Creek Maddock Canyon Mahogany Gulch Marcroft Canyon Marsh Canyon Martin Martin Mine Martins Ditch McGowan Ditch McKey Creek Middle Fork Bear Creek Middle Fork Cherry Creek Middle Mountain Miller Peak Moore Moore Canal Moore Diversion Mountain Spring Mountain Spring Mountain Spring Canyon Mud Lake Newman Canyon North Crater Aa Flow Oxide Lode Mine Pass Creek Pine Creek Poison Creek Poison Gulch Price Canyon Ramshorn Canyon Ras Canyon Reliance Mine Reserve Mountain Richardson Canyon Richardson Spring Right Fork Bear Creek Right Fork Death Canyon Right Fork Iron Bog Creek Right Fork Sawmill Canyon Right Fork Waddoups Canyon Rocky Canyon Rough Canyon Round Mountain Saint Louis Canyon Saint Louis Mine Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Canyon Schoolhouse Canyon Sheep Canyon Silver Bell Mine Slim Creek Smiley Creek Smiley Meadows Smiley Mountain Sorenson Spring South Custer Rural Fire District South Fork Antelope Creek South Fork Baker Creek South Lava Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek Stoddard Gulch Sunset Cone Techick Spring Telephone Gulch The Needles Three in One Ditch Timber Creek Timbered Dome Timbered Dome Creek Trail Creek Trail Creek Tunnel Cabin Valley Arco Mine Waddoups Canyon White Knob Mountains White Knob Mountains Willow Creek Wood Canyon