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Montpelier ZIP Codes


83254 Schools


  • Clover Creek High School Alt
  • Bear Lake High School
  • Bear Lake Middle School
  • A J Winters Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 83254 is located in Bear Lake County (95.00%) Caribou County (5.00%)

    83254 Street Addresses

    1st N ((1-779)) 2nd N ((1-199)) 2nd St ((100-299)) 3rd N ((1-999)) 4th N ((100-398)) 8th St ((601-906)) Adams St ((400-899)) Airport Rd ((4100-5199)) Alleman Ln ((1-999)) Alton Rd ((701-899)) Antelope Cir ((1200-1298)) Bear Hollow Rd ((702-798)) Beckwith St ((200-399)) Bench Rd ((1-4999)) Bergreen Rd ((1-399)) Boise St ((100-1299)) Booth Ln ((1-99)) Border Rd ((1-2299)) Boulevard Rd ((3800-4599)) Camp Stewart Rd ((2-198)) Canal Ln ((1-499)) Canyon Rd ((100-598)) Caribou Nf Rd 111 ((2301-2341)) Cedar Ln ((1-99)) Cemetery Rd ((2-98)) Center Rd ((1-99)) Center St ((100-799)) Christensen Rd ((101-399)) Church Rd ((100-199)) Circle Dr ((300-398)) Clay St ((100-799)) Cook Ln ((100-398)) Copenhagen Rd ((1-199)) Court St ((200-399)) Crane Ln ((1000-1398)) Craven Ave ((1100-1199)) Crescent Dr ((400-499)) Crow Creek Rd ((2301-2399)) Crystal Dr ((400-499)) Crystal Springs Ranch Rd ((1-199)) C St ((2-98)) Danish Ave ((1-1698)) Dayton Ln ((1-699)) Derricott Ln ((201-498)) Dingle Bottoms Rd ((2700-2798)) Dingle Rd ((101-5598)) E 1st N ((1-299)) E 2nd N ((1-299)) Earley Rd ((1-699)) Eborn Rd ((1100-1399)) E Center St ((1-299)) Esterholdt Rd ((900-1699)) Ethel Ave ((700-1299)) Garfield St ((200-799)) Grant St ((600-1099)) Hayes Ln ((301-1599)) Hayes St ((900-1099)) Hays St ((900-1099)) Hillside Dr ((100-299)) Home Canyon Rd ((1-499)) Hoover St ((800-999)) Huff St ((400-499)) Hunter Hill Rd ((1000-1698)) Hunter Rd ((200-298)) Hunters Ln ((1362-1698)) Hwy 30 ((21300-31699)) Hymas Ln ((100-599)) Jackson St ((600-1099)) Jefferson St ((100-1099)) Jewell Ct ((400-499)) Joes Gap Rd ((200-498)) Johnson Rd ((1-1499)) Keele St ((200-799)) Keetch Rd ((1-1998)) Lanark Ln ((1100-1399)) Lanark Rd ((1-4899)) Landfill Rd ((100-198)) Liberty Cemetary Rd ((100-299)) Lincoln St ((200-1099)) Long Hill Rd ((100-199)) Long Sawmill Rd ((1-899)) Main St ((20000-20099)) Maple Canyon Rd ((1300-1398)) Maple Rd ((1-1399)) McLain Ln ((1-899)) Miles Canyon Rd ((900-998)) Mill Hollow Rd ((900-999)) Monroe St ((800-1199)) Montpelier Canyon Rd ((27100-30499)) Moore Dr ((200-299)) Moose Loop ((1200-1299)) N 10th St ((100-499)) N 11th St ((100-499)) N 12th St ((100-599)) N 1st E ((1-499)) N 1st W ((1-299)) N 2nd E ((1-499)) N 2nd St ((300-599)) N 3rd St ((100-599)) N 4th St ((100-799)) N 5th St ((100-721)) N 6th St ((100-738)) N 7th St ((100-599)) N 8th St ((100-1256)) N 9th St ((100-799)) N Court St ((200-399)) N Loop Rd ((3800-4599)) N Main St ((1-499)) North Loop ((3800-4599)) Nounan Rd ((1-19698)) N Pole Loop ((301-399)) Old Mill Rd ((1-2799)) Old Oregon Rd ((654-696)) Ovid Rd ((1-2499)) Pegram Rd ((1-11999)) Pescadero Ln ((100-998)) Pescadero Rd ((1-1399)) Pine Canyon Rd ((1-399)) Ping Pong Rd ((100-198)) Pioneer Rd ((1-189)) Poulson Rd ((1-99)) Poverty Flats Rd ((301-399)) Red Canyon Rd ((600-699)) Roberts Ln ((100-198)) S 10th St ((100-299)) S 11th St ((100-199)) S 12th St ((100-499)) S 1st E ((1-199)) S 1st W ((1-199)) S 2nd E ((1-99)) S 2nd St ((1-299)) S 3rd St ((100-299)) S 4th St ((100-299)) S 5th St ((100-399)) S 6th St ((100-199)) S 7th St ((100-499)) S 8th St ((100-299)) S 9th St ((100-498)) Sawmill Rd ((1-899)) Second S ((4501-4599)) Sharon Loop ((1-2498)) Skinn Creek Rd ((100-299)) Skinner Canyon Rd ((1-799)) Skinner Rd ((1-799)) S Main St ((1-199)) Smith Center Rd ((200-298)) Smith Rd ((1901-1999)) South Rd ((1-199)) State Hwy 36 ((1-8284)) Stauffer Canyon Rd ((1-6598)) Taylor Dr ((200-299)) Third S ((2-298)) Three Mile Ln ((1-1399)) US Hwy 30 ((1-34699)) US Hwy 89 ((100-30499)) Utah Power Light Rd ((100-198)) Valley View Dr ((1-299)) Valley View Rd ((100-199)) W 175 N ((701-799)) W 1st N ((1-299)) W 2nd N ((1-99)) Walter Ln ((1-698)) Wardboro Cemetary Rd ((1-499)) Washington St ((201-1199)) W B Ln ((1-99)) W Center St ((1-199)) Webster St ((200-899)) Williams St ((301-699)) Willowbrook Ln ((100-198)) Willowbrook Rd ((100-198)) Woodlawn St ((200-299)) Wright Rd ((100-298)) W Stockyard Rd ((101-1298))

    83254 Places and Attractions

    Aegetter Hollow A J Winters Elementary School Alton Aspen Spring Bagley Hollow Bald Mountain Banks Valley Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Bear Lake County Bear Lake County Ambulance Bear Lake High School Bear Lake Middle School Bear Lake Valley Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 10 Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 11 Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 14 Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 3 Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 6 Beaver Creek Beaver Dam Creek Bennington Bennington Canyon Bennington Census Designated Place Black Otter Canal Border Border Summit Boundary Ridge Bunney Gulch Burnt Spring Cart Hollow Cavanaugh Siding Chausse City of Montpelier Clear Creek Guard Station Cook Canal Co-Op Creek Copenhagen Basin Copenhagen Canyon Cow Hollow Crystal Spring Dairy Hollow Dairy Ridge Dingle Dingle Dingle Swamp Dingle Swamp Wildlife Habitat Area Dip Creek Dry Canyon Dry Fork Emigration Campground Emigration Creek Emigration Spring Fife Dam Fife Reservoir Fish Creek Fisher Hollow Fox Flat Fox Spring Georgetown Division Georgetown Summit Gertch Canyon Green Pass Spring Greyhound Pass Spring Halfway House Hammond Creek Hardscrabble Canyon Harer Harer Point Hellhole Home Canyon Home Canyon Campground Horse Creek Horse Valley Jack Hollow Jensen Spring Joes Gap Kent La Roco Canal Kent LaRoco Canal KVSI-AM (Montpelier) Lanark Lanark Cemetery Landmark Letter Ledge Hollow Left Fork Left Fork Maple Canyon Liberty Liberty Cemetery Liberty Creek Lindsayville Little Beaver Creek Little Threemile Canyon Log Spring Mahogany Basin Mahogany Basin Spring Maple Canyon Meade Basin Meade Peak Miles Canyon Mill Creek Miller Ditch Montpelier Montpelier Canyon Montpelier Canyon Campground Montpelier Creek Montpelier Division Montpelier Fire Department Montpelier Preston Canal Montpelier Shopping Center Montpelier Wildlife Management Area Nieber Spring Ninemile Creek North Creek North Pearl Creek North Skinner Creek Nounan Nounan Cemetery Nounan Valley Nuffer Canal Ovid Ovid Cemetery Pearl Creek Pegram Pegram Creek Pescadero Siding Phosphoria Gulch Pine Canyon Pine Gap Pine Spring Creek Poison Hollow Pole Canyon Preuss Range Rainbow Canal Rainbow Dam Red Canyon Red Mountain Red Rock Canyon Right Fork Maple Canyon Rowley Canyon Sago Hollow Sago Spring Sand Wash Shale Point Sharon Sheep Creek Sheep Creek Dam Sheep Creek Hills Sheep Creek Reservoir Skinner Cemetery Skinner Creek Snowdrift Mountain Snowside Canyon Snyder Creek South Skinner Creek Spring Creek Spring Hollow Stewart Dam Stewart Ranch Stock Park Sweetwater Creek Swine Bend Hollow Taylor Creek Taylor Meadow The Dell Thomas Fork Thomas Fork Valley Threemile Creek Threemile Peak Transtrum Hollow Trapper Cabin Tubbs Hollow Wardboro Welling Number Two Dam West Elbow Hollow West Fork Sheep Creek Whiskey Creek Whiskey Flat White Pass Whitman Hollow Whitman Hollow Campground Willow Patch Spring Willow Spring Wills Canyon Wooleys