Mackay, ID 83251 ZIP Code Map


Mackay ZIP Codes


83251 Schools


  • Mackay Jr-Sr High School
  • Mackay Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 83251 is located in Custer County

    83251 Street Addresses

    4100 W ((4015-4057)) 4300 N ((4001-4099)) 4300 W ((3801-4298)) 4900 N ((5548-5556)) 4920 N ((5654-5664)) 5600 W ((4961-5599)) Alder Creek Rd ((3801-4298)) Amberson Ave ((201-299)) Artemsia Ave ((301-699)) Bar Rd ((4201-4599)) Bartlett Point Rd ((5900-6598)) Bartlett Rd ((6500-6598)) Barton Flat Rd ((5500-5598)) Bench Rd ((4001-4099)) Bergamo Ln ((4400-4498)) Cala-Real ((300-398)) Capitol Ave ((100-799)) Cedar St ((100-720)) College St ((100-4499)) Custer St ((101-4498)) E Fork Rd ((6000-6098)) Elm Ave ((101-799)) Fish Hatchery Rd ((5300-5599)) Forest Dr ((600-899)) Franklin Cyn Rd ((4400-4498)) Fullmer Ln ((601-898)) Greene Way ((1-99)) Hardy Way ((4300-4399)) Houston ((4300-4499)) Howell Cyn Rd ((5500-5598)) Huston Rd ((4021-4499)) Idanha St ((101-799)) Lambson ((201-299)) Lambson St ((101-199)) Larter St ((2-98)) Larter Way ((1-99)) Loop Rd ((4400-4798)) Lost Acres ((4501-4599)) Main St ((100-599)) Maple St ((100-199)) McCaleb Ave ((100-698)) McKelvey Ln ((4401-4499)) Nat For Dev Rd 135 ((6000-6098)) N Copper Basin Rd ((6000-6098)) Neff Way ((1-99)) Old Chilly Rd ((5301-5799)) Old Loop Rd ((4400-4798)) Old Loup Rd ((4400-4798)) Park Ave ((100-799)) Pine St ((100-699)) Rivers Bend Rd ((4501-4599)) River Vw ((5900-5998)) Rose Ave ((101-598)) Salmon St ((100-299)) School Ave ((100-498)) Segfried Ln ((4501-4599)) Smelter Ave ((600-4398)) Spruce St ((100-598)) Trail Creek Rd ((4800-6199)) Trego Ct ((100-198)) US Hwy 93 ((101-5925)) Vadan St ((500-598)) Vaden St ((500-598)) White Knob St ((108-699)) Whitworth Cir ((2-98)) W Houston Rd ((4021-4403)) Wild Horse Creek Rd ((4301-4498)) Willow St ((100-299)) W Pine St ((300-314)) Zollinger Rd ((5300-5398))

    83251 Places and Attractions

    Alder City (historical) Alder Creek Alder Creek School Anderson Canyon Angel Lake Antelope Pass Arentson Gulch Arrowhead Lake Asay Ranch Bady Creek Bailey Creek Banana Gulch Baptie Lake Bartlett Creek Bartlett Creek Bartlett Point Bartlett School (historical) Barton Cemetery Barton Flats Barton School Barton School Battleground Cemetery Battleground (historical) Bear Canyon Bear Creek Bear Creek Bear Creek Campground Bear Creek Lake Bedy Canyon Bellas Canyon Bellas Lakes Bench Lake Betty Lake Big Black Dome Big Blind Canyon Big Fall Creek Big Fall Creek Lake Big Flat Top Big Lake Big Lost River Lower Access Area Big Lost River Upper Access Area Big Rocky Canyon Birch Springs Black Daisy Canyon Blaze Canyon Bleas Canyon Recreation Site Blind Creek Blue Jay Canyon Boone Creek Boone Creek Boulder Creek Boulder Lake Boulder Mountains Bradshaw Creek Broad Canyon Broad Canyon Recreation Site Bullion Gulch Burnt Aspen Creek Burnt Creek Butcher Creek Cabin Creek Cabin Mountain Cape Horn Draw Castle Creek Castle Rock Cave Gulch Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Bar Champion Mine Charcoal Creek Chicken Creek Chilly Chilly Buttes Chilly Canal Chilly Cemetery Chimney Gulch City of Mackay City Spring Clear Lake Cliff Creek Cliff (historical) Coal Creek Copper Basin Copper Basin Airport Copper Basin Cow Camp Copper Basin Flat Copper Basin Guard Station Copper Basin Knob Copper Basin Mine Corral Canyon Corral Creek Corral Creek Corral Creek Corral Creek Cow Camp Corral Creek Summit Corral Mine Cossack Tunnel Cougar Gulch Coyote Creek Coyote Spring Crows Nest Canyon Darlington Shaft Dean Spring Deep Creek Deep Creek Recreation Site Deer Creek Dickey Donaldson Peak Dry Canyon Dry Canyon Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Dugout Hill Dugout Spring Earthquake Visitors Information Center East Fork Big Lost River East Fork Boone Creek East Fork Lehman Creek East Fork Navarre Creek Elkhorn Creek Elkhorn Ranch Empire Mine Empire Mine Number One - Upper Dam Empire Mine Number Two Dam Empire Smelter Fall Creek Fall Creek Recreation Site Fallini Spring Flat Top Fox Creek Franklin Canyon Freighter Spring Garden Creek Garden Creek Garden Creek Glide Mountain Goat Lake Golden Lake Granite Spring Grant Creek Grasshopper Creek Green Lake Hamilton Creek Hamilton Springs Hanson Ditch Harry Canyon Horse Creek Horseshoe Canyon Horseshoe Mine Horse Wallow Houston Houston Cemetery Howell Canyon Howell Canyon Howell Spring Hunter Creek Invisible Mountain Jarvis Ranch (historical) Jenson Spring Jerry Peak Jim Canyon Jones Creek Kane Creek Kane Lake Kent Peak Lake Creek Lake Creek Lake Creek Recreation Site Leatherman Pass Leatherman Peak Leavitt Spring Left Fork Fall Creek Left Fork Wildhorse Creek Lehman Basin Lehman Butte Lehman Creek Lime Mountain Lion Creek Little Blind Canyon Little Boone Creek Little Burnt Creek Little Fall Creek Little Kane Creek Little Lake Creek Lone Cedar Creek Long Lake Lower Brown Canyon Lower Cedar Creek Lower Cedar Creek Ditch Lupine Mountain Mackay Mackay Airport Mackay Ambulance Mackay Dam MacKay Dam Mackay Dam Access Area Mackay District Ranger Office Mackay Division Mackay Elementary School Mackay Fire Department Mackay Fish Hatchery Mackay Junior-Senior High School Mackay Peak Mackay Reservoir Mackay Reservoir Access Area Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site Mahogany Gulch Mammoth Mammoth Canyon Meridian Peak Methodist Creek Methodist Gulch Middle Fork Navarre Creek Mill Creek Miller Canyon Mine Canyon Moose Lake Mountain View Guard Station Mount McCaleb Mount McCaleb Cemetery Mud Creek Mud Lake Canyon Muldoon Canyon Navarre Creek Newton Creek Nielsen Ditch North Fork Big Lost River North Fork Lake North Fork Sage Creek Park Canyon Park Creek Park Creek Campground Parsons Creek Pecks Canyon Pecks Canyon Spring Pete Creek Phi Kappa Campground Phi Kappa Creek Phi Kappa Mines Phi Kappa Mountain Pinto Creek Poison Spring Pole Creek Pole Stackyard Creek Porphyry Peak Pyramid Peak Ramey Creek Redbird Gulch Redbird Mountain Rider Creek Right Fork Fall Creek Right Fork Kane Creek Right Fork Willow Creek Rio Grande Canyon Road Creek Rock Creek Rock Creek Rocky Canyon Rodger Ditch Rosenkranze Ranch Rothas Rough Lake Round Lake Round Lake Sage Creek Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Gulch Scratching Post Spring Sharp Ditch Sheep Mountain Shelly Mountain Slaughterhouse Springs Slide Canyon Smelter Canyon South Custer Rural Fire District South Custer Rural Fire District South Fork Alder Creek Spring Basin Squib Canyon Stag Creek Standhope Peak Star Hope Campground Star Hope Creek Star Hope Gulch Star Hope Mine Star 'S' Ranch Airport Steve Creek Stewart Canyon Summit Creek Surprise Valley Swauger Ditch Swauger Gulch Swauger Slough Swensen Basin Swensen Butte Table Mountain Talman Creek Taylor Canyon Telephone Draw Telephone Draw The Devils Bedstead The Potholes The Swamps Thousand Springs Thousand Springs Creek Thousand Springs Valley Toolbox Creek Trail Creek Trail Creek Summit Twin Bridges Airport Twin Bridges Creek Upper Brown Canyon Upper Cedar Creek Vance Canyon Warm Springs Warm Springs Creek Warren Creek Warren Mountain Washington Lake West Fork Lehman Creek West Fork Navarre Creek West Spring Whiskey Springs White Knob (historical) White Knob Mountains White Knob Summit White Mountains Wildcat Canyon Wildhorse Campground Wildhorse Creek Wildhorse Guard Station Wildhorse Lakes Wildhorse Mines Willow Creek Willow Creek Willow Creek Windy Devil Wood Road Spring Zipper Creek