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Bancroft ZIP Codes


83217 Schools


  • North Gem Senior High School
  • North Gem Elem/Jr High
  • Census


    ZIP Code 83217 is located in Caribou County

    83217 Street Addresses

    1st St ((1-599)) 1st St S ((1-398)) 1st W St ((1-399)) 24 Mile Rd ((3101-3199)) 2nd East Ave ((1-398)) 2nd S ((100-299)) 2nd St N ((2-198)) 2nd St W ((1-398)) 3rd St N ((1-199)) 3rd St S ((1-199)) 3rd St W ((1-398)) 4th St S ((2-298)) Airport Rd ((601-699)) Anderson Rd ((1600-1698)) Baker Rd ((2700-2794)) Bancroft Substation Rd ((1300-1498)) Banks Rd ((3200-3299)) Barfuss Rd ((1200-1399)) Big Flat Rd ((2700-2799)) Buckskin Rd ((1500-1598)) Call Rd ((200-598)) Cemetery Rd ((1600-1698)) Central Rd ((1400-1899)) Chesterfield Rd ((1100-3199)) Chirrett Rd ((1900-1999)) Chokecherry Dr ((224-398)) Cow Camp Rd ((1300-1399)) Davids Dr ((100-2098)) E Hatch Rd ((2701-2798)) E Kelly Toponce Rd ((800-1099)) Eliason Rd ((2200-2299)) Equity Ave ((200-299)) E Side Rd ((3200-3299)) Fish Creek Rd ((1500-1599)) Fisher Rd ((1401-1499)) Gilbert Ln ((200-598)) Gilbert Rd ((200-598)) Hansen Rd ((2901-2999)) Hatch Rd ((2601-2699)) Ivins Rd ((1194-2099)) Jorgensen Rd ((1700-1799)) Kelly Toponce Rd ((900-3199)) King Creek Rd ((800-898)) Lloyd Rd ((1600-1699)) Lundgren Canyon Rd ((1100-1399)) Lund Rd ((1500-2099)) Mabey Rd ((1700-1799)) Maggies Rd ((701-799)) Main St ((2-598)) Miles Rd ((801-998)) Mountain Rd ((1456-1499)) Neibaur Mountain Rd ((1200-1399)) N Hatch Loop ((1200-2799)) Nipper Rd ((2400-3199)) Old Hatch Rd ((2601-2699)) Old Hwy 30 ((1-2399)) Oregon Trail Rd ((1900-2999)) Payne Rd ((1200-1298)) Red House Canyon Rd ((1300-1398)) Reservation Rd ((900-998)) Rigby Rd ((1200-1299)) Rindlisbaker Rd ((2700-2799)) Rocky Ford Rd ((900-2598)) Roosevelt Ave ((101-299)) S 1st E ((2-399)) S Hatch Loop ((1401-1499)) Smokey Canyon Rd ((2200-2499)) Squaw Creek Rd ((1200-1298)) Stalker Rd ((1000-1199)) State Line Co Rd 114 ((4069-4089)) State Line Rd ((3955-4199)) Swensen Valley Rd ((1900-1998)) Swenson Rd ((1900-1998)) Talmage Rd ((1800-1899)) Taylor Rd ((2300-2398)) Ten Mile Pass Rd ((1301-1598)) Ten Mile Rd ((1401-1598)) Tincup Junction Rd ((5500-5566)) Toponce Canyon Rd ((700-799)) US Hwy 30 ((1939-1981)) US Hwy 30 Scn ((1939-1981)) Van Pelt ((1801-1899)) Weber Ln ((5500-5560)) Welch Rd ((1200-1399)) Wood Rd ((800-898)) Yost Rd ((1201-1399))

    83217 Places and Attractions

    Alexander Crater Bancroft Bancroft Division Bancroft Fire Department Bancroft Municipal Airport Bear Camp Big Canyon Big Spring Big Spring Campground Black Canyon Blue Lake Gulch Bonneville Peak Buckskin Basin Caribou County Emergency Medical Services Bancroft Central Chesterfield Chesterfield Cemetery Chesterfield Church Chesterfield Meeting House (historical) City of Bancroft Clark Spring Clear Creek Cold Spring Conklin Well Deer Canyon Downey Canal Dry Gulch Dumont Canyon Eighteenmile Creek Fish Creek Range Gooch School Gooding Canyon Grim Springs Hatch Hibner Spring Higginson Canyon Hornet Canyon Hornet Spring Horse Lake Inkom Pass Josie Spring Kelly School Kelly Toponce Ditch King Creek King Creek Spring Kinport Little Flat Little Flat Canyon Little Toponce Creek Long Gulch Lund Lundgren Canyon Middle Fork Toponce Creek Milkshake Spring Mill Creek Millward Spring Monroe Canyon Moses Canyon Moses Creek New Canyon North Canyon North Canyon School North Fork Pebble Creek North Fork Toponce Creek North Gem Elementary School North Gem Junior-Senior High School Orman Spring Pebble Pebble Cow Camp Pebble Creek Pebble Guard Station Pebble Siding Pebble Well Pine Hollow Portneuf Marsh Valley Irrigation Company Feeder Canal Railroad Spring Red House Canyon Rigby School Rindlishbaker Canyon Smith Canyon Smith Creek Snow Peak Soda Canal South Fork Pebble Creek South Fork Toponce Creek Spring Hollow Squaw Creek Swenson Valley Talmage Tolman Canyon Toolson Spring Toponce and Chesterfield Land Co Ditch Toponce Creek Trail Canyon Twentyfour Mile Creek Upper Valley Wood Road Gulch