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Arco ZIP Codes


83213 Schools


  • Butte County Middle School
  • Butte County High School
  • Arco Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 83213 is located in Butte County

    83213 Street Addresses

    2150 N ((2938-2944)) 2500 N ((300-399)) 2900 W ((2333-2399)) 2930 W ((2356-2362)) 3000 W ((500-898)) 8th St ((2729-2737)) Aikele Rd ((3001-3400)) Augusta Dr ((300-399)) Birch St ((2700-2799)) Blattner Ln ((200-399)) Butte Ave ((600-798)) Cannon Rd ((2300-3199)) Cedar St ((2701-2799)) Champagne Creek Rd ((4301-4399)) Claude Pl ((300-399)) County Rd ((500-898)) Decoria Ave ((600-699)) Dewey Dr ((501-599)) E Afton ((200-299)) E Deloris Ave ((200-399)) E Diane Ave ((301-499)) E Era Ave ((2-599)) E Grand Ave ((200-398)) E Joan St ((665-799)) E Salmon Ave ((200-399)) E Willow Way ((200-298)) Grand Ave ((900-964)) Hanna Ave ((301-599)) Hazel St ((500-699)) Highland Dr ((100-499)) Highway Dr ((401-2498)) Interstate Ave ((2600-2999)) Lillie Ave ((301-399)) Lost River Ave ((400-499)) Louise Dr ((200-498)) Lou Jean St ((200-299)) Mary Dr ((347-599)) N Blaine St ((101-299)) N East St ((100-498)) N Front St ((500-698)) N Hazel St ((300-699)) N Highland Dr ((300-499)) N Idaho St ((100-399)) N Rena St ((300-499)) N Water St ((100-399)) Park Rd ((200-599)) S Front St ((300-2499)) S Idaho St ((2-599)) S Thelma Ave ((600-699)) Sunset Dr ((201-3199)) S Water St ((400-599)) US Hwy 20 ((100-3156)) US Hwy 26 ((100-3156)) US Hwy 93 ((100-3156)) W 2400 N ((3089-3099)) W 2500 N ((3001-3099)) W Arco Ave ((200-299)) Water St ((201-299)) W Blattner Ave ((212-398)) W Challis Ave ((100-399)) W Era Ave ((100-299)) W Grand Ave ((100-998)) W Joan St ((601-798)) W Lost River Ave ((1-399)) W Mackay Ave ((2-98)) W Salmon Ave ((200-299)) W Temple Ave ((100-299)) Yvonne Dr ((300-499)) Yvonne St ((300-498))

    83213 Places and Attractions

    Anderson Canyon Arco Arco Airport Arco Canal Arco Division Arco Elementary School Arco Fire Department Business Office Arco Peak Bearsden Waterhole Beaverland Pass Big Burnett Canyon Big Butte Reservoir Big Cinder Butte Big Craters Big Craters Flow Big Lost River Valley Big Sink Big Sink Waterhole Big Southern Butte Airport Big Spring Black Flow Blizzard Mountain Ski Area Blue Dragon Flow Bottolfsen Park Box Canyon Boyle Creek Braithwaite Canyon Bridge of Tears Brier Canyon Broken Top Buffalo Caves Flow Butte City Butte County High School Butte County Middle School Champagne Creek City of Arco City of Butte City Combe Canyon Combe Reservoir Coyote Butte Coyote Butte Craters of the Moon Craters of the Moon National Monument Craters of the Moon National Wilderness Area Crescent Butte Cruthers Butte Crystal Fissure Flow Crystal Pit Derelict Flow Devils Orchard Doves Waterholes Echo Crater Ferris Slough Fingers Butte Fingers Butte Reservoir Fingers Butte Well Frenchmans Cabin Half Cone Harold Reservoir Heifer Reservoir Hillcrest Cemetery Howe Peak Huddles Hole Huddles Hole Indian Tunnel Inferno Cone Jack Wright Canyon James Creek King Spring Larkspur Canyon Lava Cascades Lava Creek Lime Creek Limekiln Canyon Little Burnett Canyon Little Prairie Little Prairie Aa Flow Little Prairie Waterhole Lost River Hospital Lower Blaine Canal Mud Lake Munsey Ditch Nichols Reservoir North Crater North Crater Flow Paisley Cone Parson Reservoir Pratt Butte Pratt Lake Price Canyon Quaking Aspen Butte Landing Strip Round Knoll Saddle Butte Sage Brush Reservoir Sawtooth Flow Sentinel South Flow Sentinel West Flow Serrate Flow Silent Cone Sixmile Butte Slaughterhouse Canyon Smith Corrals Snow Cone Soelberg Ranch Spring Creek Sunset Ridge Sunset Well Surprise Waterhole Sutton Canyon Teakettle Butte Tepee Circles The Sentinel The Watchman Tin Cup Butte Tin Cup Lake Tom Thumb Tunnel Trench Mortar Flat Twin Lakes Wagon Box Creek Walker Canyon Walker Spring West Side Reservoir Wildhorse Butte Wood Canyon Yellowjacket Waterhole