Dolores, CO 81323 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 81323 is located in (52%) (48%)

81323 Street Addresses

10th St ((201-205)) 17th St ((100-110)) 18th St ((100-209)) 19th St ((100-199)) 20th St ((2-114)) 28.2 Rd ((10000-19999)) 28.3 Rd ((14000-16999)) 30 2/10 Rd ((16000-16999)) 4th St ((200-309)) Abeyta Dr ((300-399)) A C R 28.3 ((11601-11998)) Arriola Rd ((23000-25499)) Cedar Grove Ln ((25328-25999)) Central Ave ((2-1699)) Co Rd 22 ((14000-20249)) Co Rd 23 ((13476-20779)) Co Rd 23.5 ((18601-18769)) Co Rd 24 ((14000-17999)) Co Rd 25 ((13335-25999)) Co Rd 25.6 ((18000-19999)) Co Rd 26 ((14000-18999)) Co Rd 27 ((12398-19999)) Co Rd 27.7 ((17000-17999)) Co Rd 27.8 ((18000-18999)) Co Rd 27.9 ((17000-18199)) Co Rd 28 ((13000-19999)) Co Rd 29 ((11033-14429)) Co Rd 30 ((13057-29999)) Co Rd 30.2 ((1-33157)) Co Rd 30.4 ((16000-16999)) Co Rd 30.5 ((15000-16999)) Co Rd 30.8 ((15601-15999)) Co Rd 31 ((12955-31398)) Co Rd 32 ((12161-13999)) Co Rd 36 ((20142-24486)) Co Rd 38 ((16000-53099)) Co Rd 52 ((75610-75611)) Co Rd G ((1900-1998)) Co Rd H ((3-9298)) Co Rd L ((29001-31999)) Co Rd M ((13000-31098)) Co Rd N ((27000-29999)) Co Rd P ((22101-29399)) Co Rd P 5 ((14000-29999)) Co Rd R ((25000-27999)) Co Rd S ((15000-36299)) Co Rd T ((24000-29999)) Co Rd T 5 ((27500-27999)) Co Rd U ((30200-30298)) Co Rd W ((31601-31998)) Co Rd X ((24000-25749)) C R 25.8 ((18600-18999)) C R 35 ((5383-15250)) C R 35.9 ((13177-13627)) C Ranch To Market Rd ((29000-29999)) Creek 21 ((1900-6989)) C R U-5 ((30800-30898)) Dunton Rd ((40000-53099)) Ee 4 ((28300-28498)) Erik Dr ((100-199)) FS Rd 526 ((73-73)) Fs Rd 533 ((9200-41099)) Goodman Point Rd ((22101-24999)) Hay Camp Mesa ((31300-36299)) Hillside Ave ((200-2098)) Hwy 491 ((14827-15814)) Lakeview No 1 Rd ((27000-28999)) Lakeview No 2 Rd ((27000-29999)) Lakeview No 3 Rd ((27117-28098)) Lebanon Rd ((13335-19999)) M 4 ((29000-29999)) McPhee Rd ((18300-19999)) M C Rd 23.5 ((18601-18717)) M C Rd 24 ((17001-17948)) Mc Rd 25 ((14281-16999)) M C Rd 25 ((17113-17641)) Mc Rd S ((24093-24998)) M C Rd T ((24327-24785)) Merritt Way ((600-1498)) N 10th St ((200-214)) N 11th St ((100-218)) N 12th St ((100-211)) N 14th St ((201-213)) N 15 Th St ((101-18686)) N 16th St ((101-115)) N 19 Th ((1-211)) N 19th St ((200-210)) N 3rd St ((105-109)) N 6th St ((100-111)) N 7th St ((100-199)) N 8th St ((102-199)) N 9th St ((100-199)) National Forest 556 ((15000-36299)) N Broadway ((13228-15999)) N Delores River Trl ((2-98)) N Garfield St ((100-199)) N River St ((1-299)) N Silver St ((2-199)) P 2 ((27300-27499)) P 3 ((27000-27299)) P 5 ((2301-29999)) P 7 ((27100-28699)) Porter Way ((1-99)) Railroad Ave ((1-28999)) Rd 23 ((16000-17999)) Rd 23.5 ((18000-18999)) Rd 25 ((14000-25999)) Rd 25.6 ((14280-17999)) Rd 27 ((18301-19692)) Rd 27.1 ((11574-11998)) Rd 27.3 ((11058-12844)) Rd 27.5 ((11708-11716)) Rd 27.6 ((13156-14586)) Rd 27.8 ((18000-18999)) Rd 28.1 ((11601-11998)) Rd 28.3 ((15888-16440)) Rd 28.4 ((16824-16972)) Rd 29.4 ((12000-12999)) Rd 30.8 ((16000-16543)) Rd 31 ((13988-14679)) Rd 36 ((20000-21999)) Rd 38 ((28300-28498)) Rd 526 ((19329-20507)) Rd G ((1900-1998)) Rd M.7 ((22701-27499)) Rd N.6 ((25539-25541)) Rd P ((2301-28883)) Rd P.3 ((27000-27999)) Rd P.7 ((28700-28798)) Rd P.8 ((28600-28799)) Rd R ((30100-39999)) Rd S ((24093-27998)) Rd S.2 ((29201-29998)) Rd S.5 ((28600-28698)) Rd S.6 ((24000-30499)) Rd S.7 ((30000-30999)) Rd S.8 ((24000-25999)) Rd T ((13800-25499)) Rd T.4 ((27801-27899)) Rd T.5 ((17400-29999)) Rd T.75 ((26000-26999)) Rd U ((23000-24799)) Rd U.1 ((22200-22298)) Rd U 2 ((30900-31699)) Rd U.5 ((30800-30898)) Rd U.6 ((26600-27599)) Rd U.8 ((25501-25799)) Rd V.2 ((30900-31699)) Rd V.6 ((25200-25498)) Rd X ((24000-25999)) Riverside Ave ((200-999)) Road S ((31300-31398)) S 2nd St ((100-211)) S 5th St ((101-218)) S 6th St ((101-213)) S 7th St ((100-214)) S 8 ((27401-27998)) S 8th St ((101-219)) S 9th St ((101-111)) S Glasgow Ave ((1-598)) Short St ((2001-2099)) S Picker St ((2-199)) State Hwy 145 ((1-28999)) State Hwy 184 ((17000-31999)) T.8 ((26700-27098)) U.2 ((26901-27399)) U 4 ((30700-30899)) U 5 ((30700-30899)) U.7 ((27300-27398)) V.4 ((23700-24999)) V.5 ((24400-24898)) W Fork Rd ((52000-52098))

81323 Places and Attractions

Akin Reservoir Anderson Reservoir Apple Tree Reservoir Aspen Spring Barnard Reservoir Bauer Reservoir Bean Canyon Bean Reservoir Bear Creek Bear Creek (historical) Bear Creek Basin Bear Creek Trail Bear Reservoir Beaver Creek Marina Beaver Point Number Five Reservoir Beaver Point Number Four Reservoir Beaver Point Number Six Reservoir Beaver Point Number Three Reservoir Beaver Point Number Two Reservoir Beaver Point Reservoir Big Hill Reservoir Black Reservoir Blue Spring Blue Spring Draw Boggy Draw Boggy Draw Reservoir Bootlegger Gulch Burnette Canyon Burnt Logs Reservoir Butler Reservoir Cabin Canyon Recreation Site Cabin Draw Cabin Spring Calico Spring California Reservoir Campbell Reservoir Carlyle Point Reservoir Carlysle Number 2 Reservoir Carver Canyon Cedar Spring Circle K Ranch Cline Reservoir Coal Spring Reservoir Coalbank Spring Colt Number Five Reservoir Colt Number Four Reservoir Colt Number Threee Reservoir Colt Number Two Reservoir Colt Reservoir Cortez Filtration Plant Cortez Number 1 Dam Cortez Number 1 Reservoir Cox Canyon Cox Canyon Cox Reservoir Cushman Gulch Devil Point Divide Reservoir Dolores Dolores City Park Dolores Elementary School Dolores Fire Protection District Dolores Forest Service Facility Dolores High School Dolores Medical Center Dolores Post Office Dolores Public Library Dolores River Placer Dolores River State Wildlife Area Dolores Southern Baptist Church Dolores Town Hall Drift Fence Spring Driveway Reservoir Dry Canyon Dry Canyon Fishing Dry Canyon Spring Dry Lake Dunham Number Three Reservoir Dunham Number Two Reservoir Dunham Point Reservoir Dunham Reservoir Dunham Spring East Canyon East Italian Reservoir East Lateral Echo Park Eldon Reservoir Ellermeyer Gulch Estes Draw Ferris Canyon First Baptist Church Fivemile Creek Fivemile Reservoir Fivemile Spring Flanders Park Friendship Assembly of God Garbareno Reservoir Gardner Reservoir Garret Ridge Lateral Garrison Canyon Gold Run Trail Gould Reservoir Great Cut Dike Greenlee Reservoir Grindstone Lake Groundhog Gulch Grouse Point Grouse Reservoir Halls Reservoir Haycamp Mesa Haycamp Point Reservoir Haycamp Spring High Reservoir Highline Loop Trail Hondo Reservoir Hoppe Point Hoppe Point Number Three Reservoir Hoppe Point Reservoir Hoppe Point Reservoir Number 1 Hoppe Point Reservoir Number 2 Hoppe Point Spring Horse Barn Spring Horsecamp Number Four Reservoir Horsecamp Number One Reservoir Horsecamp Number Three Reservoir Horsecamp Number Two Reservoir House Creek House Creek Recreation Area House Creek Recreation Area Indian Draw Reservoir Indian Trail Ridge Italian Canyon Italian Spring Joe Rowell Park Jubal Reservoir King's Ranch (historical) Knuckles Reservoir Kuhlman Reservoir Last Chance Reservoir Leavell Draw Lebanon Lebanon Cemetery Little Bean Canyon Little Bear Creek Little Bear Trail Little Buck Reservoir Little Mud Reservoir Little Taylor Creek Loading Pen Canyon Loading Pen Reservoir Log Camp Number Two Reservoir Log Camp Reservoir Log Camp Spring Long Draw Reservoir Longwill Reservoir Longwill Spring Lost Canyon Lost Canyon Creek Lost Canyon Dam Lost Canyon Reservoir Lost Canyon Stock Driveway Lost Reservoir Low Reservoir Lower Pole Reservoir Main Canal Number 1 Main Canal Number 2 May Canyon May Lateral McPhee Dam McPhee Park McPhee Recreation Area McPhee Stock Trail Metaska Recreation Site Michele Reservoir Miller Reservoir Missouri Girl Mine Morgan Cabin Reservoir Morgan Gulch Morgan Reservoir Morrison Trail Mud Spring Reservoir Mulligan Reservoir Munson Gulch Myler Reservoir Negro Draw Oak Knolls Reservoir Old Logging Camp Reservoir Old Stock Reservoir Orphan Butte Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church Ox Shoe Gulch Park Reservoir Pasture Gulch Peel Number Three Reservoir Peel Number Two Reservoir Peel Spring Pell Reservoir Phoneline Reservoir Pine Tree Reservoir Pipe Creek Pipe Creek Reservoir Pipe Creek Trail Plateau Creek Point Reservoir Polly Creek Porter Reservoir Priest Gulch Priest Gulch Campground Priest Gulch Trailhead Quarry (historical) Railroad Reservoir Ramsay Reservoir Reef Pasture Reservoir Ridge Point Overlook Ridgetop Reservoir Rio Grande Southern Railroad Museum Rio Lado Rio Lado (historical) Roaring Forks Creek Rock Spring Rock Spring Creek Rocky Draw Rocky Draw Number Four Reservoir Rocky Draw Number Three Reservoir Rocky Draw Number Two Reservoir Rough Canyon Rough Canyon Trail Rush Spring Rusts Sawmill Ryman Creek Ryman Trail Sage Hen Fishing Salter Bench Reservoir Salter Canyon Salter Canyon Spring Sawmill Reservoir School House Draw School Section Reservoir Schoolhouse Trail Section House Draw Silver Draw Simon Draw Siphon Spring Small Reservoir Smoothing Iron Reservoir Snyders Ranch (historical) South Reservoir Spruce Reservoir Spruce Spring Spruce Water Canyon Spur Reservoir Stapleton Stewart Gulch Stoner Stoner Creek Stoner Guard Station Stoner Point Reservoir Stoner Point Reservoir Number 2 Stoner Point Reservoir Number 3 Stoner Ski Area Sttep Spring Stump Reservoir Stump Spring Summit Ditch Sunset Memorial Gardens Sutton Reservoir Taylor Creek Taylor Mesa Lake Taylor Mesa Reservoir Tenderfoot Creek The Forks Campground Thomas Reservoir Tom Number Five Reservoir Tom Number Four Reservoir Tom Number One Reservoir Tom Number Six Reservoir Tom Number Three Reservoir Tom Number Two Reservoir Trail Canyon Trail Number One Reservoir Trail Number Two Reservoir Trail Point Reservoir Trail Reservoir Trimble Point Trimble Reservoir Truelson Ranch Tucker Reservoir Turkey Creek Turkey Creek Turkey Point Spring Turkey Reservoir Twin Fir Spring United Methodist Church Upper Hermana Lateral Upper Pole Reservoir Van Pelt Reservoir Vick Spring Waechter Gulch Waechters Ranch (historical) Walker Spring Wallace Ranch Wallace Reservoir Water Tank Gulch Wesley Reservoir West Buck Reservoir West Dolores River West Italian Reservoir West Lateral Wildcat Creek Wilkerson Spring Willow Draw