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Agua Caliente Lodge Ant Bed Well Antelope Windmill Antelope Windmill Arp Flat Arp Flat Tank Ash Spring Ash Spring Babcock Basin Baldy Mountain Baldy Tank Bare Mountain Barrel Springs Ranch Baylis Well Bear Mountain Bell Place Windmill Bobcat Canyon Bobcat Canyon Windmill Boggy Canyon Boggy Draw Boggy Well Boracho Peak Brink Tank Broke Tank Broke Tank Broke Tank Draw Bronc Mule Hill Brushy Mountain Buena Vista Windmills Buffalo Windmill Bull Pasture Windmill Bunton Windmill Burt Well Butterfield Windmill Buzzard Roost Hills Buzzard Roost Tank C Means Ranch Caliche Windmill Catclaw Spring Catclaw Windmill Chispa Clovis Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Cracker Jack Draw Cracker Jack Windmill Crow Tank D C Tank Dagger Tank Dam Fence Tank Davis Tank Deadman Canyon Deer Tank Deer Tank Devils Canyon Dickes Tank Dinkins Tank Dowman Canyon Dowman Draw Dowman Windmill Eagle Tank Eagle Tank Well Echo Canyon El Muerto Peak El Muerto Spring El Muerto Springs Encantada Peak Esperanza Well Fish Tank Flat Mesa Flattop Mountain Flattop Tank Gap Mountain Gap Well Garden Draw Geronimo Mountain Geronimo Windmills H O Canyon H O Hill Hanger Tank Hawkeye Tank Head- of- the-Canyon Tank Heider Tank Herds Pass Herds Pass Spring Hereford Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Home Hollow Horseshoe Butte Howard Tank Ikins Ranch Indian Peak Indian Peak Canyon J D Ranch Jeff Tank Joes Spring Joes Spring Draw Johnson Tank Jones Canyon Jones Draw Juan Windmill Jug Tank Kildugan Well Knox Draw Lake Windmill Landrein Tank Lane Troughs Windmill Little Flattop Little Well Lonely Lee Lower Rock House Windmill Lucky Tank Mayfield Hills McDaniel Windmill Means Ranch Medley Draw Merrill Canyon Mescalero Windmills Middle Canyon Middle Rock House Tank Middle Tank Middle Windmill Mine Mountain Moon Ranch Moore Ranch Moore Slough Mud Tank Murry Well Needle Peak New Chalk Hill Tank Newton Canyon Newton Mesa Ninemile Draw Ninemile Tank Ninemile Windmill Ninetyfive Canyon Ninetysix Camp Ninetysix Canyon Ninetysix Gap Ninetysix Ranch Ninetysix Spring Ninetysix Windmill North Mesa North Windmill Number Two Canyon Ocotillo Tank Ocotillo Well Old Chalk Hill Tank Old House Windmill One Lung Windmill Panther Canyon Patterson Spring Windmill Phillips Canyon Phillips Tank Pinto Bean Tank Pumice Well Red Hill Red Slough Redford Tank Redford Windmill Reynolds Windmill Ridge Well Right Hand Canyon Rincon Canyon Rincon Tank Rincon Windmill Rito Windmill Rock Tank Rockpile House Windmill Rough Canyon Rough Trap Round Mountain Rube Well Sacahuista Butte Sacahuista Windmill Sams Butte San Antonio Pass Sauerkraut Windmill Sawtooth Mountain Sawtooth Windmill Screwbean Windmill Selman Tank Sheep Camp Mountain Sheep Camp Windmill Sheep Pasture Mountain Short Canyon South Tank Spring Canyon Spring Mountain Star Mesa String Bean Tank Tally Slough The Garden Windmill The Knob The Rockpile Threemile Canyon Twiford Spring Twomile Canyon Twomile Tank Valentine Van Horn Mountains Ventura Well Walnut Well West Well Canyon Wheelbarrow Canyon White Ranch White Tank Wildcat Well Williams Well Windmill Canyon Wood Canyon Y-Six Hills Yates Canyon Yates Draw Yates Windmill Yellow Tank