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Adobe House Tank Alligator Draw Antelope Draw Antelope Gulch Antelope Tank Antelope Tank Antelope Windmill Apache Tank Barren Well Bartlett Peak Bell Canyon Bell Spring Big Canyon Big Canyon Big Canyon Big Piñon Tank Big Tank Big Tank Bitter Well Canyon Bitter Well Mountain Black Canyon Black John Well Black Mountain Windmill Blue Ridge Bone Canyon Bone Spring Boulder Tank Bowl Trail Bowman Windmill Box Springs Broke Tank Brokeoff Mountains Brushy Canyon Brushy Mesa Brushy Tank Burro Canyon Burro Spring Bush Mountain Bush Mountain Trail Camp Wilderness Ridge Cargile Tank Cascajo Tank Castile Draw Castile Hill Castile Ranch Cave Tank Cave Well Cave Well Peak Cavender Tank Cavender Windmill Cedar Pasture Draw Cedar Spring Cherry Canyon Chico Draw Chico Ranch Chico Well Chimney Well Chinaman Hat Choza Spring Cinco De Mayo Tank Cistern Canyon Clay Tank Codorniz Canyon Collier Windmill Cone Peak Cooky Hat Point Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Springs Cow Mountain Cowden Lake Cowden Lake Dam Cox Tank Coyote Peak Coyote Tank Culp Tank Cutoff Mountain D Ranch Deadhorse Tank Deep Tank Deep Tank Delaware River Ranch Delaware Spring Delaware Springs Delaware Windmill Devils Den Canyon Devils Hall Division Tank Division Tank Division Windmill Dog Canyon Ranger Station Dog Tank Double Spillway Tank Double Tanks Down-in-the-Hole Windmill Dust Bowl Tank East Tank East Well East Windmill East Windmill East Windmill Eightmile Windmill El Capitan El Capitan Trail El Centro Draw End Tank Enrique Tank Fence Line Spring Fence Line Windmill Flattop Mountain Flattop Tank Flattop Windmill Flowing Well Force Windmill Ford-Geraldine Oil Fiield Franky Tank Frijole (historical) Frijole Ranch Getaway Canyon Getaway Gap Glover Canyon Goat Spring Goodfellow Tanks Grable Tank Graham Windmill Gray Windmill Guadalupe Arroyo Guadalupe Canyon Guadalupe Mountains Guadalupe Mountains National Park Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness Guadalupe Pass Guadalupe Peak Guadalupe Pumping Station Guadalupe Pumping Station Guadalupe Ranch Guadalupe School Guadalupe Spring Gyp Draw Hammock Ranch Hardluck Well High Lonesome Well High Windmill Hogue Canyon Hogue Tank Hogue Well Holly Tank Horseshoe Draw Horseshoe Springs Horseshoe Tank Hueco Pumping Station Hueco Station Hunter Peak Independence Spring JD Tank Jack Tank Janes Window Jim Hill Jim Hill Windmill Jose Tank Juan Well Juniper Spring KC Ranch Kimbell Draw Kincaid Trail Kohen Windmill Kyle Quarry Lamar Canyon Last Chance Windmill Leed Canyon Leed Tank Lewis Well Ligon Ranch Little Castile Windmill Little Codorniz Canyon Little Piñon Tank Little Sandy Draw Llano Tank Logger Tank Lone Cone Long Point Lost Peak Lower Calhoun Tank Lucky Tank Mailbox Well Manzanita Spring Marcus Trail Mare Windmill Maverick Draw McWilliams Tank Mckittrick Canyon Middle Tank Middle Tank Middle Windmill Mike Tank Minnie Tank Monument Draw Monument Windmill Morrison Tank Morrison Windmill Nester Tank New Well Nickel Creek Nickel Creek Station Nipple Hill No Mans Canyon Nob Hill Tank North McKittrick Canyon North McKittrick Canyon North Mountain North Rock Draw North Tanks North Windmill North Windmill North Windmill Old Grapevine Well Old Michigan Mine Old Walker Well Outlaw Spring Owl Hills Owl Tank P X Flat Palma Tank Panther Seep Patterson Hills Patterson Pothole Patterson Tank Paula Tank Pecos Tank Permian Reef Trail Pezuna del Caballo Pine Spring Pine Spring Campground Pine Spring Canyon Pine Springs Pine Springs Pinery (historical) Pinery Station Piñon Canyon Piñon Hills Piñon Tank Piñon Tank Posey Well Prairie Dog Tank Pratt Lodge Pretty Soon Tank Prewit Ranch Pumpjack Windmill Pure Well Quail Mountain Rader Ridge Rader Windmill Rattlesnake Tank Rector Canyon Red Hills Red Tank Red Tank Rib Tank Roan Tank Roberts Camp Rock House Draw Rock Tank Rock Tank Windmill Running Water Draw Rustler Hills Rustler Spring Rustler Springs Sailt Lake Salt Flat Salt Grass Windmill Salt Spring Screw Bean Hills Screw Bean Spring Seep Spring Draw Seep Spring Tank Seep Tank Seven L Peak Seven L Well Shipping Pens Well Shirttail Canyon Shorty Windmill Shumard Canyon Shumard Peak Sink Hole Flat Six Bar Ranch Six Section Well Smith Canyon Smith Spring Soda Well Soldier Spring South Camp South McKittrick Canyon South Rector Canyon South Well Draw Star Windmill State Line Sulfur Mine Hill Sulfur Windmill Sulphur Well Table Top Tank Number Twelve Tejas Trail The Bowl The Chimneys The Laguna The Pinnacle The Seep Tonto Tank Toy Springs Triangle Ranch Airport Twenty Tank Twin Hills Twin Tanks University Draw Upper Pine Spring Upper Rattlesnake Tank Virginia Draw Virginia Springs Walker Tank Walker Wells Wallace Pratt Lodge Wallace Tank Well Drill Draw Well Drill Tank West Rader Windmill West Well West Windmill West Windmill West Windmill White Tank White Tank Wild Horse Tank Wilderness Ridge - Shumard Trail Williams Ranch Willow Draw Willow Spring Willow Springs Wilson Tank Wimberley Well Windy Tank Windy Tanks