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79830 Street Addresses

Acacia ((101-199)) Alpine West Blvd ((1-99)) Antelope Dr ((1800-2099)) Baeza Cir ((201-599)) Baiza Cir ((200-398)) Bakers Ln ((1-99)) Black Walnut Dr ((100-199)) Blue Agave Rd ((100-198)) Bovey Ln ((2400-2499)) Brian St ((300-399)) Cabell ((1900-2098)) Calamity Creek Rd ((1-99)) Canyon Dr ((1-198)) Cathedral Mountain Rd ((100-198)) Cathedrral Mountain Rd ((200-298)) Cemetery Rd ((1800-2898)) Cheosa Trl ((701-799)) Cheosa Way ((701-799)) Church Rd ((200-1098)) Circle Dr ((100-199)) Cotter St ((301-599)) Cottonwood Creek Rd ((200-998)) Covey Ln ((2400-2499)) Creek 1703 ((1701-1799)) Dale Earnhardt Blvd ((0-98)) Dawson St ((200-699)) Deer Trail Rd ((101-199)) Desert Willow Dr ((100-198)) Desert Willow St ((1-99)) Doe St ((201-299)) Dove Rd ((1-99)) Dusty Mesquite Rd ((100-299)) E Anson Ave ((100-199)) E Arcadia Ave ((100-199)) Easy St ((600-2098)) E Ave A ((100-1199)) E Ave B ((100-1199)) E Ave C ((400-499)) E Ave D ((100-999)) E Ave E ((100-1099)) E Ave F ((100-1799)) E Ave G ((100-1799)) E Ave H ((401-1799)) E Ave I ((500-2898)) E Ave J ((800-1399)) E Ave K ((800-1399)) E Brown Ave ((100-999)) E del Rio Ave ((100-399)) E Eagle Pass Ave ((100-199)) E Fort Davis Ave ((100-399)) E Hancock Ave ((500-1199)) E Harriet Ave ((100-699)) E Hendryx Dr ((100-699)) E Holland Ave ((100-14099)) E June Ave ((100-699)) Elderwood ((100-299)) Elm Dr ((100-198)) E Lockhart Ave ((100-999)) E Marfa Ave ((100-399)) E Murphy Ave ((100-799)) E Nations St ((100-1199)) Enfield Rd ((1900-2099)) E Quail Run Rd ((1000-2499)) E Sanderson Ave ((100-399)) E Stockton Ave ((100-399)) E Sul Ross Ave ((100-999)) E Uvalde Ave ((100-299)) Farm Rd 1703 ((1-99)) Ferguson St ((200-499)) Fighting Buck Ave ((800-1399)) FM 1703 ((1701-2698)) FM 1703 Hwy ((1701-1799)) Fort Davis Hwy ((1500-2299)) Gray St ((2501-2799)) Hackberry Dr ((2-399)) Halbert St ((200-499)) Hamlin Ave ((1600-2299)) Harriet Ave ((100-199)) Haystack Mountian Dr ((100-199)) Heil Rd ((101-298)) Hidden Valley ((1-199)) High Lonesome ((2-199)) High Vis Rd ((100-199)) High Vista Rd ((100-199)) Hill Dr ((5-99)) Hilonesome ((101-199)) Independence Cir ((802-814)) Jeremy Dr ((1000-1399)) Joe Bailey ((300-399)) Joe Bailey St ((201-299)) John West Rd ((300-699)) John W Rd ((401-417)) Juniper St ((100-398)) Labeff Dr ((101-298)) Las Auras ((1-99)) Las Brisaq ((1-99)) Las Brisas ((1-99)) Lechuguilla ((1301-1399)) Lemon St ((100-399)) Little Yisrael Ln ((101-199)) Logan ((1000-1016)) Logan Dr ((1000-1098)) Loma del Norte Rd ((100-399)) Long Branch ((1900-2099)) Loop Dr ((1088-1198)) Loop Rd ((100-1699)) Los Ranchos Dr ((1-99)) Madrone ((101-199)) Marathon Rd ((900-5099)) Mars ((100-499)) Matewan ((1000-1098)) Matewan Dr ((1000-1099)) Mc Bride Ln ((2-199)) Means St ((200-599)) Memory Ln ((100-198)) Mesquite Dr ((100-199)) Middle School Dr ((300-899)) Mile High Rd ((200-18301898)) Mingo ((1000-1099)) Mountain Side Dr ((600-699)) Mountain Side Rd ((600-699)) Mt Laurel Dr ((100-199)) Mt View Rd ((400-499)) Mulberry St ((300-399)) N 10th St ((100-1499)) N 11th St ((100-1199)) N 12th St ((100-1599)) N 13th St ((100-1599)) N 14th St ((100-1906)) N 15th St ((901-1499)) N 16th St ((300-1598)) N 17th St ((300-1399)) N 1st St ((100-399)) N 2nd St ((100-899)) N 3rd St ((100-1599)) N 4th St ((100-1999)) N 5th St ((100-1999)) N 6th St ((100-1999)) N 7th St ((100-1999)) N 8th St ((100-1499)) N 9th St ((200-1499)) N Apple St ((200-299)) Nations St ((200-499)) N Bird St ((500-1199)) N Cherry St ((100-799)) N Cockrell St ((100-899)) Neville Haynes St ((100-299)) N Garnett St ((100-699)) N Harrison St ((100-1499)) N Loop Rd ((900-1099)) N Los Ranchos Dr ((1000-1098)) N Mosley Ln ((2-599)) N Orange St ((100-999)) N Peach St ((100-999)) N Phelps St ((100-899)) N Ted St ((901-999)) N Walker St ((100-899)) Old Marathon Rd ((100-2699)) Painter Rd ((2-98)) Peach Lndg ((1-998)) Peach Tree Cir ((1000-4099)) Peach Tree St ((2001-2499)) Pear St ((100-199)) Pecan Grove Rd ((1-99)) Pinion Dr ((201-499)) Pinon ((300-499)) Piyon Rd ((2-98)) Plum St ((100-499)) Posey Gulch ((1-598)) Prairie View Ln ((1-99)) Quail Run Rd ((1-499)) Quince St ((600-799)) Rabbit Rd ((1-198)) Ridgeline Dr ((1-99)) Rim Rd ((1-99)) Roosevelt St ((200-299)) S 10th St ((148-799)) S 11th St ((100-799)) S 12th St ((100-699)) S 13th St ((100-551)) S 14th St ((100-599)) S 15th St ((100-703)) S 16th St ((100-799)) S 1st St ((200-508)) S 2nd St ((200-599)) S 3rd St ((201-599)) S 4th St ((200-599)) S 5th St ((200-611)) S 6th St ((200-599)) S 7th St ((200-599)) S 8th St ((200-599)) S 9th St ((288-699)) Sanders Ave ((101-199)) S Berkeley Ave ((200-599)) S Berkeley St ((200-599)) S Bird St ((100-799)) S Cactus St ((200-1099)) S Chastain St ((300-599)) S Cockrell St ((100-599)) Scott Ln ((401-499)) S Durrell St ((100-599)) Seth St ((1200-1399)) S Garnett St ((101-199)) S Halbert St ((200-599)) S Hancock St ((500-699)) S Harmon St ((300-699)) S Harrison St ((100-1099)) Sierra Vista Rd ((1-99)) S Jackson St ((201-599)) Skyline Dr ((100-199)) S Lackey St ((100-699)) S Moseley Ln ((100-599)) S Naville Haynes ((100-399)) Snedecor Ln ((2501-2599)) S Phelps St ((100-598)) Spring Creek Rd ((201-398)) S Ragin St ((100-599)) Stargazer Rd ((801-899)) State Hwy 118 ((100-2298)) State Hwy 223 ((700-990)) Sunny Glen Rd ((1-99)) Sunset Cir ((1-99)) S Walker St ((100-1099)) Ted St ((2-999)) Terlingua Ranch Rd ((701-9998)) Texas Oak Dr ((100-499)) Tippett Pl ((500-599)) Tom Lackey Ln ((500-598)) Trail Rd ((1-5)) Twin Peaks Dr ((400-499)) Tw Ranch ((801-998)) US Hwy 67 ((216-2685)) US Hwy 90 ((100-2685)) Via Hatch Canyon ((1-99)) Vista Ln ((1-99)) Wagon Rd ((1-99)) W Anson Ave ((100-399)) W Arcadia Ave ((100-299)) W Ave A ((100-999)) W Ave B ((200-999)) W Ave E ((100-2199)) W Ave F ((101-1799)) W Ave G ((100-1999)) W Ave H ((300-1799)) W Ave I ((400-1599)) W Ave J ((700-1698)) W Brown Ave ((100-1399)) W Brunson ((2100-2198)) W del Rio Ave ((100-1399)) W Eagle Pass Ave ((600-1999)) W Eagle Pass St ((100-1299)) W Fort Davis ((2100-2198)) W Fort Davis Ave ((100-1599)) W Fort Davis St ((1503-1599)) W Gallego ((1200-1799)) W Harriet Ave ((100-499)) W Hendryx Ave ((100-299)) W Holland Ave ((100-1499)) Wild Cherry Rd ((101-398)) Willow Dr ((100-198)) W Jeremy St ((1000-1399)) W June Ave ((100-299)) W Lockhart Ave ((100-1299)) W Marfa Ave ((100-1399)) W Mosley Loop ((1800-2699)) W Murphy Ave ((101-1799)) W Nations Ave ((300-499)) W Roosevelt St ((200-699)) W Sanderson Ave ((100-699)) W Sanderson St ((900-1399)) W Stockton Ave ((100-1399)) W Stockton St ((100-1399)) W Sul Ross Ave ((100-2697)) W Uvalde Ave ((100-899)) Yucca Draw ((101-299))

79830 Places and Attractions

02 Ranch Airport Adams Ranch Adobe Walls Adobe Walls Draw Adobe Walls Mountain Agua Fria Draw Agua Fria Springs Agua Fria Trail Alamo Spring Alamo de Cesario Creek Alpine Alpine Creek Alpine Elementary School Alpine High School Alpine Hill Alpine Public Library Alpine Seventh Day Adventist Church Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport Amarilla Mountain Angela Peak Aqua Fria Mountain Aqua Fria Spring Ash Creek Baines Park Bandera Mesa Barton Warnock Environmental Education Center Baylor Tank Bear Canyon Bear Canyon Bee Cave Canyon Bee Mountain Bens Hole Creek Big Corazones Spring Big Hill Big Rock Tank Bird Creek Bird Hills Bitter Spring Black Creek Black Hill Black Mesa Black Mountain Black Peak Black Peak Black Ridge Blue Range Bone Spring Box Spring Brewster Memorial Hospital Broken Tank Brush Windmill Buck Hill Burnt House Camp Burnt Willow Canyon Butcherknife Draw Butcherknife Hill Butterbowl Buttrill Ranch Buttrill Springs Calamity Creek Calamity Creek Wash California Hill Camels Hump Canoe Valley Carney Tank Cartwright Canyon Cathedral Mountain Cedar Creek Cedar Spring Centennial High School Central School Chalk Draw Chalk Mountains Chalk Valley Chalk Valley Spring Cheosa Waterhole Choate Mountain Christmas Mountains Christmas Spring Christmas Wells Tank Church of Christ Cienega Creek Cienega Mountain Clark Springs Clay Mountain Cobas Windmill Coltrins Camp Comanche Creek Comanche Spring Cone Mountain Copeland Tank Corazones Peaks Cotters Ranch Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Wash Crenshaw Camp Croesus Canyon Crossen Mesa Crystal Creek Cuesta Blanca Dark Canyon Dark Canyon Creek Davenport Spring Deer Lick Draw Del Norte Mountains Dewees Tank Dog Canyon Dogie Creek Dogie Mountain Double Tanks Doubtful Canyon Drydens Ranch (historical) Duff Creek Duff Springs Eagle Mountain Eagle Peak East Corazon Peak East Corazones Draw East Spring Elam Mountain Elephant Mountain Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area Elm Grove Cemetery Fernandes Mine Fiftytwo Spring First Baptist Church Fizzle Flat Fossil Knobs Friendship Baptist Church Goat Creek Goat Mountain Goat Spring Good Tank Draw Grapevine Springs Graves Pierce Complex Gray Hill Graytop Green Valley Hackberry Draw Hale Cabin Hale Draw Haley Ranch Haleys Peak Hallie Stillwell Hall of Fame Museum Hammond Ranch Lake Hammond Ranch Lake Dam Hancock Hill Hatch Canyon Draw Hen Egg Mountain Henderson Ranch Herradura Tank Hidden Valley Hidden Valley Hidden Valley Spring Hill Creek House Mountain Hovey Humble Well Indian Head Mountain Indian Head Spring Indian Spring Jack Eden Mesa Jackson Field Joe Black Spring Johnson Ranch KALP-FM (Alpine) KVLF-AM (Alpine) Kokernot Baseball Park Kokernot Municipal Park Kokernot Park Kokernot Ranch Kokernot Springs (historical) L-H Draw L-H Spring La Escondida La Leona Airport Lajitas Lajitas Airport Lajitas Boat Crossing Lajitas Crossing Lajitas Mesa Lajitas Vehicle Crossing Lake Ament Last Chance Mesa Lease Ranch Lease-Rixon Trail Lefthand Shutup Leon Mountain Leoncita Ranch Leoncita Spring Little Christmas Mountain Little Corazones Spring Little Thirty-Eight Mine Lizard Mountain Lone Star Mine Long Hills Lost Spring Lower Flattop Hill Lower Rotten Draw Lowes Tinaja Lowes Valley Loy Place Maggie Mine Mailbox Tank Marble Mine Marble Mountain Mariposa Mine Maverick Mountain Maverick Spring McIntyre Creek McKinney Mountain Merriweather Ranch Mesa de Anguila Mine Point Mesa Mitchell Mesa Moss Creek Mount Ord Mount Ord Basin Mount Sinai United Methodist Church Mount Williams Mud Spring Museum of the Big Bend Musgrave Creek Musquiz Canyon Needle Creek Nevill Mesa New Town Park Nine Troughs Spring Nolte-Rooney House Number Ten Tank O 2 Ranch Old Stage Stand Open Mine Hill Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church Packsaddle Mountain Paint Mountain Paisano Creek Paisano Encampment Paisano Peak Paisano Peak Panther Hole Park Peak Paso del Norte Paynes Canyon Paynes Waterhole Persimmon Gap Persimmon Gap Ranger Station Pete Gallego Senior Center Piedra Lumbre Pinks Peak Pipeline Canyon Pitcock Rosillos Mountain Ranch Airport Plank House Point Draw Progress City (historical) Rag Canyon Ranger Peak Ranger Spring Red Bluff Red Draw Red Haw Draw Redeemer Lutheran Church Reed Plateau Rixon Ranch Rock House Spring Rooney Ranch Rosillo Peak Rosillos Mountain Ranch Rosillos Mountains Saint James Episcopal Church Saltgrass Draw San Juan Spring Santa Elena Canyon Trail Santiago Peak Saucier Ranch Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Mountain Sheep Creek Shipman Park Shular Canyon Sid Place Sierra Aguja Sierra de Cal Smallpox Well Sombrero Peak Sombrero Peak Ranch South Fork Alamo de Cesanio Creek Squaws Teat Steep Draw Stockton Canyon Stone Tank Stormy Lease Trail Stove Canyon Straddlebug Mountain Stroebel Study Butte Study Butte Study Butte Sunny Glen Sunny Glen Windmill Taurus Mesa Airport Terlingua Airport Terlingua Historic District Terlingua Ranch Airport Terlingua Ranch Lodge Terlingua Sinkhole Terlingua Trail The Ditch The Haystack The Long Draw Thirtyeight Hill Three Bar Ranch Three Wells Tinaja Blanca Tinaja Grande Tinaja Lujan Tinaja Rana Titley Titley Toronto Torvea Canyon Tres Cuevas Mountain Tres Papalotes Trough Canyon Turney Peak Twin Peaks Twin Sisters Upper Flattop Hill Upper Rotten Draw Waldron Mine Walnut Draw Ward Spring Well Creek West Corazon Peak West Corazones Draw West Well Whirlwind Mesa Whirlwind Spring Whirlwind Springs White Trail Whitehouse Mountain Wildhorse Mountain Wildhorse Spring Willow Creek Willow Mountain Willow Spring Willow Spring Wilson Canyon Wilsons Ranch Y E Mesa Y E Spring Yellow Hill Yellow Jacket Spring