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79745 Street Addresses

Adams St ((1000-1099)) Altman St ((2001-2099)) Amelia Ave ((101-199)) Bellaire St ((800-1399)) Bert St ((200-399)) Catclaw Ave ((401-499)) Concho St ((200-799)) Darwood Ave ((500-699)) Drake Ave ((500-598)) E Austin St ((100-1099)) E Bryan St ((100-1098)) E Campbell St ((100-799)) E Dallas Ave ((100-1099)) E Halley St ((100-299)) E Houston St ((100-798)) E Midland Ave ((100-999)) Emu Rd ((5051-5099)) E Plaza Ave ((101-117)) E San Angelo St ((100-899)) E San Antonio St ((100-1099)) E State Hwy 115 ((100-1099)) E Sweetwater Ave ((100-599)) E Tascosa Ave ((900-1099)) E Waco St ((300-1099)) E Wharton Ave ((100-122)) E Winkler St ((100-2199)) Freeland Ave ((200-799)) Gp Mitchell St ((100-198)) Halley St ((1700-1998)) Harrison Dr ((1100-1599)) Hejupe Dr ((700-799)) Hendricks St ((801-1099)) Isis Ct ((1101-1199)) Jackson St ((100-199)) James St ((200-499)) Jeffee Dr ((700-999)) Jefferson St ((100-199)) Jim Sharp Blvd ((100-1099)) Joseph St ((1001-1122)) Kermit St ((1900-1998)) Madison St ((500-899)) Maple ((100-198)) Martin St ((500-999)) Mesa Ave ((500-599)) Mesa St ((501-599)) Mexico Ave ((100-199)) Monroe St ((100-198)) Myer Ln ((800-999)) N Ash St ((100-799)) N Ave A ((100-799)) N Ave B ((100-799)) N Ave C ((100-799)) N Ave D ((100-799)) N Ave H ((100-499)) N Cedar St ((100-799)) NE 7th St ((200-217)) NE 8th St ((200-204)) N Elm St ((200-799)) N Hickory St ((100-299)) N Locust St ((101-398)) N Main St ((100-499)) N Maple St ((100-299)) N Mulberry St ((100-799)) N Oak St ((100-799)) N Olive St ((100-399)) N Orange St ((101-299)) N Pine St ((100-799)) N Poplar St ((100-799)) N Spruce St ((100-299)) N State Hwy 18 ((100-999)) N Sycamore St ((300-398)) N Tornillo St ((101-599)) N Walnut St ((200-399)) Oaklawn Dr ((2100-2399)) Oaklawn St ((200-699)) Park Ave ((400-799)) Perry Ln ((100-399)) Pine St ((700-798)) Plaza Ave ((101-199)) Raylan Ave ((1000-1099)) Rayland St ((1000-1198)) Ridgewood Rd ((401-499)) Robinson St ((600-999)) Rosemont Ave ((200-498)) S Ash St ((100-599)) S Ave A ((100-899)) S Ave B ((101-899)) S Ave C ((100-899)) S Ave D ((100-899)) S Ave H ((100-299)) S Cedar St ((100-599)) School St ((901-2298)) S East Ave ((100-299)) S Elm St ((200-499)) Shannon Dr ((1400-1499)) Sherwood Ave ((200-499)) Sherwood Rd ((200-499)) S Hickory St ((401-699)) S Locust St ((100-499)) S Magnolia St ((500-999)) S Main St ((100-499)) S Maple St ((100-699)) S Mulberry St ((100-698)) S Oak St ((100-499)) S Olive St ((100-699)) S Pine St ((100-999)) S Poplar St ((100-1199)) S Pyote Ave ((101-199)) S Spruce St ((100-699)) S Stanolind Rd ((400-499)) S State Hwy 18 ((1000-1199)) S Sycamore St ((100-699)) State Hwy 115 ((100-1099)) State Hwy 18 ((100-1199)) State Hwy 302 ((100-1099)) State Hwy 703 ((100-199)) Stephens St ((1000-1099)) S Tornillo St ((101-499)) S Walnut St ((201-699)) Tanglewood Dr ((701-799)) Telford Ave ((900-998)) Todd Ave ((1400-1499)) Tommy Thompson ((901-2298)) Tyler Blvd ((100-198)) Underwood St ((500-999)) Van St ((200-799)) Vest Blvd ((101-199)) W Altman St ((900-1298)) Washington St ((1000-1099)) W Austin St ((100-1299)) W Bryan St ((100-598)) W Campbell St ((101-1998)) W Dallas Ave ((601-1299)) Westbrook Ave ((801-899)) W Halley St ((100-798)) Wharton Ave ((100-198)) W Houston St ((300-398)) W Midland Ave ((101-199)) W Plaza Ave ((101-199)) Wright St ((400-498)) W San Antonio St ((100-1399)) W State Hwy 302 ((100-1099)) W Sweetwater Ave ((100-598)) W Tascosa Ave ((400-499)) W Waco St ((100-198)) W Wharton Ave ((100-198)) W Winkler St ((200-999))

79745 Places and Attractions

Amburgey Ranch Arenosa Oil Field Auter Windmill Baird Windmill Baird Windmill Bedford Ranch Blue Mountain Springs (historical) Buzzard Roost Springs Carter Camp Charlie Windmill Cheyenne Cheyenne Draw Cheyenne Farms China Ranch Church of Christ Church of God Church of God in Christ Circle Oil Field Community Church Cowden Place Coyote Windmill Crawford Windmill Crittendon Gas Field Deep Windmill Dooley Windmill Double Windmill East Leck Windmill East Lehman Windmill East Primary School East Simpson Windmill East Windmill East Witcher Windmill Easter Windmill Fernandes Ranch Fifteen Windmill Five Sections Windmill Flag Windmill Haley Ranch Halley Gas Plant Halley Oil Field Highline Windmill Hogg Windmill Hugh Windmill Humble Windmill Jeff Windmill Jog Windmill KERB-AM (Kermit) KERB-FM (Kermit) KTPX-TV (Odessa) Kemp Windmill Kermit Kermit City Park Kermit High School Kermit Junior High School Kermit Medallion Home Kermit Sand Hills Kermit Windmill Keystone Southeast Oil Field Little China Windmill Little Diamond Windmill Little Redtop Windmill Little Sand Windmill Lowe Windmill Magnolia Windmill Magwalt Middle Windmill Mitchell Windmill Mitchell Windmill Monahans Gasoline Plant Monahans Oil Field Monument Draw Moore Windmill New Flag Windmill New Windmill North Camp Windmill North Crow Windmill North Monahans Oil Field North Windmill North Windmill North Windmill North Windmill North Windmill Northside Baptist Church Old Flag Windmill Old Redtop Windmill Parker Windmill Perry Bass Camp Plaza Park Purple Sage Elementary School Purple Sage School Robinson Airport Sand Windmill Sand Windmill Scott Windmill Shell Windmill Simpson Windmill South Crow Windmill South Rusk Windmill South Sand Windmill South Windmill South Windmill South Windmill Star Camp Stub Windmill Sun Windmill Tannybill Windmill Ture Windmill V Ranch Vesrue Vest Windmill Walton Park Walton Ranch West Leck Windmill Wheeler Oil Field Wheeler Ranch Wheeler Windmills Wieseman Windmill Wildcat Windmill Wildcat Windmill Willow Springs (historical) Windmill on the Hill Winkler County Park YT Ranch