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Apple Creek Ballinger Ranch Big Spring City Wells Big Tank Bigby Corner Blissard Lake Bluebell Tank Brunson Ranch Brushy Windmill Buzzards Bend Caboose Windmill Cannibal Draw China Lake Clyde Reynolds Oil Field Cobb Windmill Cox Ranch Cross Ranch Crows Nest Windmill Cumbie Windmill Currie Oil Field Currie Ranch Currie Ranch Currie Reservoir Dewey Lake East Cobb Windmill East Fork Apple Creek East Well East Windmill East Windmill Edwards Lucian Wells Ranch Airport Fool Creek Foster Ranch Garden City Garden City Cemetery Garden City Pumping Station Garden Wells Grandpa's Windmill Green Windmill Hackberry Lake Hall Ranch Highway Windmill Hilger Windmill Hilltop Ranch Hog Mountain Houston Ranch Jackson Hole Windmill Johnson Draw Lacy Draw Lees Lucian Wells Ranch McDaniel Ranch McDowell Ranch Meyers Draw Meyers Windmill Middle Fork Apple Creek Midland Draw Morgan Windmill Myrl Windmill North Bombsite Windmill North Cauble Windmill North Pasture Windmill North Windmill Old Houston Place Panther Creek Panther Windmill Patterson Lake Patterson Lake Windmill Pepper Well Polecat Creek Polecat Draw Polecat Windmill Polecat Windmill Post Public Library Powell Ranch Proctor Windmill Ratliff Ranch Reynolds Ranch Riley Ranch Rock Hole Saint Lawrence Salt Lake Salt Lake Windmill Sand Well Sand Windmill School Bus Windmill Schoolhouse Windmill Section and a Half Windmill Shafer Ranch Shell Windmill South Bombsite Windmill South Well South Windmill South Windmill South Windmill Stone Ranch The Neck Thirtysix Draw Two Section Windmill West Cobb Windmill West Field Windmill West Fork Apple Creek White Lake Wilkerson Ranch Windmill Number One Wrage Ranch Wrage Windmill