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Anderson Home Tank Dam Anderson Tobacco Tank Dam Battery Tank Beal Hollow Behind Horse Pasture Tank Berry Flat Church Bluff Tank Bombsight Tank Bombsight Tank Bones Tank Buck Canyon Buck Canyon Creek Bull Pasture Tank Bull Tank Catfish Tank Cedar Point Clear Tank Clear Tank Cliff Tank Coats Tank Coleman Lake Coleman Lake Dam Coon Hollow County Tank County Tank Dam Crane Draw Creighton Lake Creighton Lake Dam Crooked Creek Cunningham Tank Curley Tank Deep Tank Dennis Ranch Diamond Tank Division Tank Dorward Draw Double Tanks Double Tanks Draw One Tank Draw Three Tank Draw Two Tank Dugout Tank Durham Cemetery East Tank Edwards Lake Edwards Lake Dam Everett Lake Everett Lake Dam Fairview Cemetery Fish Tank Fish Tank Fivemile Creek Flat Tank Flat Tank Flint Tank Flying D Ranch Forks of Hullem Tank Fourmile Tank Frog Tank Gail Gail Mountain German Hollow Glen Creek Glen Tank Gold Creek Good Draw Tank Good Oil Field Grape Creek Gravel Pit Tank Gravel Pit Tank Gravel Tank Green Tank Green Tank Gunsight Draw Hackberry Draw Hackberry Tank High Wide and Handsome Tank Highway Tank Holloway Canyon Home Tank House Tank Hudson Tank Hutto Tank Indian Canyon Indian Head Tank Indian Head Tank Dam Jo Mill Oil Field Jo Mill Oil Field Jog Tank Johnson Tank Johnson Tank Johnson Tank Dam Johnson Trap Tank Lemley Tank Little Bull Creek Little Grape Creek Little Red Tank Location Tank Long Draw Long Draw Tank Long Hollow Tank Lost Tank Lower Wicker Tank Mesquite Mesquite Creek Mud Draw Tank Muleshoe Ranch Munger Tank Mushaway Peak New Green Tank New Red Tank New Rock Tank North Flat Tank North Pasture Tank North Tank Pipeline Tank Pipeline Tank Plains Plum Creek Polly Tank Prairie Hill Tank Railroad Tank Rattlesnake Creek Red Bluffs Red Dam Tank Red Mud Creek Red Mud Tank Red Tank Red Tank Ridge Tank River Hill Tank Rock Canyon Rock Tank Rock Tank Rocky Point Tank Rogers Tank Root Plow Tank Round Tank Salt Creek Salt Draw Salt Draw Tank Sand Creek Sand Rock Tank Sand Tank Sand Tank Seepy Tank Shady Tank Sheep Pen Tank Shipping Trap Tank Silt Tank Simer Lake Simer Lake Dam Six Section Tank Slough Tank Smoot Tank Sourdough Tank South Red Tank South Tank South Tank Southwest Tank Spring Tank Swift Draw Tank Tobacco Creek Tobacco Tank Town Draw Triple Tanks Two Section Tank Vacation Tank Wascomb Tank West Draw West Trap Tank White Tank White Tank Wicker Tank Wicker Tank Wildcat Creek Willow Tank Willow Tank Willow Tank Windmill Tank Wolf Creek Wolf Tank