Aspermont, TX 79502 ZIP Code Map


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79502 Street Addresses

15th St ((100-320)) Broadway St ((600-1098)) Buie Ave ((401-499)) Commercial Ave ((332-400)) Co Rd 100 ((201-799)) Co Rd 130 ((125-207)) Co Rd 139 ((701-799)) Co Rd 207 ((901-999)) Co Rd 214 ((500-598)) Co Rd 229 ((600-698)) Co Rd 231 ((200-298)) Co Rd 301 ((100-398)) Co Rd 316 ((700-1199)) Co Rd 328 ((501-4698)) Co Rd 349 ((2400-2498)) Co Rd 402 ((200-698)) Co Rd 415 ((1200-2499)) Co Rd 420 ((2000-2098)) Co Rd 430 ((1200-1298)) Co Rd 476 ((3901-3999)) C R 101 ((101-199)) C R 104 ((801-899)) C R 141 ((201-299)) C R 210 ((701-799)) C R 215 ((401-499)) C R 231 ((2601-2699)) C R 315 ((1201-1799)) C R 321 ((200-298)) C R 401 ((101-199)) C R 402 ((200-698)) C R 404 ((201-299)) C R 421 ((1000-1098)) C R 424 ((501-599)) C R 425 ((1000-1098)) C R 439 ((2400-2498)) E 7th St ((1000-1023)) E 8th St ((400-410)) FM 1263 ((101-199)) FM 2211 ((200-798)) Grace St ((100-999)) Harrison ((1200-1599)) K J S Trl ((308-398)) Lake Rd ((200-698)) Marr ((1300-1699)) Marr St ((1601-1699)) Mayfield ((301-698)) McCarty ((1200-1599)) Mc Carty ((1200-1698)) N 2nd St ((101-199)) N Broadway St ((600-698)) N Franklin ((100-699)) N Vivian Ave ((201-598)) N Washington ((223-499)) P-2078 ((600-698)) P-3048 ((4600-4698)) Ranch Rd 1263 ((600-899)) Ranch Rd 2211 ((200-798)) Ranch Rd 610 ((200-798)) Sante Fe Ave ((1400-1416)) S Broadway St ((900-1510)) S Bryan ((201-999)) S Cleveland ((301-699)) S Franklin ((100-1198)) Shinnery Lake Rd ((1201-1799)) S Jackson ((200-1099)) S Jefferson ((201-899)) S Madison ((100-899)) Smith St ((600-899)) S Monroe St ((501-798)) Springer ((1200-1398)) S Vivian Ave ((201-599)) S Washington ((100-1199)) Swenson Ave ((600-998)) US Hwy 83 ((1100-1510)) W 5th St ((414-422)) W 8th St ((200-211)) W 9th St ((200-212)) W Couch ((200-398)) W Swenson Ave ((200-699))

79502 Places and Attractions

Alkali Draw Alkali Tank Alkali Windmill Aspermont Aspermont Cemetery Aspermont Lake Aspermont Lake Oil Field Bitter Gulch Bob Creek Bough Creek Bullock Bend Carter Draw Center View City of Aspermont Lake City of Aspermont Lake Dam Collins Creek Coon Creek Tank Coon Hollow Count Creek Croton Creek Croton Pens Deadmans Hole Devils Canyon Dorras Double Mountain Double Mountains Dove Creek Dove Creek Spring Duda Lake Duda Lake Dam Eagle Hill East Fork Salt Creek East Tank Ellis Pens Flat Top Flat Top Mountain Frankirk Oil Field Fred Martin East Tank Dam Fred Martin West Tank Dam Frog Mountain Fulbright Windmill Golden Pond School Gruyer Windmill Guest Flowers Oil Field Gyp Creek Headquarters Draw Headquarters Tank Headquarters Windmill Hitson Creek Homer Brinson Lake Homer Brinson Lake Dam Jim Anderson Lake Jim Anderson Lake Dam Johnson Cemetery Johnson Church K U Peak Keen Mountain Landreth Lake Landreth Lake Dam Leon Anderson Lake Leon Anderson Lake Dam Little Salt Branch Little Salt Branch Tank Long A Lovers Resort Lower Croton Windmill Moore Creek Moore Spring Moore Tank Murdock Windmill Nicholson Creek North Camp North Camp Hollow North Mountain Windmill Oleys Creek Oriana Oriana (historical) Oriana Cemetery Panther Canyon Parker Lake Parker Lake Dam Pastura Patterson Windmill Peacock Perry Tank Perry Windmill Pitchfork Canyon Poke Canyon Poke Mountain Porter Lake Porter Lake Dam Rayner Cemetery Red Bluff Crossing River Tank Salt Branch Salt Branch Tank Salt Branch Windmill Salt Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Windmill Salt Croton Falls Salt Flat Salt Flat Brine Spring Salt Flat Creek Seven Diamond L Canyon Seven Diamond L Tank Sherrod Windmill South Camp Hollow South Tank Southerland Canyon Stinking Creek Stonewall Memorial Hospital Twin Windmills Wayne Porter Lake Wayne Porter Lake Dam West Fork Salt Creek West Tank White Canyon Wildcat Canyon Willow Creek York Tanks