Paducah, TX 79248 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 79248 is located in (97%) (3%)

79248 Street Addresses

10th St ((1000-1518)) 11th St ((400-416)) 9th St ((101-1524)) Backus St ((700-1718)) Birdy St ((700-1398)) Brant St ((600-1698)) Bray Ave ((700-1517)) Breckenridge St ((200-1620)) Carter St ((1400-2098)) Clare St ((701-1521)) Co Rd 482 ((2901-2999)) Doolen Ave ((100-1099)) Drummond Ave ((100-1127)) Easly St ((301-15899)) Elizabeth Ave ((1201-1999)) FM 1168 ((1300-1398)) FM Rd 1168 ((1300-1398)) Foree Ave ((1200-1299)) Garrett St ((800-8111)) Gober St ((400-2099)) Goodwin Ave ((400-1421)) Inez ((1001-1019)) Jameson Ave ((101-1020)) Kings Hwy ((1200-1222)) Lawrence Ave ((100-220)) Mc Adams St ((500-598)) McAdams St ((1000-2098)) Moody St ((501-1324)) Mormon Rd ((2901-2999)) Morrison St ((905-999)) N 11th St ((100-1519)) N 12th St ((501-1520)) N 13th St ((500-1518)) N 14th St ((301-1520)) N 15th St ((300-1519)) N 16th St ((300-1518)) N 2nd St ((200-522)) N 3rd St ((600-610)) N 5th St ((501-710)) N 6th St ((102-606)) N 7th St ((419-617)) N 8th St ((415-815)) N Bray Ave ((400-699)) N Jameson Ave ((400-598)) Ora Ave ((101-2199)) Prescott Ave ((400-1199)) Ranch Rd 1037 ((700-1799)) Ranch Rd 1038 ((701-1521)) Ranch Rd 2876 ((600-1698)) Rekieta Rd ((200-298)) Richards St ((300-1723)) S 3rd St ((1413-1518)) S 4th St ((1300-14085)) S 5th St ((1200-1429)) S 6th St ((1200-3012)) S 7th St ((1015-1423)) S 8th St ((1000-1422)) Shade Ave ((2-2199)) US Hwy 62 ((101-2198)) US Hwy 70 ((301-2198)) US Hwy 83 ((101-1524)) Van Deventer Ave ((900-1098)) Wallace Ave ((1801-1899)) Willett St ((501-4621)) Winton Ave ((400-408)) Zula St ((700-2009))

79248 Places and Attractions

6666 Ranch Airport Arnold Ranch Lake Arnold Ranch Lake Dam Ash Creek Ash Creek Ash Creek Tank Ash Creek Tank Dam Ash Creek Windmill Ash Windmill Baker Bar S Ranch Bar S Ranch Airport Bar S Ranch Lake Bar S Ranch Lake Dam Bar S Ranch Upper Lake Bar S Ranch Upper Lake Dam Bateman Oil Field Bateman Ranch Beef Pasture Tank Big Buffalo Creek Big Nasty Creek Big Pool Windmill Big Town Windmill Bird Creek Bitter Creek Bluff Creek Boji Windmill Boxcar Windmill Brushy Creek Brushy Creek Brushy Tank Brushy Tank Dam Buck Creek Buckle L Ranch Buffalo Creek Buffalo Creek Buffalo Windmill Buford Branch Bull Canyon Bull Pasture Hill Bull Pasture Windmill Bull Pasture Windmill Buzzard Peak Cactus Flats Windmill Camp Hollar Windmill Camp Hollow Creek Catfish Creek Cedar Point Canyon Cee Vee Chalk Chalk Windmill Charley Hart Tank Chimney Creek China Creek China Creek China Creek Windmill City County Heritage Museum Coleyville Corner Windmill Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek Cow Hollow Creek Cow Hollow Trap Cow Hollow Windmill Cow Pasture Windmill Cowboy Pen Windmill Dan E Richards Municipal Airport Dark Canyon Dark Canyon Tank Day Windmill Deep Well Windmill Delwin Devils Canyon Devils Creek Dewees Tank Dewees Windmill Dikes Creek Divide Windmill Divide Windmill Doc Green Windmill Dog Town Mountain Dog Town Mountain Windmill Don Box Windmill Double Long Canyon Windmill Double Wells Windmill Draw Windmill Drummonds Windmill Dry Creek Dry Creek Dry Lake Windmill Dugout Windmill Dugout Windmill Dumont Dumont Cemetery Dunlap E Camp Windmill E Vat Windmill East Camp Windmill East Cottonwood Creek East Deaton Windmill East Fork Dove Creek East Herd Windmill East Horse Pasture Windmill East Prong Catfish Creek East Purebred Windmill East South Town Windmill East Willow Windmill East Windmill Eight Camp Eighteen Creek F A Canyon F A Windmill Fa Windmill Fairberry Windmill Farm Trap Windmill Farrer Creek Field Windmill Finney Finney Community Center Flat Top Creek Flippen Windmill Ford Windmill Fourmile Hill Gage Corner Windmill Garden of Memories Gardner Windmill Gibson Pen Windmill Gibson Windmill Gilkerson Cemetery Ginsite Goat Windmill Goodwin Elementary School Graves Hollow Graves Windmill Groclose Lake Groclose Lake Dam Grow Guthrie Guthrie Lake Guthrie Lake Dam Hackberry Hackberry Creek Hackberry Tank Hackberry Tank Hackberry Windmill Hackberry Windmill Hanna Draw Hanna Windmill Harmony Church Harper Young Canyon Haven of Rest Cemetery Haystack Brine Springs Haystack Canyon Haystack Creek Haystack Mountain Hell Roaring Creek Hog Trap Windmill Hollar Creek Hollywood Windmill Horse Pasture Windmill Humble Windmill Hunter Mountain J Y Ranch J Y Ranch South Camp J Y Ranch West Camp J Y Ranch-R B Masterson III Estate Airport Jackson Creek Jacobs (historical) Jerrys Tank Joe Lake Creek Juniper Gas Field Krit Windmill L V Anderson Lake L V Anderson Lake Dam L V Worley Lake L V Worley Lake Dam Lazarus Windmill Little Buffalo Creek Little Nasty Creek Little River Windmill Lobo Windmill Lone Canyon Lone Canyon Windmill Long Canyon Creek Love Creek Lower Blakey Windmill Lower Hackberry Windmill Lowrance Mountain Lowrance Ranch Lowrance Ranch Airport Lynn Canyon Lynn Canyon Windmill Martin Ranch Martin Windmill Marys Lake Matador Tank Matador Tank Dam Matador Wildlife Management Area McElroy Lake McElroy Ranch Lake Dam Mesa Creek Middle Field Windmill Middle Pease River Middle Prong Catfish Creek Moons Camp Moorhouse Lake Moorhouse Lake Dam Moorhouse Ranch Motto Windmill Mouth of River Windmill Narcisso Negro Tank Newman Creek Ninety-Foot Canyon North Camp Field Windmill North Camp Trap Windmill North F A Windmill North Motto Windmill North Pease River North Salt Creek Windmill North Shinnery Windmill O X Trap Windmill O X Windmill Ogallala Windmill Ogden Ohio Windmill Old Aspermont Highway Windmill Old Wooden Town Windmill Owens Windmill Owl Creek Ox Creek Ox Yoke Creek Paducah Paducah Golf Club Dam Paducah Golf Club Lake Paducah High School Park Windmill Parramore Ranch Lake Parramore Ranch Lake Dam Pen Branch Pen Branch Tank Pen Branch Tank Dam Petty Windmill Pickett Pens Pitchfork Flats Pitchfork Flats Windmill Pouring Spring Raggedy Bill Creek Raggedy Creek Raggedy Tank Ralive Pen Windmill Ratliff Pen Windmill Ray Canyon Ray Hollow Windmill Red Hills Red Hills Canyon Red Hills Tank Red Hills Windmill Red Tower Windmill Red Town Windmill Richards Lake Richards Lake Dam Richland Creek Rider Creek River Windmill Robertson Windmill Rock Creek Windmill Rock Pen Windmill Rock Tank Roosevelt Windmill Ross Ranch Running Water Creek S Star Tank Sage Canyon Sage Tank Saline Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Windmill Salt Knobs Windmill Salt Spring Salt Windmill Samson Windmill Sand Creek Sand Well Windmill Scale Pen Windmill Scale Pen Windmill Scatterbranch Creek Shinnery Cemetery Shipping Trap Windmill Shores Creek Shorty Creek Shorty Smock Windmill Sisk Pen Windmill Six Thousand Six Hundred and Sixtysix Ranch Snake Den Tank Snake Den Tank Dam Snakey Futch Windmill Sneedville South Buck Creek Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Trap Windmill Spring Canyon Windmill Spring Creek Springer Lake Springer Lake Dam Star Pool Windmill Steel Pen Windmill Strip Tank Swearingen Sweetness Windmill Sweetwater Creek Swenson Ranch Tackett Windmill Tennessee Valley Cemetery Texas No Name Number 20 Dam Texas No Name Number 21 Dam Texas No Name Number 22 Dam Tidewater Windmill Toles Mesa Windmill Tongue River Triangle Ranch Triangle Ranch Airport Turkey Creek Turkey Creek Turkey Tank Turkey Windmill Upper Blakey Windmill Upper Hackberry Windmill Upper Long Canyon Windmill Upper Willow Windmill Valley View Valley View Wall Canyon Wall Canyon Windmill Water Canyon Water Canyon Weak Windmill West Deaton Windmill West Fork Dove Creek West Gage Windmill West Horse Pasture Windmill West Prong Catfish Creek West Purebred Windmill West South Town Windmill White Flat Windmill Wild Horse Mountain Wildcat Windmill Willow Bridge Windmill Willow Creek Willow Creek Willow Hole Tank Willow Windmill Wilson Airport Windmill Number Four Windmill Number Six Windmill Number Three Windmill Number Two Worley Lake