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ZIP Code 79092 is located in (82%) (18%)

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Alamocitos Camp Alamocitos Creek Alamocitos Creek Windmill Alamocitos Windmill Alamocitos Windmill Alamosa Creek Allen Tank Antelope Spring Creek Antelope Tank Antelope Windmill B F Windmill Basin Tank Basin Well Big Cedar Brake Windmill Big George Tank Big George Tank Dam Big Halfway Tank Big Red Tank Big Spring Big Torra Tank Big Torra Tank Dam Big Torrey Tank Billys Creek Billys Creek Windmill Binford Ranch Bird Farm Camp Bivins Lit Ranch Blue Dam Tank Bluff Creek Bluff Creek Windmill Bolen Windmill Boot Hill Cemetery Boys Ranch Bradley Creek Bradley Tank Bradley Tank Dam Buckle Tank Bull Tub Tank Bull Tub Windmill Bull Tubs Tank Caliche Tank Canyon Windmill Cheyenne Creek Cheyenne Spring Chugwater Windmill Cottonwood Camp Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Tank Cottonwood Windmill Cottonwood Windmill Coyote Windmill Creek Windmill Deep Canyon Windmill Deep Well Windmill Deep Windmill Deep Windmill Division Pens Spring Dry Pasture Windmill Eagle Camp Eagle Canyon Eagle Canyon Tank East Adrian Windmill East Alamocitos Windmill East Bull Pasture Windmill East Camp Windmill East Cheyenne Creek East Cow Pasture Windmill East Headquarters Windmill East Pedarosa Windmill East Prong Alamocitos Creek East Prong Windmill East Romero Windmill East Windmill Elephant Head Windmill Espendiza Windmill Everett First West Prong Windmill Five Fingers Forks Windmill Four Way Windmill Fulton Ranch George Camp George Canyon George Spring Tank Goodman Creek Goodnight Canyon Goodnight Tank Goodnight Tank Dam Goodnight Windmill Granite Tubs Spring Hackberry Windmill Halfway Creek Halfway Windmill Halfway Windmill Hand Draw Hereford Well High Lonesome Windmill High Windmill Hollicott Camp Hollicott Crossing Horse Trap Tank Horseshoe Tank Horseshoe Windmill House Windmill Humdinger Spring Isabelle Camp Jay Taylor Ranch Joaquin Springs Jog Windmill Jog Windmill Knob Hill Windmill Knowles Windmill LS Ranch LS Tank LS Windmill Landergin Las S Windmill Leaning Tower Windmill Ledger Creek Lit Creek Little Cedar Brake Windmill Little Halfway Tank Little Red Tank Little Torrey Canyon Little Torrey Windmill Little Vega Windmill Los Redos Creek Los Redos Creek Lost Cabin Windmill Lost Spring Lost Tank Lost Tubs Springs Mansfield Ranch Many Post Camp Matador Camp Memorial Park Middle Alamosa Creek Middle Cheyenne Creek Middle Fowler Tank Middle Prong Alamocitos Creek Middle Trap Windmill Middle Well Milkweed Lake Mitchell Canyon Mitchell Canyon Creek Mitchell Canyon Windmill Moneto Creek Mouse Windmill Muncy Cemetery Muncy Windmill Murdo Muscatel Windmill New Farm Windmill New Las S Windmill New Pasture Windmill New Windmill New Windmill Niece Tank Norte Windmill North Cactus Windmill North Reeves Tank North Weaning Windmill Oil Well Spring Oil Well Windmill Oil Well Windmill Old Farm Camp Old Farm Crossing Old Goodnight Tank Old Headquarters Windmill Oldham County Airport Parker Camp Parker Creek Parker Windmill Parker Windmill Partwood Crossing Pedarosa Creek Pedarosa Pens Windmill Pedarosa Spring Pedarosa Springs Pedarosa Vats Windmill Pescado Creek Pescado Creek Lake Pescado Creek Lake Dam Pocket Windmill Prairie Dog Spring Punta de Agua Creek Rachel Windmill Ranch Creek Ranch Creek Windmill Red Lake Red Pen Windmill Red Tank Reeves Tank Rheumatism Tank Rica Creek Rincon Tank Rincon Windmill Rita Blanca Tank Rita Blanca Windmill River Windmill Road Windmill Rock Canyon Rock Canyon Well Rock Springs Rock Springs Creek Rock Springs Tank Rock Springs Tank Dam Romero Creek Rotten Hill Salt Windmill Sand Creek Sand Creek Windmill Scab Windmill Scharbauer Ranch Second West Prong Windmill Shipping Pasture Windmill Shipping Pasture Windmill Skunk Arroyo Skunk Arroyo Spring Skunk Arroyo Windmill Skunk Arroyo Windmill South Cactus Windmill South Camp Windmill South Fowler Tank Spring Creek Spring Creek Spring Spring Creek Windmill Spring Tank Spring Tank Strip Crossing TO Woody Windmill Tascosa Tascosa Cemetery Tascosa Creek Taylor Lake Taylor Lake Dam The Cedar Brakes Three Post Windmill Torrey Canyon Torrey Canyon Windmill Torrey Flats Torrey House Torrey Peak Torrey Peak Camp Torrey Tank Trujillo Tank Trujillo Windmill Turner Windmill Twin Tanks Twin Windmill Vega Weak Windmill West Adrian Windmill West Alamocitos Windmill West Alamosa Creek West B F Windmill West Bull Pasture Windmill West Cheyenne Creek West Cow Pasture Windmill West Headquarters Windmill West Prong Alamocitos Creek West Prong Windmill West Tank West Windmill Wildorado Camp Wildorado Creek Wildorado Windmill Willow Creek Wimberly Place Windmill Number Five Windmill Number One Windmill Number Six Windmill Number Three Windmill Number Two Y Tank