Leakey, TX 78873 ZIP Code Map


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78873 Street Addresses

3rd St ((1-299)) 7th St ((100-499)) Albarados ((2-98)) Alex Auld Dr ((601-699)) Ash Creek ((200-499)) Ash Creek Rd ((1-1099)) Bailey ((0-798)) Bill Brice Ln ((2-199)) Bison Ranch Rd ((200-1698)) Bluff Creek Rd ((105-1098)) Bonner Rd ((101-698)) Bud Danner Dr ((2-599)) Burditt Ranch Rd ((100-799)) Cam Alto ((1-499)) Cam Bajo ((1-99)) Cam Primero ((2-999)) Cam Segundo ((1-698)) Cattail Ln ((300-598)) Cattail Rd ((101-199)) Cedar Creek ((3600-3698)) Cedar Hill Aly ((501-599)) Cedar Hill Rd ((100-499)) Chalk Creek Rd ((3100-3198)) Cherry Creek Rd ((300-499)) Childress Rd ((100-199)) Clark Moore ((101-199)) Clark-Moore St ((101-199)) Coleman Way ((200-398)) Creek ((1-399)) Cypress Creek ((2500-2598)) Cypress Creek Rd ((201-1898)) David Rankin Rd ((100-898)) Davis Pl ((200-599)) Dever Dr ((0-99)) E Pendley Rd ((2-199)) Evergreen St ((200-899)) Fahrig Rd ((4-1199)) Fair Ranch Rd ((9200-9298)) Fisher Ln ((1-198)) Flatrock Rd ((1-1698)) Forest Trl ((1-199)) George Hoover Pl ((2-98)) Guinn Ave ((1-198)) Hackberry Rd ((8101-8199)) Harrison ((800-898)) Holmes Dr ((101-299)) Hummingbird Hill ((1-498)) Hummingbird Ln ((101-199)) Jack Devert ((1-199)) Jim Dalrymple Dr ((1-399)) John Buchanan Rd ((0-1099)) John Sansom Rd ((101-898)) Kent Creek Rd ((4401-4499)) Large Ln ((100-152)) Laurel St ((2-198)) Leakey Springs Rd ((1-799)) Leinweber Blvd ((201-1298)) Leinweber Dr ((1-299)) Little Dry Frio Rd ((400-3498)) Live Oak Cir ((1-199)) Main St ((201-399)) Market St ((2-898)) Middle Rd ((200-499)) Middleton Dr ((100-199)) Mill Creek Rd ((1100-3498)) Mountain ((101-399)) Mountain View Dr ((1-199)) N Ash Creek Rd ((200-499)) N Saddle Mountain Rd ((800-1898)) Oak Dr ((100-198)) Old Rocksprings Rd ((401-2599)) Otto Tampke Rd ((800-898)) Paloverde Ln ((100-199)) Patterson Creek Rd ((301-2699)) Patterson Dr ((2-199)) Pecan ((200-398)) Pecan Dr ((1-299)) Pecan Ln ((1-199)) Pendley Rd ((1-6199)) Prade Ranch Rd ((401-499)) Red Chism Rd ((101-998)) River Tree Rd ((1-399)) Robertson Ln ((400-1198)) Roy Chisum Rd ((1-6398)) Saddle Mountain ((1-1898)) School St ((100-399)) Shadow Valley Rd ((301-699)) Shandley Cir ((1-299)) Sherman Ln ((1-398)) Spring Branch Dr ((0-299)) Spring Creek Rd ((1-398)) Spring Hill Rd E ((1-99)) Stamford Hollow Rd ((2-899)) Stanford Hollow Rd ((2-899)) Sunset Ln ((600-698)) Suttle Way ((101-199)) Taff Pl ((1-199)) Timbers Dr ((2-199)) Trickling Creek Rd ((1-299)) Turkey Trot ((300-598)) Upper Sabinal River Rd ((600-698)) US Hwy 83 ((2-898)) Walter White Ranch Rd ((500-2098)) White Tail Run ((1-699)) Wilson Dr ((2-199)) Wood Hollow Dr ((1-198))

78873 Places and Attractions

Alto Frio Encampment Anvil Hollow Armadillo Draw Ash Creek Ash Hollow Auld Ranch Bailey Hollow Barnett Spring Barnett Spring Draw Basham Hollow Bear Canyon Beard Hollow Bee Cave Hollow Bee Cave Hollow Bee Cave Spring Bee Creek Big Draw Big Lake Big Lake Dam Big Spring Big Spring Draw Big Springs Black Jack Waterhole Blue Hole Bluff Creek Boon Camp Hollow Bridge Hollow Brown Bluff Brushy Draw Buckalue Hollow Buckhorn Windmill Buffalo Windmill Bushwack Draw Butt Foundation Camp Bybee Creek Camp Fiddler Hollow Cedar Canyon Cedar Creek Cedar Hollow Chalk Creek Cherry Hollow Cherry Hollow Chittim Ranch Chittim Springs Circle Bluff Cobb Hollow Cord Spring Cord Spring Draw Cottonwood Canyon Cypress Creek Cypress Creek Cemetery Daliby Hollow Dardy Windmill Deep Creek Divide Community House Dry Branch Eagle Cliff Eagle Ranch Eagle Ranch Lake Number 2 Eagle Ranch Lake Number 2 Dam East Frio River East Indian Creek East Rose Draw Fisher Hollow Flynn Hollow Flynn Springs Franklin Hollow Frio Draw Gilland Hollow Gobbler Hollow Grapevine Creek Greenwood Valley Ranch Grigsby Canyon Haby Ranch Hackberry Ranch Airport Harris Hollow Harris Spring Haw Hollow Hells Hollow Hi Saw Hollow Hillcrest Ranch Holland Hollow Home Hollow Horse Hollow Ice Waterhole Indian Creek Jo Jan Van Camp Joy Creek Joy Hollow Kaolin Mine Kent Creek Kid Hollow Lawson Hollow Leakey Leakey Springs Lee Creek Left Riemer Creek Lewis Ranch Airport Lin Hollow Log Hollow Long Hollow Long Hollow Long Kent Creek Love Ranch Lynn Spring Martin Camp Draw Martin Camp Spring Massey Hollow Maverick Windmill Meridian Mountain Middle Indian Creek Mill Creek Miller Springs Mingus Spring Moore Hollow Morris Hollow Morriss Spring Mud Spring Mullen Hollow Negro Hollow New Creek North Cedar Creek North Prong Bullhead Creek North Prong Cypress Creek Old Windmill Owl Hollow Paint Creek Panther Spring Panther Springs Pecan Springs Pecan Springs Draw Pecan Springs Hollow Perry Hollow Perry Ranch Plum Hollow Pole Cave Hollow Post Oak Waterhole Post Oak Waterhole Draw Powers Hollow Prade Ranch Prade Ranch Airport Prade Springs Preemption Draw Rain Valley Ranger Hollow Real County Airport Real County Historical Museum Riemer Creek Right Riemer Creek Ringhorn Hollow Road Hollow Rutland Hollow Sanchez Draw Sanchez Spring Seed Tick Hollow Short Kent Creek Short Prong West Frio River Silver Creek Sipy Hollow South Cedar Creek South Prong Cypress Creek Starvation Hollow Steep Hollow Stockman Hollow Sycamore Hollow T-O Draw The Kettle Tracy Creek Trough Springs Tucker Hollow Turkey Canyon Vander Stucken Springs Waldroop Hollow Walnut Creek Walnut Draw West Frio River West Indian Creek West Rose Draw White Spring Willow Draw Wilson Hollow Yellow Bluff Draw