Austin, TX 78705 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 78705 is located in Travis County

78705 Street Addresses

22nd St W ((100-399)) Bailey Ln ((3300-3399)) Beanna St ((2900-3299)) Bellevue Pl ((500-699)) Benelva Dr ((3100-3199)) Carolyn Ave ((500-799)) Cedar St ((3000-3799)) Cliff St ((1900-1999)) Cole St ((2500-2999)) Comanche St ((800-899)) Concordia Ave ((1000-1099)) David St ((1900-1999)) Duncan Ln ((900-999)) Duval St ((2900-3799)) E 21st St ((100-399)) E 23rd St ((900-999)) E 26 1/2 St ((200-307)) E 26th St ((1000-1099)) E 30th St ((100-1099)) E 31st St ((100-899)) E 32nd 1/2 St ((800-899)) E 32nd St ((100-1099)) E 33rd St ((100-499)) E 34th St ((100-499)) E 35th St ((100-899)) E 37th St ((100-999)) E 38th St ((100-1099)) East Dr ((2900-3199)) E Campus Dr ((1900-2599)) E Dean Keeton St ((200-1099)) Elmwood Pl ((500-699)) Fairfax Walk ((3200-3299)) Fruth St ((2800-3499)) Graham Pl ((700-899)) Grandview St ((3100-3399)) Greenway St ((3400-3799)) Griffith St ((3500-3799)) Grooms St ((3100-3799)) Guadalupe St ((1900-3799)) Hampton Rd ((2900-3799)) Harmon Ave ((3500-3899)) Harris Ave ((500-899)) Harris Park Ave ((2800-3399)) Helms St ((3100-3499)) Hemphill Park ((2700-3399)) Home Ln ((3400-3799)) I- 35 Svc Rd N ((2500-3798)) Keith Ln ((900-999)) Kim Ln ((3300-3499)) Kings Ln ((3100-3399)) King St ((3101-3799)) Landon Ln ((700-799)) Laurel Ln ((100-299)) Leonard St ((800-899)) Leon St ((2200-2599)) Liberty St ((3200-3799)) Lipscomb St ((3200-3299)) Longview St ((2200-2599)) Luther Ln ((900-999)) Maiden Ln ((600-699)) Medical Arts Sq ((1-2610)) Medical Arts St ((2600-3199)) Medical Pkwy ((3400-3799)) Montrose St ((3400-3799)) Moore Blvd ((300-399)) Neely Ave ((2011-2199)) N I- 35 Svc Rd ((2500-3798)) N Interregional Hwy ((2500-3798)) N Lamar Blvd ((100-3799)) Nueces St ((1900-2899)) Old 19th St ((1300-1398)) Old W 19th St ((1300-1398)) Owen Ave ((3100-3199)) Park Pl ((600-699)) Pearl St ((1900-2999)) Poplar St ((900-999)) Rathervue Pl ((500-699)) Red River St ((1900-3799)) Rio Grande St ((1900-2999)) Robbins Pl ((1900-1999)) Robert Dedman Dr ((1900-2599)) Ronson St ((3700-3799)) Salado St ((2600-2999)) San Antonio St ((1900-2599)) San Gabriel St ((1900-2999)) San Jacinto Blvd ((2050-2999)) San Pedro St ((2600-2899)) Seton Ave ((2400-2599)) Shoal Cliff Ct ((2-999)) Shoal Creek Blvd ((2200-3399)) Shoal Crest Ave ((2800-2899)) Sparks Ave ((700-799)) Speedway ((1900-4399)) Swisher St ((2700-2999)) Texas Ave ((500-799)) Tom Green St ((3100-3799)) Trinity St ((2400-2499)) University Ave ((1900-3099)) W 20th St ((100-399)) W 21st St ((100-999)) W 22 1/2 St ((700-1299)) W 22nd 1/2 St ((700-1299)) W 22nd St ((400-1399)) W 23rd St ((400-1099)) W 24th 1/2 St ((600-699)) W 24th St ((100-1599)) W 25th 1/2 St ((1000-1099)) W 25th St ((400-1399)) W 26th St ((400-1099)) W 27th St ((100-5037)) W 28th 1/2 St ((700-999)) W 28th St ((500-899)) W 29th 1/2 St ((600-699)) W 29th St ((300-1199)) W 30th 1/2 St ((800-999)) W 30th St ((100-999)) W 31st 1/2 St ((600-699)) W 31st St ((100-1299)) W 32nd St ((100-1102)) W 33rd St ((100-1299)) W 34th St ((100-1399)) W 35th St ((100-1099)) W 37th St ((300-1099)) W 38th St ((100-1699)) Wabash Ave ((3100-3399)) Walling Dr ((3100-3199)) Washington Sq ((3000-3099)) W Dean Keeton St ((300-399)) West Ave ((2900-3799)) West Dr ((2900-2999)) Wheeler St ((3100-3199)) Whitis Ave ((1900-3199)) Wichita St ((2600-2699)) W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((500-609)) Woodrow St ((3400-3599))

78705 Places and Attractions

Adams Park All Saints Episcopal Church All Saints Episcopal Day School Alpha On Campus Church Andrews Dormitory Archer M Huntington Art Gallery Archives of the Episcopal Church Arthur N and Jane Y McCallum House Austin Fire Department Station 2 Austin Fire Department Station 3 Austin Fire Station Number 3 Austin Heart Center Austin State Hospital Austin State Hospital Administration Building Bailey Park Batts Hall Beauford H Jester Center Behnken Hall Benedict Hall Bernard and Audre Rapoport Building Beto Academic Center Birkmann Chapel Blanton Dormitory Bokenkamp Student Center Brackenridge Hall Dormitory Calhoun Hall Carothers Dormitory Center for American History Central Park Shopping Center Central Park Station Post Office Church of Christ of University Avenue Church of Scientology of Texas Concordia College Congregational Church of Austin Connally Center for Justice Eastwoods Park E P Schoch Building Fascholz-Keller Baseball Complex First English Lutheran Church F Loren Winship Drama Building Founders Library George I Sanchez Building Goodall Wooten House Gregory Gymnasium Hal C Weaver Power Plant Harris Hall Harry Ransom Center Heart Hospital of Austin Hemphill Park Hill Country Bible Church Hill Hall Dormitory Hirschi Hall Hubbard Dianetics Foundation Intervarsity Christian Church Jessie H Jones Hall J Frank Dobie House John M and Ula H Payne House Kilian Hall Kinsolving Dormitory Kramer Hall Lee Elementary School Littlefield Dormitory Littlefield Dormitory Lutheran Campus Ministries Lutheran Church of Saint Paul Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum Lyndon B Johnson Library Mezes Hall Moore Hall Dormitory Neill-Cochran House Parlin Hall Paulist Fathers Pease Park Perry Castaneda Library Peter Center Prather Hall Dormitory Presbyterian Resource Center Probe Center Austin Rainey Hall Rather House Redeemer Presbyterian Church Robert E Lee School Roberts Hall Dormitory Russell A Steindam Hall Saint Andrews School Saint Andrews School Saint Austins Catholic Church Saint Austins School Saint David's Day Surgery Center Saint Davids Heliport Saint Davids Hospital Saint David's Occupational Health Services Saint Davids Pavilion Saint Davids Rehabilitation Center Saint Paul Lutheran Church Saint Pauls School San Antonio Parking Garage San Jacinto Parking Garage Scottish Rite Dormitory Seiders Spring Seton Hospital (historical) Seton League House Seton Medical Center H-4 Heliport Sid Richardson Hall Simkins Hall Dormitory Studtmann Hall Sutton Hall Texas Federation of Womens Clubs Headquarters Texas Hall Texas Memorial Museum Texas State Mental Health and Mental Retardation Department The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thompson Conference Center Townes Hall T U Taylor Hall University Avenue Church of Christ University Baptist Church University Baptist Church Child Development Center University Christian Church University Lutheran Church University Lutheran Church University Police Building University Presbyterian Church Waggener Hall Walter Webb Hall Wesley Foundation of Austin-Campus Ministry Will C and Mae Lindamood Duplex Woltman Center Wooldridge School