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78702 Schools


  • Travis County Jjaep
  • Alternative Learning Center
  • Garza Independence H S
  • Kealing M S
  • Allan El
  • Zavala El
  • Sanchez El
  • Oak Springs El
  • Metz El
  • Martin M S
  • Govalle El
  • Brooke El
  • Blackshear El
  • University Of Texas El Charter School
  • Austin Can Academy Charter School
  • Texas Empowerment Academy
  • 78702 Hotels

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Austin - University Area
  • Super 8 Austin Downtown / Capitol Area
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    ZIP Code 78702 is located in Travis County

    78702 Street Addresses

    3rd St E ((3000-3025)) 5th St E ((5100-5299)) Adam L Chapa Sr St ((100-299)) Airport Blvd ((2-2199)) Alamo St ((1100-1699)) Alexander Ave ((1200-1399)) Allen St ((300-799)) Amber St ((1100-1199)) Angelina St ((1100-1399)) Anthony St ((1-2199)) Aransas St ((100-299)) Attayac St ((100-699)) Bedford St ((700-1199)) Bengston St ((3200-3499)) Bergman Ave ((1900-2199)) Bob Harrison Ave ((1200-1499)) Bob Harrison St ((1200-1499)) Bolm Rd ((4600-4999)) Branch St ((1100-1199)) Brass St ((900-1199)) Broadway St ((100-499)) Brushy St ((100-699)) Bryan St ((2400-2599)) Calles St ((500-799)) Caney St ((100-299)) Canterbury St ((1200-2799)) Castro St ((2700-3199)) Catalpa St ((900-1199)) Cedar Ave ((1200-2198)) Chalmers Ave ((1-1099)) Charles St ((3400-3599)) Cherico St ((600-1199)) Chestnut Ave ((1100-1899)) Chicon St ((1-1899)) Chote Ave ((900-999)) Clara St ((1-99)) Clermont Ave ((1000-1199)) Clifford Ave ((1300-1899)) Cll Limon ((900-999)) Coleto St ((1100-1499)) College Row ((1900-1999)) Comal St ((1-2099)) Concho St ((700-1399)) Cornell St ((1900-2099)) Coronado St ((2300-2499)) Corta St ((2200-2399)) Cotton St ((1200-1499)) Crest Ave ((2700-2899)) Cross St ((1-99)) Curve St ((1100-1199)) Diaz St ((2500-2699)) E 10 1/2 St ((800-999)) E 10th St ((800-2599)) E 11th St ((800-2599)) E 12th St ((800-3249)) E 13th St ((800-3199)) E 14th 1/2 St ((3000-3199)) E 14th St ((800-3199)) E 15th St ((900-1099)) E 16th St ((800-3199)) E 17th St ((1700-3099)) E 18th 1/2 St ((3000-3099)) E 18th St ((1700-3099)) E 19th St ((800-2699)) E 1st St ((5219-5399)) E 2nd 1/2 St ((2200-2299)) E 2nd St ((800-3399)) E 3rd St ((800-2999)) E 4th St ((800-3599)) E 5th St ((800-5299)) E 6th St ((800-2798)) E 7th St ((800-5399)) E 8th St ((819-2599)) E 9 1/2 St ((1600-1699)) E 9th St ((800-2599)) E Cesar Chavez St ((800-5399)) Elkhart St ((100-299)) E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((100-3198)) Embassy Dr ((800-899)) Euneva St ((900-999)) Ferdinand St ((1800-1899)) Festival Beach Rd ((1200-1999)) Fiesta St ((900-1199)) Flores St ((1100-1199)) Francisco St ((2500-2799)) Garden St ((1200-2499)) Garwood St ((2800-3199)) Glen Oaks Ct ((1000-1099)) Glen Oaks Dr ((2900-3099)) Glen Rae St ((2900-3099)) Glissman Rd ((4600-5599)) Gonzales St ((2500-5099)) Goodwin Ave ((2701-3799)) Govalle Ave ((2700-3799)) Graham St ((1100-1199)) Gregory St ((1501-1799)) Gullett St ((800-1099)) Gunter St ((600-1135)) Hackberry St ((1200-1399)) Hamilton Ave ((1900-2099)) Hargrave St ((900-3199)) Harvard St ((700-1199)) Harvey Ln ((1100-1199)) Harvey St ((1200-1899)) Haskell St ((1200-2399)) Henninger St ((1100-1299)) Hidalgo St ((2200-3599)) Holly St ((1000-2499)) Holmes Ct ((1100-1199)) Holton St ((3100-3299)) Inks Ave ((1200-1299)) Julian Teran ((300-394)) Julian Teran St ((300-499)) Julieanna Cove ((1-99)) Julius St ((1-99)) Juniper St ((900-1299)) Kay St ((3200-3599)) Kirk Ave ((1100-1199)) Kuhlman Ave ((2900-3099)) Lambie St ((1000-1199)) Lawson Ln ((1100-1199)) Leona St ((1100-1899)) Levander Loop ((5301-6199)) Lincoln St ((800-1199)) Linden St ((100-1199)) Llano St ((1-99)) Lost Horizon Dr ((5600-5919)) Lydia St ((700-1199)) Lynn St ((1-99)) Lyons Rd ((2700-4999)) Macaroni St ((1700-1799)) Mansell Ave ((600-1099)) Maple Ave ((1200-1899)) Matamoras St ((300-499)) Matamoros ((300-499)) Matamoros St ((421-499)) Maude St ((800-899)) Mc Kinley Ave ((1200-1899)) Medina St ((100-699)) Milburn Ln ((4600-4799)) Mildred St ((1-199)) Mill St ((800-999)) Miriam Ave ((1600-1899)) Morelos St ((2200-2399)) Myrtle St ((1100-1199)) Navasota St ((1-1799)) Neal St ((700-3599)) New York Ave ((1500-2299)) New York Dr ((2500-2799)) N I- 35 Svc Rd ((1-1899)) Nile St ((800-1199)) N Interregional Hwy ((1-1899)) Northwestern Ave ((600-1199)) Nowotny Ln ((700-799)) N Pleasant Valley Rd ((1-1199)) Oak Grove Ave ((1100-1199)) Oak Springs Dr ((2700-3299)) Olander St ((1200-1599)) Olive St ((900-1199)) Onion St ((300-699)) Pace St ((400-499)) Pandora St ((1100-1199)) Pedernales St ((1-899)) Pennsylvania Ave ((1400-2299)) Peoples St ((1900-2099)) Pickle Dr ((3400-3599)) Poquito St ((1100-1899)) Prado St ((2800-3199)) Prospect Ave ((700-1199)) Prowse Ln ((300-499)) Ramos St ((600-899)) Red Bluff Rd ((3600-5099)) Ridgeway Dr ((1100-1199)) Riverview St ((1700-2299)) Robert Martinez Jr St ((1-699)) Robert Weaver Ave ((1500-1599)) Rosewood Ave ((1101-3698)) Salina St ((1-1899)) San Bernard St ((1100-1399)) Sanchez St ((1400-1899)) San Marcos St ((1-1099)) San Saba St ((1-999)) Santa Maria St ((2200-2499)) Santa Rita St ((2200-2499)) Santa Rosa St ((2200-2799)) Sellers St ((3400-3499)) Shady Ln ((100-1136)) Short Hackberry St ((1200-1299)) Singleton Ave ((1200-1899)) S L Davis Ave ((1900-2299)) Sol Wilson Ave ((1100-2899)) Spencer Ln ((400-499)) Spence St ((800-1199)) Springdale Rd ((101-999)) State Spur 111 ((300-1899)) Stokes Dr ((2900-3199)) Strandtman Cove ((1-99)) Swenson Ave ((700-1199)) Taylor St ((900-1399)) Thompson St ((700-3799)) Tillery Sq ((200-399)) Tillery St ((100-2198)) Tillotson Ave ((1900-2099)) Ulit Ave ((1400-1899)) US Hwy 183 ((200-298)) Vermont Rd ((500-699)) Waller St ((1-1599)) Walnut Ave ((1100-1899)) Walter St ((900-2599)) Washington Ave ((1900-2299)) Webberville Rd ((2200-3699)) Wheat Ave ((2400-2499)) Wheeless St ((1000-1099)) Willow St ((900-2799)) Yale St ((2000-2099)) Zaragosa St ((2600-2799))

    78702 Places and Attractions

    Adam and Eve Garden Baptist Church Agard Lovinggood Administration Building Allan Elementary School Allan Junior High School Allen Frazier Residence Hall Alternative Learning Center Anderson High School Anthony and Louise Viaer Alumni Hall Austin Area Interreligious Ministries Austin Baptist Chapel Church Austin Fire Department Station 15 Austin Fire Department Station 7 Bailetti House Beard Burrowes Residence Hall Betania Baptist Church Bethania Temple Pentecostal Holiness Church Blackshear Elementary School Blackshear School Boggy Creek Greenbelt Trail Boggy Creek Park Brooke Elementary School Brooke School Campbell School C E Johnson House Centro Evangelico Charles W Barnes House Christian Community Center Christo Rey Catholic Church Church of God in Christ Church of the New Testament City Cemetery City of Austin Electric Utility Comal Park Conner Washington Building Corinth Baptist Church Daughters of Saint Joseph School Davage Durden Student Union Building Dickey Lawless Science Building Doctor Beadie E and Willie R Conner House and Park Door of Hope Church Downs Jones Library Downs Park East Austin Community Center East Austin Post Office Eastland Plaza Shopping Center East Side Church of Christ Ebenezer Baptist Church Ebenezer Baptist Church Child Development Center El Buen Pastor Assembly of God El Buen Pastor Presbyterian Church Emmanuel Baptist Church Emmanuel United Methodist Church Emmanuel United Methodist Church Evans Industrial Building Family Life Center Fellowship Bible Believers Church Festival Beach Fiesta Gardens First Mexican Baptist Church Floyd McGown House Freedom Pentecostal Temple French Legation French Legation Museum Genaro P and Carolina Briones House George A Peterson House George Washington Carver Museum Gonzalo Garza Independence High School Gospel Lighthouse Church Govalle Elementary School Govalle Iglesia Metodista Unida Govalle School Govalle Shopping Center Govalle United Methodist Church Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church Fellowship Hall Greater Peace Christian Church Guerrero Produce Company Haehnel Building Haynes-DeLashwah House Higher Dimension Church Holly Street Power Plant Holy Cross Catholic Church Huston Tillotson College Huston Tillotson College Administration Building Iglehart Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Interchange 233A Interchange 234 Interchange 234C Jackson Moody Building Jehovahs Witnesses Rosewood Church Jesus Is Alive Ministries John Henry and Minnie Tate Brewer House John W Maddox House Joseph O Polhemus House Kealing Junior High School Kealing Park Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses King Seabrook Building KMOW-AM (Austin) La Esquelita Day School and Kindergarten Lindeman House Lott Park Martin Junior High School Mary E Branch Gymnasium Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church Metz Elementary School Metz Park Metz School Montopolis Bridge Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church Mount Olive Baptist Church Mount Olive Baptist Church Bible Institute Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Mount Zion Action and Resource Center Mount Zion Church New Birth Baptist Church New Hope Baptist Church New Lincoln Missionary Baptist Church Newton House Oak Spring Oak Springs Branch Austin City Library Oak Springs Elementary School Oak Springs Elementary School Oak Springs School Oakwood Cemetery Olivet Baptist Church Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent Pan American Playground Peaceful Saint James Baptist Church Pershing Phillip W Jobe House Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Church Primera Iglesia Bautista Robert Irvin House Rogers-Bell House Rosewood Park Rosewood School Saint Julia Catholic Church Saint Lukes Missionary Baptist Church Saint Paul Primitive Baptist Church Sanchez Elementary School San Juan School Simpson United Methodist Church Southgate-Lewis House Springdale Church of God in Christ State Cemetery of Texas Stavely-Kunz-Johnson House Swedish Hill Historic District Templo Bethel Pentecostes Templo La Hermosa Texas Empowerment Academy Texas Music Museum Town Lake Dam Town Lake Dam True Hope Church Ministries Twelfth Street Baptist Church Ulit Avenue Baptist Missionary Church Unity Hill Missionary Baptist Church University Of Texas Elementary Charter School Walter Schulze House and Industrial Structure Wesley United Methodist Church Wesley United Methodist Church Willow-Spence Streets Historic District Zargosa Park Zavala Elementary School Zavala School Zion Hill Baptist Church