Medina, TX 78055 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 78055 is located in (96%) (4%)

78055 Street Addresses

Adams Rd ((500-598)) Antelope Ln ((101-1098)) Antelope Run ((101-1098)) Bauerlein Crossings Rd ((800-999)) Bellows Ave ((101-299)) Ben Creek Rd ((801-2298)) Benton Creek Rd ((100-3499)) Big Rock Rd ((300-499)) Bisonte Rojo Rd ((201-299)) Blossom Dr ((165-299)) Braley Ln ((201-499)) Brewington Creek Rd ((200-3699)) Broadway St ((600-21398)) Browning Ln ((1-299)) Caton Ln ((100-399)) Caw Ln ((200-398)) Cazey Creek Rd ((201-3599)) Chalk Creek ((1701-2299)) Chalk Creek Rd ((200-298)) Chancy Rd ((1500-1598)) Chenaults Ln ((401-799)) Church St ((101-199)) Clark Creek Rd ((900-2998)) Coalkiln Rd ((201-3398)) College Ave ((101-199)) Coombs Rd ((101-499)) Coopers Canyon Dr ((300-499)) Cripple Creek Rd ((501-2099)) C R Moore Rd ((300-699)) Cypress St ((101-199)) Echo Hill Rd S ((901-1499)) Edna Ln ((500-598)) Elam Creek Rd ((800-2699)) Elm Creek Rd ((400-3398)) Faris Ranch Rd ((160-656)) Fee St ((100-199)) Finch Rd ((100-199)) Four Sisters Ln ((100-199)) Garrison Ln ((201-499)) Hackberry St ((101-199)) Haley Ln ((601-799)) Harvest Ln ((200-298)) Hermitville Rd ((400-498)) Horse Creek Rd ((101-4098)) Hubble Ln ((100-698)) Humble Ln ((300-398)) Jackson Creek Rd ((901-2498)) Kinsey Rd ((101-499)) Kroly Rd ((401-899)) Legacy Ranch Rd ((2200-2298)) Lewis St ((100-298)) Linney Dr ((101-298)) Little Rocky Creek Rd ((901-999)) Live Oaks St ((100-299)) Loma Verde ((100-198)) Loyd Rd ((100-198)) Magraw St ((200-299)) Medina Bend Rd ((101-1198)) Medina Hills Rd ((101-698)) Medina Hwy ((101-113)) Medina Spring ((301-1199)) Megraw St ((200-299)) Mesa Verde Rd ((1-2399)) Mickle Creek Rd ((201-3199)) Moffett Rd ((601-1398)) Moseley Ln ((201-599)) New Comer Ln ((100-198)) N Rocky Top ((301-399)) Orchard Park Blvd ((200-1198)) Patterson Ave ((100-398)) Pine Tree Rd ((101-399)) Post Oak Rd ((101-399)) Rain Rd ((400-498)) Reed Ave ((100-299)) Robertson Creek Rd ((201-23098)) Rocky Creek Rd ((100-3399)) Rocky Top Ln ((100-398)) Sheppard Ave ((100-499)) Silver Wings Dr ((101-399)) Skyline Ranch Rd ((3-99)) Slinsky Rd ((401-499)) State Hwy 16 ((101-23098)) State Hwy 16N ((13401-13928)) State Hwy 16 N ((14200-23098)) Stringtown Rd ((101-2398)) Two Sisters Ranch Rd ((400-499)) Upper Loma Verde Rd ((100-999)) Upper Moffett Rd ((600-999)) US Marshal Rd ((200-699)) Valley View Trl ((101-599)) Wallace Creek Rd ((300-2598)) Wallace Creek Rd S ((2700-2798)) White Bluff Rd ((100-499)) Wild Horse Desert Rd ((200-8199)) Zapata Ridge ((100-498))

78055 Places and Attractions

A Bar A Ranch Adams Cemetery Anchor T Ranch Anderson Hollow Baker Cemetery Barnett Creek Bauerlein Cemetery Bauerlein Creek Bee Bluff Benton Creek Big Armidge Creek Bishop Hollow Blackjack Hollow Blunt Hollow Board Tree Hollow Boazman Lake Boazman Lake Dam Brewington Creek Brewington Creek Ranch Lake Brewington Creek Ranch Lake Dam Brushy Hollow Buck Hollow Buck Hollow Button Willow Hollow Carpenter Creek Castle Rock Cazey Creek Cedar Hollow Cedar Hollow Chalk Creek Chalk Hill Chalk Mountain Chimney Hollow Cinco B Ranch Airport Circle R Resort Ranch Airport Circle R Sky Ranch Clark Creek Coal Creek Coalkiln Creek Cold Hollow Copperhead Hollow Cottonwood Hollow Covy Hollow Cripple Creek Ranch Deadwood Hollow Devils Bathtub Spring Dewberry Hollow Dewberry Hollow Dockery Creek Dripping Spring Duncan Creek Duncan Spring Eagle Bluff El Paraiso Ranch Elam Canyon Elam Creek Elm Creek Falls Lake Falls Lake Dam Foster Hollow Gallant Lake Gallant Lake Dam Garrison Lake Garrison Lake Dam Goodman Cemetery Gunsight Mountain Haby Cemetery Hadfield Lake Hadfield Lake Dam Hay Hollow Hillman Cemetery Hog Branch Honey Creek Honey Creek Cemetery Honey Creek Ranch Horse Creek Horse Valley Ranch Hough Creek Idlewild Airport Indian Hollow Iron Top Mountain Jackson Creek Johnson Creek Johnson Lake Johnson Lake Dam Johnson Ranch Airport Left Hand Duncan Creek Left Hand Horse Creek Light Creek Lin Hollow Little Armidge Creek Little Brewington Creek Little Rocky Creek Little Shephard Creek Long Hollow Love Creek Lovers Leap McClennahan Lake 1 McClennahan Lake 1 Dam McClennahan Lake 2 McClennahan Lake 2 Dam Means Cemetery Medina Medina Childrens Home Mickle Creek Monroe Hollow Muskhog Spring Negro Hollow North Prong Medina River Padgett Hollow Pass Creek Pecan Creek Pecan Ranch Pigeon Roost Creek Porter Ranch Prison Canyon Ranch Airport Ranch Hollow Ranger Creek Raven Roost Hollow Reed Ranch Rhyme Creek Right Hand Duncan Creek Right Hand Horse Creek Robinson Creek Rock Chimney Ranch Rocky Creek Rocky River Ranch Round Mountain Ryle Creek Saddleback Mountain Schladoer Creek Seco Mountain Seco Pass Sentry Mountain Shadow Dance Ranch Dam Shadow Dance Ranch Lake Shephard Creek Short Hollow Simpson Creek Slaughter Hollow Soto Mountain South Fork North Prong Medina River Spring Creek Spring Creek Stanford Creek Sugarloaf Mountain Sutherland Hollow T S Clements Dam T S Clements Lake T-4 Ranch Airport Tarpley Tatum Lake Tatum Lake Dam Taylor Mountain The Bluff Thomas Creek Thompson Lake Thompson Lake Dam Thunder Creek Airport Townsend Camp Hollow Tuff Twin Falls Ranch Airport Verde Springs Voss Lake Voss Lake Dam Walker Creek Walker Creek Wallace Creek Walnut Spring Walters Lake Walters Lake Dam Weed Bluff Wernette Mountain West Creek West Prong Cemetery West Prong Medina River Wet Hollow White Bluff Williams Creek Willow Spring Willow Springs Branch Wright Creek Wyatt Creek