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Bartlett Windmills Big Well Windmill Black Creek Black Hill Hollow Bracken Ranch Lake Bracken Ranch Lake Dam Brown Ranch Brown Tank Brown Tank Dam Buckhorn Windmill Bull Tank Callham Oil Field Calliham Campana Oil Field Choke Canyon State Park - Calliham Unit Chusa Windmill Claunch Oil Field Cottonwood Creek Crowther Daugherty Ranch Devils Center Table Devils Waterhole Devils Waterhole Hills Devils Waterhole Tank Dragoon Creek Dragoon Hollow Dragoon Oil and Gas Field Drakes Point Dugout Tank Elm Creek Encino Ranch Ezzell Camp Ezzell Oil Field Ezzell River Oil Field Frenchman Branch Gravel Tank Gubel Trust Lake Number 1 Gubel Trust Lake Number 1 Dam Gubel Trust Lake Number 2 Gubel Trust Lake Number 2 Dam Gubel Trust Lake Number 3 Gubel Trust Lake Number 3 Dam Gueydan House Windmill Gueydan Tank Hill Creek Horseshoe Tank Horton Lake Horton Lake Dam Jacob Oil Field James E Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area Jediondo Windmill Jug Tank Jug Well LaChusa Hill LaChusa Ranch Lagrand Hollow Little Well Little Windmill Live Oak Hollow Loma Alta Loma Pinta Magnolia Windmill Manuel Tank Marcou Tank Marcou Windmill Martin Ranch Masdero Lake Dam Maspero Lake Matula Lake Matula Lake Dam Mud Hollow Mustang Branch Mustang Tank Mustang Tank Dam New Tank New Well Windmill Nichols Windmill Nine Hundred Windmill Novia Windmill Old River Old River Old Rock Tank Old Rock Tank Dam Opossum Creek Opossum Hill Opossum Hill Tank Paisano Ranch Airport Paisano Ranch Dam Paisano Ranch Reservoir Palacer Windmill Panorama Windmill Persimmon Hollow Tank Piggly Wiggly Windmill Pipeline Tank Pot of Gold Tank Pot of Gold Tank Dam Racon Windmill Rhode Ranch Rincon Windmill Rock Tank Salado Windmill Salt Branch Salt Creek San Caja Hill San Caja Hollow San Miguel Creek Singer Lake Singer Lake Dam Soda Windmill Spur Creek Three Corners Windmill Van Meter Tank Van Meter Tank Dam White Windmill Whitmire Lake Whitmire Lake Dam Windmill Number Six Yarbrough Lake