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77550 Street Addresses

10th St ((300-1399)) 11th St ((100-1499)) 12th St ((1-1599)) 13th St ((1-1699)) 13th Street Rear ((1-1699)) 14th St ((1-1699)) 14th Street Rear ((100-1599)) 15th St ((1-1799)) 15th Street Rear ((1-1799)) 16th St ((1-1799)) 17th St ((1-1899)) 18th St ((1-1899)) 19th St ((1-1999)) 19th Street Rear ((1000-1099)) 1st St ((100-599)) 20th Rear St ((800-1099)) 20th St ((1-1899)) 21st St ((1-2099)) 21st Street Rear ((1706-2099)) 22nd St ((1-2099)) 22nd Street Rear ((1500-1699)) 23rd St ((1-2199)) 23rd Street Rear ((201-2099)) 24th St ((1-2299)) 24th Street Rear ((1-2299)) 25th St ((1-2299)) 25th Street Rear ((100-2099)) 26th St ((200-2299)) 26th Street Rear ((200-1499)) 27th St ((200-2399)) 27th Street Rear ((200-2399)) 28th St ((1-2399)) 28th Street Rear ((1700-2399)) 29th St ((1-2499)) 29th Street Rear ((128-2499)) 2nd St ((200-599)) 30th Rear St ((300-1599)) 30th St ((300-2499)) 31st Rear St ((900-2599)) 31st St ((300-2599)) 32nd Rear St ((300-2599)) 32nd St ((300-2599)) 33rd Rear St ((150-2599)) 33rd St ((150-2599)) 34th Rear St ((1100-2399)) 34th St ((600-2499)) 35th Rear St ((313-2699)) 35th St ((313-2699)) 36th Rear St ((700-1299)) 36th St ((500-2499)) 37th St ((164-2799)) 38th Rear St ((2300-2599)) 38th St ((400-2599)) 39th Rear St ((700-2998)) 39th St ((700-2998)) 40th Rear St ((700-2099)) 40th St ((700-2699)) 41st Rear St ((1200-2999)) 41st St ((500-2999)) 42nd St ((500-2899)) 43rd St ((434-2899)) 44th Rear St ((900-2499)) 44th St ((400-2699)) 45th Rear St ((900-2999)) 45th St ((500-2999)) 4th St ((12-7199)) 5th St ((100-799)) 6th St ((100-999)) 7th St ((500-1099)) 7th Street Rear ((500-1099)) 8th St ((400-2035)) 9th St ((200-1299)) Albacore Ave ((100-199)) Albacore Dr ((200-399)) Avalon Way ((100-199)) Ave B ((700-2899)) Ave C ((100-3699)) Ave D ((100-3399)) Ave F ((200-4999)) Ave G ((400-4399)) Ave H ((400-4799)) Ave J ((600-5999)) Ave K ((700-4499)) Ave K Rear ((700-4499)) Ave L ((600-4499)) Ave L Rear ((600-4499)) Ave M ((900-4499)) Ave M 1/2 ((1000-4299)) Ave M 1/2 Rear ((1000-4299)) Ave M Rear ((900-4499)) Ave N 1/2 ((1300-4499)) Ave N 1/2 Rear ((1300-4499)) Ave N Rear ((1100-4899)) Avenue E ((200-4799)) Avenue N ((1100-4899)) Avenue S ((3000-5699)) Ave O ((1400-4499)) Ave O 1/2 ((1600-4499)) Ave O 1/2 Rear ((1600-4499)) Ave O Rear ((1400-4499)) Ave P ((1800-5799)) Ave P 1/2 ((2200-4499)) Ave P 1/2 Rear ((2200-4499)) Ave P Rear ((1800-5799)) Ave Q ((2200-4499)) Ave Q 1/2 ((2401-4499)) Ave Q 1/2 Rear ((2401-4499)) Ave Q Rear ((2400-4499)) Ave R ((2800-4499)) Ave R 1/2 ((2800-4499)) Ave R 1/2 Rear ((2800-4499)) Ave R Rear ((2800-4499)) Ave R Rear 1/2 ((2800-3699)) Ave S 1/2 ((3500-5299)) Ave S 1/2 Rear ((3500-5299)) Ave S Rear ((3000-5699)) Ave T ((3700-4498)) Ave T 1/2 ((4100-4399)) Ave T 1/2 Rear ((4100-4399)) Ave T Rear ((3700-4498)) Ave U ((3900-4499)) Ball Rear St ((500-4799)) Ball St ((500-4799)) Barracuda Ave ((100-499)) Barracuda Dr ((200-399)) Bernardo de Galvez Ave ((1800-2099)) Boddecker Dr ((100-299)) Boddeker Rd ((1901-1999)) Bonita Ave ((100-199)) Broadway ((500-599)) Broadway Rear St ((600-5799)) Broadway St ((500-5999)) Caduceus Pl ((4300-4499)) Carlotta Ct ((12700-12799)) Cedar Lawn Dr ((1-99)) Christopher Columbus Blvd ((100-1599)) Church Rear St ((200-4999)) Church St ((200-4999)) Coral Ln ((100-199)) Dolphin Ave ((100-199)) E Beach Dr ((401-1499)) Elena Ct ((12700-12799)) E Line Oaks Cir ((800-898)) Ferry Rd ((1-1599)) FM 3005 ((6100-7499)) Gulf Ln ((1-99)) Harborside Dr ((200-2399)) Harbor View Cir ((1400-1599)) Harbor View Dr ((1000-1499)) Henry Morgan Rd ((16500-16599)) Holiday ((200-2599)) Holiday Dr ((12-898)) J H Clouser Ln ((1500-1599)) J M Clouser St ((1500-1599)) Kemper St ((1400-1499)) Kempner St ((132-1299)) Lyncrest Dr ((1-99)) Mackeral St ((100-399)) Magnolia Homes ((1-99)) Manor Way ((1-99)) Marine Dr ((300-1499)) Market Rear St ((100-3399)) Market St ((100-3399)) Marlin Ave ((100-199)) Martin Luther King Blvd ((128-599)) Mechanic Rear St ((1600-1699)) Mechanic St ((100-3699)) Moody St ((100-999)) New Strand St ((2500-2799)) N Holiday Dr ((600-7199)) N Live Oaks Cir ((4400-4599)) Pompano Ave ((100-199)) Port Industrial Rd ((3300-5098)) Post Office Rear St ((600-4498)) Post Office St ((200-4799)) Rosenberg St ((100-2099)) San Fernando Dr ((100-199)) San Jacinto Dr ((1-99)) San Marino Dr ((100-199)) Santa Fe Pl ((2500-2799)) Sarna Ct ((4100-4499)) Sealy ((3300-4299)) Sealy Ave ((600-4399)) Sealy Rear St ((600-4399)) Sealy St ((600-4399)) Seawall Blvd ((1-8999)) Seawall Rear Blvd ((1000-1099)) Sherman Blvd ((4300-4499)) Ship Mechanic Row St ((1900-2599)) S Live Oaks Cir ((800-4599)) State Hwy 87 ((200-5298)) St Marys Blvd ((400-999)) Strand Rear St ((100-2499)) Strand St ((100-2899)) Tarpon Ave ((100-199)) Texas Ave ((400-699)) Tremont St ((100-2099)) Trout Ave ((100-299)) Trout St ((100-299)) Tuna Ave ((100-399)) Tuna St ((100-399)) University Blvd ((200-999)) University Rear Blvd ((800-999)) Ursuline St ((1100-4899)) Water St ((100-1499)) Water Way ((1-99)) Wharf Rd ((1900-1998)) Whiting Ave ((100-199)) Whiting St ((100-199)) Winne St ((2600-2899)) Winnie Rear St ((600-4399)) Winnie St ((400-4399)) W Live Oak Cir ((801-899)) W Live Oaks Cir ((801-899))

77550 Places and Attractions

1839 Williams House 1847 Powhatan House 1859 Saint Josephs Church Museum Adoue Park Adventist School Apffel Park Ashbel Smith Building Ashton Villa Ashton Villa House Museum Assumption Church Austin Middle School Austin School Avenue L Church B'Nai Israel Church Ball High School Ball High School North Ball High School South Beth Jacob Church Bethe Church Bible Days Church Bible Ways Church Big Reef Broadway Church Carter Temple Church Carter Temple Church Cedar Terrace Community Center Central Christian Church Central Church Central High School Central Middle School Childrens Home Chimney Marine Hospital Christ Church Christian Church City National Bank City Senior Center Compton Church Courville Stadium Crockett School Customs Building Daniel Webster Kempner House East Beach East End Historic District Eiband's Store Elevator B First Assembly Church First Church First Evangelical Lutheran Church First Latin Church First Lutheran Church First Lutheran Church First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church First Union Church Fort Point Galveston Galveston Alternative School Galveston Bible Church Galveston Catholic School Galveston City Hall Galveston College Galveston County Courthouse Galveston County Historical Museum Galveston County Museum Galveston Island Railroad Museum Galveston Orphans Home Galveston Seawall Galveston Yacht Basin Marina Galvestonian Heliport Galvez Hotel Garten Verein Pavilion George Sealy House Gethsemane Church Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church Goliad School Gospel Church Gospel Church Grace Church Grace Episcopal Church Grand Opera House Henry Beissner House Holy Rosary Church Illies Building-Justine Apartments International Order of Odd Fellows Lodge Jean Lafitte Hotel Jennie Sealy Hospital John Hagemann House John Sealy Hospital Kempner Park Kitwin High School L A Morgan School Lasker Home for Homeless Children Lasker Park Lindale Little League Park Live Oak Church Living God Church Lovenberg Administration Building Lovenburg School M W Shaw Building Macedonia Church Mardi Gras Museum Market Street Church Marschner Building Marys Hospital McKinney-McDonald House Melrose Apartment Building Menard Park Merimax Building Michel B Menard House Model Laundry Moody Civic Center Moody House Senior Center Moody Mansion Museum Moody School Morgan Academy of Fine Arts Moser House Mosquito Fleet Berth at Pier 19 Mount Gilead Church Mount Moriah Church Mount Olive Baptist Church Mount Olive Church Mount Pilgrim Church Mount Zion Church Old Fort San Jacinto Old Galveston Customhouse Orphans Home Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Pier Eighteen Pier Eleven Pier Fifteen Pier Fourteen Pier Ten Pier Twelve Pier Twentyone Pier Twentyseven Pier Twentysix Pier Twentythree Pier Twentytwo Pix Building Powhatan House Progressive Church Progressive Missionary Baptist Church Queen of Peace Church Queen of Peace Church Reedy Chapel Robinson Building Rosenberg Elementary School Rosenberg Library Rosenburg Library Rosenburg School Sacred Heart Church Saint Augustine of Hippo Episcopal Church Saint Johns Baptist Church Saint Johns Church Saint Josephs Church Saint Josephs Church Saint Luke Church Saint Luke Church Saint Luke Church Saint Marys Cathedral Saint Marys Cathedral Saint Marys School Saint Patricks Church Saint Paul Church Saints Constantine and Helen Church Salon del Reino Church Sam Houston School Samuel May Williams House San Jacinto Elementary School San Jacinto Park San Jacinto School Scottish Rite Cathedral Sealy Hutchings House Second Christian Church Sheppard Park Shiloh Church Shriners Burns Hospital Silk Stocking Residential Historic District Special Centers Spiritual True Church Star Drug Store Steffens-Drewa House Complex Stewart Beach park Sweeney-Royston House TDC Hospital Templo Sinai Church Texas Building Texas Heroes Monument Texas Seaport Museum The Bishops Palace The Bishops Palace The Strand Historic District Trinity Church Trinity Church Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church Trinity School UTMB Unida Church Union Station United States National Bank University Baptist Church University Church University of Texas Medical Branch Hospital Heliport University of Texas Medical Branch Strand Building University of Texas Medical College West Point Church Willis-Moody Mansion Wright Cuney Park