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77008 Street Addresses

Abington Way ((6100-6299)) Alexander St ((900-1599)) Algregg St ((601-933)) Allston St ((658-1599)) Arlington St ((900-2999)) Ashland St ((900-2999)) Aurora St ((100-698)) Bay Oaks Rd ((900-1299)) Beall St ((1301-2799)) Beverly St ((900-1799)) Bevis St ((1500-2799)) Blair St ((1300-1599)) Blount St ((1600-1799)) Bradshaw St ((1900-1999)) Brinkman St ((2500-2799)) Brookmere Dr ((2300-2499)) Brooktree Dr ((2000-2599)) Bryce ((1100-1199)) Carter St ((2100-2199)) Cindy Ln ((6200-6799)) Citadel Plaza Dr ((2600-2699)) Clovis Rd ((1100-1299)) Columbia St ((900-2999)) Cortlandt St ((900-2899)) Couch St ((2100-2799)) Cranston Ct ((2000-2099)) Croydon Ct ((2000-2099)) Crystal Ct ((1800-2099)) Dian St ((1300-1599)) Dorothy St ((801-1599)) Drane Ct ((900-999)) Droxford Dr ((1500-2799)) E 10 1/2 St ((600-799)) E 10th 1/2 St ((600-799)) E 10th St ((100-799)) E 11 1/2 St ((600-799)) E 11th 1/2 St ((600-799)) E 11th St ((100-799)) E 12 1/2 St ((600-799)) E 12th 1/2 St ((600-799)) E 12th St ((100-799)) E 13th 1/2 St ((600-799)) E 13th St ((100-799)) E 14th St ((100-799)) E 15th St ((100-699)) E 16th St ((100-799)) E 17th St ((600-799)) E 18th St ((100-799)) E 19th St ((600-799)) E 20th St ((100-799)) E 21st St ((100-799)) E 22nd St ((100-799)) E 23rd St ((100-799)) E 24th St ((100-799)) E 25th St ((100-799)) E 26th St ((100-699)) E 27th St ((100-699)) E 28th St ((100-699)) E 29th St ((400-798)) Ella Blvd ((1100-2999)) E T C Jester Blvd ((1000-3599)) Eureka Rd ((6600-6799)) Fawnhope Dr ((1500-1799)) Foxwood Rd ((1300-1899)) Glen Oaks St ((1500-1599)) Gostic St ((2000-2599)) Greengrass Ct ((1800-2099)) Greengrass Dr ((1300-1799)) Grovewood Ln ((1000-6799)) Guese Rd ((1300-1799)) Hackett Dr ((2400-2699)) Hall Pl ((1400-1599)) Harvard St ((900-2899)) Haverhill Dr ((1600-2799)) Heights Blvd ((200-1999)) Hempstead Rd ((2-10299)) Hempstead Villa Ln ((1100-3698)) Hemstead Villa Dr ((3600-3699)) Herkimer St ((900-1599)) Hurst St ((6100-6799)) Jeannine Dr ((1300-1399)) Knightwick Dr ((1700-1799)) Kury Ln ((6200-6799)) Laird St ((1300-1599)) Lawrence St ((900-2999)) Lazybrook Dr ((2000-2699)) Le Green St ((700-899)) Letein St ((6600-6699)) Lindyann Ln ((6200-6799)) Linton Rd ((6200-6299)) Locksford St ((1700-1899)) Manville St ((1100-1399)) Maxroy St ((1700-3398)) Mill Creek Dr ((1800-1999)) Millwood Dr ((1800-2199)) Minimax Dr ((2300-2799)) Munford St ((100-299)) Nashua St ((800-1699)) Nauts Ct ((1800-1999)) N Durham Dr ((700-3099)) Nelson Falls Ln ((1200-1299)) Nicholson St ((900-2899)) N Loop Freeway Svc Rd ((100-598)) N Loop Fwy ((100-2899)) N Loop W Svc Rd ((100-2899)) N Shepherd Dr ((800-2999)) Ohsfeldt St ((2500-2599)) Omar St ((1200-1399)) Overmeyer Dr ((6800-6999)) Oxford St ((900-2799)) Parkerhaven Ct ((1200-1298)) Peddie St ((600-899)) Pinegate ((2101-2199)) Pineshade Ln ((6000-6799)) Prince St ((900-1599)) Queenswood Ln ((6100-6299)) Ralfallen St ((700-899)) Rawls St ((3000-3198)) Rutland St ((900-2899)) Salford Dr ((1300-1999)) Sea King Dr ((2000-2099)) Seamist Ct ((1800-2199)) Seamist Dr ((1100-1799)) Sea Queen Ct ((1800-1899)) Seaspray Ct ((1300-1899)) Sheldon St ((2000-5499)) Shelterwood Dr ((800-1199)) Shirkmere Rd ((800-1599)) Singleton St ((2000-2299)) Stacy Crst ((1701-1899)) Stacy Glen ((2100-2199)) Studewood ((1501-1599)) Studewood St ((900-2299)) Tannehill Dr ((1500-2799)) Tattenhall Dr ((1800-1899)) T C Jester Blvd ((300-1099)) Timbergrove Ln ((1100-1299)) Toledo St ((6300-6699)) Tulane St ((900-1599)) Turnpike Rd ((1600-1899)) Urban Woods Trl ((3500-3599)) Valleta Dr ((1300-1399)) Vaulted Oak St ((900-1099)) W 10 1/2 St ((100-299)) W 10th 1/2 St ((100-299)) W 10th St ((100-1299)) W 11th St ((100-3654)) W 12th St ((100-3699)) W 13th St ((100-1799)) W 14 1/2 St ((1800-2099)) W 14th 1/2 St ((1800-2099)) W 14th St ((100-2099)) W 15 1/2 St ((900-1299)) W 15th 1/2 St ((900-1299)) W 15th St ((100-1999)) W 16th St ((100-1299)) W 17th St ((100-1299)) W 18th St ((100-4799)) W 19th St ((100-1499)) W 20th St ((100-2025)) W 21st St ((200-1799)) W 22nd St ((200-1799)) W 23rd St ((200-1899)) W 24th St ((200-1899)) W 25th St ((200-1899)) W 26th St ((200-1899)) W 27th St ((200-1808)) W 28th St ((200-899)) Waltway Dr ((1000-6499)) Watercrest Dr ((1800-1899)) Waverly St ((900-1599)) Widdicomb Ct ((1800-2199)) Wilder St ((700-799)) Wilken St ((700-799)) Willowby Dr ((1600-2799)) Willowmoss Ct ((1800-2099)) Windmill Elm St ((3500-3599)) Windmill Ln ((2500-2599)) Wister Ct ((6000-6099)) Wister Ln ((6100-6499)) W Loop Fwy ((1500-1798)) W Loop N Svc Rd ((1500-1798)) Woodbrook Ln ((6000-6499)) Woodhill Rd ((1100-1199)) Worthshire St ((700-1199)) W T C Jester Blvd ((1000-6999)) Wynnpark Dr ((7100-7299)) Wynnwood Ln ((900-7299)) Yale St ((201-2899)) Yaupon Square Ln ((1000-1098))

77008 Places and Attractions

Alamo School Alexander Hamilton Junior High School All Saints Catholic Church All Saints Roman Catholic Church All Saints School Allbach House Assembly Apostolic Church Austin Copeland House I Austin Copeland House II Banta House Barker House Bethlehem Lutheran Church Borgstrom House Burge House Charles E Coombs House Church of Christ - Heights Cooley School Countryman House Cummings House D C McCollum House David A Carden House Dexter House Doctor B F Coop House Doctor Billie V Ellis House Doctor Penn B Thornton House Doyle House Elkins House Emil Lindenburg House Evangelistic Temple Assembly of God Church Ezzell House Fayette C Lowry House Field Elementary SPARK Park Trail Field Elementary School Field School Forrest A Nairn House Fulbright Methodist Church George L Burlingame House Ghent W Rogers House Gillette House Glenn W Morris House Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church Greater Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church Halbert Park Hamilton Middle School Hartley House Hawkins House Healing Waters Fellowship Church Heights Assembly of God Heights Christian Church Heights Church of Christ Heights Hospital Heights Presbyterian Church Heights Providing Church of God in Christ Helberg Park Helberg Park Helms Elementary SPARK Park Trail Helms Elementary School Helms School Henry Hicks McCain House Holden Elementary SPARK Park Trail Holden Elementary School Holden School Houston Heights Houston Heights Fire Station Houston Heights Waterworks Reservoir Houston Heights Womans Club Houston Public Library Immanuel Lutheran Church Immanuel School J H Clare House Jay L Durham House Jaycee Park Jester Village Shopping Center John H Shoaf House Jones House Judge Robert L Cole House Keller House Knittel House Kronenberger House Lazybrook Baptist Church Lindale Assembly of God Church Love Elementary School Love House Love Park Love School Lula J Doughty House Mansfield House Marshall W Kennedy House McDonald House Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital Miller House Milroy House Milroy Park Milroy-Muller House Morton Brothers Grocery Store Building Moses A Clanton House Mount Calvary Baptist Church Mulcahy House New Life Baptist Church North Star Baptist Church Oriental Textile Mill Otto H Baring House Perry-Swilley House Porta-Kamp 12th Street Heliport Reagan High School Reagan High School Reagan High School SPARK Park Trail Saint Albans Catholic Church Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Schauer Filling Station Schlesser-Burrows House Second Baptist Church Heights Select Specialty Hospital - Houston Heights Shady Acres Church of Christ Shady Acres Pentecostal Church of God Sinclair Elementary SPARK Park Trail Sinclair Elementary School Sinclair School Thomas B Reed House Upchurch House Ward House Webber House West Eleventh Church of God Wilkins House William F Fluegel House Williams-Brueder House Wilson House Wisnoski House Woodward House Zagst House