Ozona, TX 76943 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 76943 is located in (76%) (24%)

76943 Street Addresses

11th St ((1-1214)) 12th St ((201-910)) 13th St ((300-318)) 14th St ((1-214)) 16th St ((100-215)) 1st St ((301-907)) 2nd St ((500-714)) 3rd St ((700-912)) 4th St ((401-714)) 5th St ((601-1011)) 6th St ((700-1110)) 9th St ((700-813)) Algerita Dr ((100-298)) Almond St ((900-1011)) Angus Dr ((600-998)) Angus St ((500-698)) Antonio St ((100-299)) Arroyo Rd ((701-799)) Ave A ((100-2007)) Ave Aa ((100-2009)) Ave B ((1100-1398)) Ave C ((1100-1309)) Ave D ((100-1208)) Ave F ((100-1310)) Ave G ((100-1314)) Ave H ((100-1115)) Ave Hwy 163 ((1301-1303)) Ave I ((100-620)) Ave J ((100-6041)) Ave K ((100-1109)) Ave L ((100-299)) Ave M ((100-299)) Avenue E ((101-1798)) Ave O ((300-498)) Beall St ((1100-1299)) Besente St ((104-299)) Blas St ((100-1899)) Bluebonnet Dr ((100-199)) Bob White Dr ((1-99)) Bold Ruler St ((100-199)) Buena Vista St ((100-398)) Cedar Dr ((100-203)) Cedar Ridge Dr ((101-598)) Cenisa St ((100-412)) Cherry St ((1100-1299)) Cima ((1900-1998)) Cima Ave ((100-106)) Circle Dr ((600-698)) Clegg Rd ((600-698)) Cll de Piedra ((112-243)) Cll de Rio ((400-1610)) Coates St ((600-699)) Collins Dr ((100-599)) Co Rd 303 ((1400-1498)) Co Rd 406 ((1000-13299)) Corto St ((201-2099)) Couch St ((701-1310)) Country Club Dr ((100-299)) Country Club Ln ((100-198)) Cr 106 ((7600-7698)) Cr 107 ((6200-6298)) Cr 412 ((600-698)) Crockett Dr ((201-299)) Crockett Hts Dr ((19-307)) del Rio St ((400-1610)) Diablo St ((200-211399)) Dog Canyon Trl ((501-599)) E 16th St ((200-299)) Encino St ((101-1699)) Fairview Dr ((100-398)) Fairway Dr ((100-198)) Harrell Ln ((1-99)) Henderson Dr ((1000-1099)) Heraclio St ((201-2199)) Hereford Dr ((1200-1299)) Hereford St ((1200-1299)) Hickory St ((1100-1299)) Hillcrest Ave ((100-499)) Hillcrest Rd ((201-499)) Hill Dr ((1-499)) Hoover Divide Rd ((1000-13299)) Houston St ((1301-1399)) Hwy 163 ((101-1810)) Hwy 163 S ((1601-1717)) Iris Ln ((100-198)) Jones St ((1200-1313)) Langtry Rd ((25401-25499)) Laredo St ((300-498)) Largo St ((100-1999)) Leal ((601-1799)) Live Oak Dr ((1-299)) Llano ((101-199)) Man O'War Blvd ((2-299)) Mariana St ((100-199)) Martinez St ((100-1699)) Mesquite Dr ((100-299)) Miller St ((601-699)) Monterey St ((201-1799)) Morris Ln ((901-999)) Mulberry Dr ((1200-1913)) Nashua St ((100-1098)) Nassau ((201-299)) Nassau St ((201-299)) Native Dancer St ((100-199)) N Circle Dr ((500-598)) N E 9th St ((200-299)) NE 9th St ((200-299)) NW 9th St ((201-241)) Nye St ((501-505)) Oak Ridge Dr ((100-599)) Oak St ((500-599)) Oakview Trl ((101-199)) Old Hwy 290 ((1300-1598)) Opal Ln ((400-1498)) Owens St ((1101-1312)) Pandale Rd ((8-19)) Peach St ((1100-1299)) Pecan St ((901-1598)) Pecos ((201-399)) Perez St ((1800-1899)) Pine St ((1501-1599)) Plum St ((200-298)) Post Oak Rd ((2-199)) Quail Run ((100-112)) Ramos St ((101-399)) Ranch Rd 2083 ((8-19)) Ranch Rd 2398 ((811-821)) Ratliff St ((100-1203)) Red Rock Rd ((200-298)) Ridgecrest St ((100-199)) Ridgeview ((100-199)) Rio Grande ((200-599)) Rugged Rd ((100-515)) Sage Ln ((100-112)) Santa Ana St ((200-2099)) Santa Anna ((300-1999)) Santa Anna St ((500-2199)) Santa Rosa St ((100-5299)) Secretariat St ((100-198)) Sheffield Rd ((1300-1598)) State Hwy 163 ((100-1810)) State Hwy 163 S ((1800-1808)) State Loop 466 ((1-821)) Sunset Dr ((100-315)) Swaps St ((100-199)) Taylor Bx Rd ((10800-10898)) Terrace Dr ((400-598)) Vetilla St ((300-399)) Vic Montgomery Rd ((1400-1498)) W 16th St ((200-280)) Walnut St ((1500-1820)) War Admiral St ((100-199)) Ward Dr ((400-598)) Water Works Dr ((200-699)) Willow Dr ((1601-3099)) Young St ((400-499)) Yucca Ln ((100-199))

76943 Places and Attractions

Adams Ranch Adobe Crossing Alto Windmill Anderson Draw Antelope Windmill Antone Canyon Antone Windmill Bachelor Hill Baggett Draw Baggett Ranch Baggett Ranch Bailey Ranch Bean Ranch Bert Mertz Canyon Big Canyon Big Indian Canyon Big Indian Waterhole Windmill Bill West Draw Bill West Windmill Bissett Ranch Blakeney Ranch Blue Ridge Windmill Brooks Ranch Brown Canyon Brushy Canyon Brushy Draw Buckhorn Ranch Buffalo Draw Bull Clod Draw Bullhead Windmill Bunger Ranch Burnt Canyon Camp Webb Canyon Windmill Cave Draw Cayetano Windmill Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon Windmill Cedar Hill Cemetery Clara Couch Oil Field Clay Tank Clay Tank Windmill Clayton Ranch Clayton Ranch Clayton Ranch Coates Windmill Cox Oil Field Crockett County Museum Crockett Heights Crockett Oil Field D K McMullan Ranch Davidson Ranch De Long Ranch Deer Canyon Devils River Draw Devils River Windmill Divide Windmill Divide Windmill Dog Canyon Dog Canyon Windmill Double Mill Draw Double Tank Canyon Double Windmill Dunlap Ranch Eagle Draw East Fork Howard Draw East Odom Windmill East Prong Simpson Canyon East Windmill Edwards Plateau El Cinco Oil Field Elkhorn Oil Field Escondido Draw Escondido Oil Field Escondido Water Hole Escondido Windmill Eureka Draw F McMullan Junior Ranch Farmer Oil Field Fields Ranch First Canyon Fivemile Creek Fogarty Ranch Fort Lancaster Fort Lancaster State Historic Site Trail Fort Lancaster State Historical Park Four Corner Windmill Four Troughs Well Four Way Windmill Fourmile Draw Friend Ranch Garrett Draw Glade Windmill Glasscock Ranch Glisa Windmill Goat Well Goat Windmill Government Canyon Government Canyon Government Draw Government Tank Government Water Hole Spring Government Windmill Gurley Draw Hagelstein Ranch Halff Oil Field Harvik Ranch Henderson Windmill Herrell Canyon Herrell Ranch High Lonesome Stage Station Hoover Ranch Horse Canyon House Windmill Howard Springs Howards Well Hunt Ranch Hunt Ranch Independence Creek Indian Canyon Indian Draw Indian Water Hole Spring Indian Waterhole Windmill Indian Windmill Indio Hill J Childress Ranch J M Canyon Jackson Draw Jackson Draw Javelina Draw Javelina Windmill Jesus Canyon Jesus Draw Johnson Ranch KYXX-FM (Ozona) Kincaid Ranch Knute Draw Lemmon Windmill Lemon Windmill Little Shaggy Canyon Little Windmill Live Oak Canyon Live Oak Creek Live Oak Draw Live Oak Spring Loftin Canyon Lone Mountain Lost Tank Lower Windmill Mailbox Draw Marley Ranch Maus Hog Windmill McNutt Windmill Mesquite Windmill Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Midway Midway Lane Oil Field Mitchell Canyon Mitchell Ranch Mogul Ranch Money Windmill Montgomery Ranch Murrah Windmill Musk Hog Canyon New Well Canyon New Well Windmill New Windmill Newton Draw Noelke Creek Noelke Draw Noelke Oil Field Noelke Well Noelke Windmill North Crockett Community Center North Wilson Windmill Odom Windmill Oglesby Ranch Old Ranch Windmill Old Well Olson Oil Field Owens Creek Owens Ranch Ozona Ozona Air Force Station (historical) Ozona Country Club Ozona Gas and Oil Field Ozona High School Ozona Middle School Ozona Municipal Airport Patton Ranch Perner Ranch Perry Ranch Airport Phillips Ranch Pierce Ranch Pierce Ranch Pikes Peak Pikes Peak Draw Pikes Peak Windmill Plum Canyon Point Windmill Pool Tank Prince Albert Draw Prince Albert Windmill Puckett Draw R Childress Ranch Ranchito Windmill Read Ranch Red Tail Windmill Redman Camp Riffle Canyon Road Windmill Road Windmill Rock House Canyon Rock Tank Rockwall Windmill Round Mountain Round Mountain Tank Salt Draw Salt Draw Well Santa Rosa Windmill Schlinke Windmill Schneemann Draw Scott Canyon Scott Canyon Seahorn Ranch Second Canyon Sevenmile Draw Shafter Draw Shafter Well Shaggy Canyon Shannon Oil Field Simpson Canyon Simpson Oil Field Six Section Windmill Sixshooter Canyon Soil Conservation Service Site 1 Dam Soil Conservation Service Site 1 Reservoir Soil Conservation Service Site 2 Dam Soil Conservation Service Site 2 Reservoir Soil Conservation Service Site 3 Dam Soil Conservation Service Site 3 Reservoir Soil Conservation Service Site 4 Dam Soil Conservation Service Site 4 Reservoir Soil Conservation Service Site 5 Dam Soil Conservation Service Site 5 Reservoir Soil Conservation Service Site 6 Dam Soil Conservation Service Site 6 Reservoir Soil Conservation Service Site 7 Dam Soil Conservation Service Site 7 Reservoir Son Chapman Draw South Odom Windmill South Wilson Windmill South Windmill Southwest Mesa Sowell Draw Star Divide Windmill Star Windmill Sulfur Canyon Sulfur Windmill Sulfur Windmill Sulphur Trap Windmill Sulphur Windmill Sulphur Windmill T and L Windmill Telephone Tank Telephone Windmill Third Canyon Tippett Oil Field Todd Deep Oil Field Todd Oil Field Tucker Draw Twelvefoot Windmill Twelvemile Camp Twelvemile Creek Twenty-Five Foot Windmill Twin Lake Twomile Draw Vaughn Oil Field W Childress Ranch Ward Ranch Watson Ranch Weger Oil Field West Divide Windmill West Prong Simpson Canyon West Ranch West Windmill West Windmill White Windmill Whites Windmill Wild Horse Canyon Wildcat Draw Wildcat Windmill Wildcat Windmill Wilkins Ranch Williams Windmill Wood Canyon World Powell Oil Field World West Oil Field Yegua Windmill