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76849 Street Addresses

Agarita St ((400-1099)) Airport Rd ((601-699)) Alonzo Rd ((601-798)) Anna's Ln ((101-4299)) Austin St ((100-199)) Bannowsky Rd ((800-898)) Bennett Rd ((900-998)) Blue Bonnet Dr ((100-298)) Blue Mtn Rd ((4100-5898)) Bois D Arc Access Rd ((701-2099)) Boorman Rd ((200-498)) Burt Ranch Rd ((1101-1199)) Camino Real Rd NW ((1000-1198)) Camino Rio St ((100-599)) Carla St ((100-199)) Cedar Creek Rd ((600-898)) Cenizo St ((200-499)) Cherry St ((100-399)) Chestnut St ((100-399)) College St ((400-2599)) Co Rd 120 ((2900-7798)) Co Rd 130 ((900-1799)) Co Rd 130X ((4000-4098)) Co Rd 140 ((1000-1798)) Co Rd 190 ((770-776)) Co Rd 270 ((500-3199)) Co Rd 273 ((401-4998)) Co Rd 274 ((100-198)) Co Rd 275 ((201-4299)) Co Rd 2751 ((301-998)) Co Rd 2752 ((501-599)) Co Rd 311X ((4700-4798)) Co Rd 314 ((2300-2698)) Co Rd 315 ((200-2498)) Co Rd 370 ((3200-11798)) Co Rd 371 ((901-1099)) Co Rd 371X ((100-1498)) Co Rd 411 ((400-1099)) Co Rd 420 ((4100-4199)) Co Rd 430 ((1501-6898)) Co Rd 461 ((600-698)) Cummings Rd ((401-499)) Curve Rd ((200-399)) Davis Ln ((400-498)) Deadmans Gulch Rd ((200-298)) Dominion Rd NW ((2200-2298)) D'Spain Rd ((300-498)) Duplissey Rd ((401-499)) Durango St ((100-199)) E Camino Real Rd ((1301-1399)) E Cedar St ((100-399)) E College St ((100-399)) Elm St ((400-1099)) E Main St ((100-399)) Emory St ((100-299)) E Pine St ((100-199)) E Plum St ((301-303)) E Quarry Rd ((200-299)) E Redbud St ((100-399)) Felps St ((100-199)) Flatrock Ln ((100-299)) FM 2169 ((100-699)) Foley St ((100-299)) Fox Hollow Rd ((1300-1898)) Freeman Ln ((100-299)) Gentry Creek Rd ((901-1099)) Gifford Rd ((100-298)) Gonzales St ((100-199)) Goodnight Trl ((200-398)) Hackberry St ((100-1099)) Hall of Fame Rd ((100-198)) Heiman Ln ((400-1099)) Hickory St ((101-999)) Hidalgo St ((100-499)) Hillside St ((200-299)) Hodges St ((100-199)) Hogg Ln ((100-298)) Holt Smith St ((100-399)) Hospital Dr ((101-199)) Industrial Rd ((301-399)) Jo Lynn St ((200-599)) Kc 120 ((2900-7798)) Kc 130 ((900-1799)) Kc 140 ((1000-1798)) Kc 270 ((500-3199)) Kc 2731 ((401-899)) Kc 275 ((201-4299)) Kc 2751 ((301-998)) Kc 2752 ((501-599)) Kc 450 ((6800-6898)) Kennedy Ranch Rd ((2100-2198)) Klr II East Rd ((100-1498)) Kneeland St ((300-499)) Lenore St ((100-299)) Linscomb Ln ((8401-8499)) Linscomb Rd ((8401-8499)) Little Rd ((100-198)) Llano St ((400-499)) Long Rd ((600-698)) Low Lonesome Rd ((1100-2098)) Lundy Rd ((300-498)) Main St ((200-2299)) Martin Dr ((100-199)) Martinez St ((100-699)) Meacham Rd ((101-199)) Medina ((200-498)) Medina St ((200-299)) Mesquite St ((100-299)) Mikel Dr ((100-199)) Montecito St ((2-299)) Moody Rd ((4700-4798)) Moore Rd ((701-799)) Morales St ((200-299)) Morgan Cir ((600-699)) Morgan Ln ((600-699)) Mountain View Dr ((100-199)) Mount Laurel Dr ((100-599)) Mount View Rd ((200-499)) Mulberry St ((100-299)) N 10th St ((100-899)) N 11th St ((100-999)) N 12th St ((100-499)) N 14th St ((100-499)) N 15th St ((100-499)) N 16th St ((100-499)) N 17th St ((100-199)) N 18th St ((100-599)) N 19th St ((100-699)) N 20th St ((100-599)) N 2nd St ((100-499)) N 3rd St ((100-499)) N 4th St ((100-499)) N 5th St ((100-499)) N 6th St ((100-499)) N 7th St ((100-499)) N 8th St ((100-499)) N 9th St ((100-499)) N Llano St ((400-1999)) N Main St ((2300-2499)) Nogales Cir ((100-398)) N Roselawn Dr ((100-399)) NW Main St ((100-199)) Oak Ln ((200-299)) Oak St ((100-1699)) Old Noxville Rd ((600-4498)) Old Robbins Ranch Rd ((2300-2698)) Old Segovia Wulbs Rd ((1501-6898)) Park Road 73 ((1901-1999)) Patricia Dr ((100-299)) Patricia St ((100-299)) Pecan St ((200-1298)) Perez St ((100-299)) Phillips St ((200-298)) Pompa St ((100-199)) Ranch Rd 1674 ((701-2099)) Ranch Rd 479 ((600-4498)) Randolph Rd ((4000-4998)) Rattlesnake Rd NW ((100-298)) Reid Rd ((100-781)) Ringtail Rd NW ((210-298)) Rio Vista St ((200-499)) River Rd ((100-399)) River Valley Ranch Estates Rd ((200-2498)) Robbins Ranch Rd ((701-2398)) Rock Springs Rd ((200-699)) S 10th St ((100-399)) S 11th St ((100-498)) S 12th St ((100-599)) S 14th St ((100-399)) S 15th St ((100-399)) S 16th St ((100-899)) S 17th St ((201-3057)) S 20th St ((100-499)) S 3rd St ((100-199)) S 4th St ((100-199)) S 5th St ((100-299)) S 6th St ((100-621)) S 7th St ((100-399)) S 8th St ((100-399)) S 9th St ((100-399)) Saragosa St ((200-499)) Sawyer St ((100-499)) Scorpion Rd NW ((101-199)) Sd 28550 ((1300-1398)) Shady River Dr ((100-198)) Sissel Rd ((1600-1698)) S Laird Rd ((201-2098)) S Llano St ((100-999)) Smith Ln ((700-1099)) S Mount View Rd ((301-399)) S Roselawn Dr ((100-599)) Stapp Ranch Rd ((600-3598)) Stapp Rd ((301-399)) State Loop 481 ((100-2499)) State Park Rd 73 ((1901-1999)) Sterling St ((100-199)) Substation Ln ((200-216)) Sullivan Rd ((1001-1099)) Two Dot Ln NW ((400-498)) US Hwy 377 ((100-2499)) US Hwy 83 ((300-399)) Valley View Dr ((100-199)) Volmer St ((100-199)) Walnut St ((100-499)) Washington St ((201-299)) W Cedar St ((100-499)) Weaver Rd ((700-799)) Weisenburg Rd ((4000-4098)) West St ((100-399)) W Highland St ((500-698)) Whiskey Rd ((3200-11798)) Wofford Rd ((300-998)) Woodlawn Dr ((100-599)) W Pine St ((100-499)) W Redbud St ((100-499)) W Rio Vista St ((100-299)) Yo Ranch Rd NW ((2200-2298))

76849 Places and Attractions

A Murr Ranch Allison Draw Allison Mountain Back Pasture Windmill Bailey Creek Baker Draw Baker Ranch Baldy Windmill Bear Creek Bear Creek Cemetery Bear Hollow Bee Cave Hollow Bell Hollow Bierschwale Windmill Big Draw Big West Windmill Black Mountain Bois d'Arc Creek Bolt Ranch Brambletye House Bruns Ranch Buck Hollow Buck Hollow Bur Oak Draw Bur Oak Spring Bur Oak Windmill Burnt Branch Burnt Branch Spring Cajac Creek Calf Creek Cave Hollow Spring Cedar Branch Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Gap Cedar Hollow Creek Cedar Knob Chadwick Ranch Chalk Creek Chimney Hollow Chimney Hollow Spring Church of Christ Cleo Cloud Point Copperas Creek Cougar Hollow Crisp Hollow Daisy Windmill Deep Hollow Dicks Hollow Windmill Dimmit County Public Library Dry Cedar Creek Dry Hollow Dutton Ranch Earwood Draw East Copperas Creek East Prong Calf Creek East Prong Indian Hollow East Spring East Sycamore Creek East Windmill Eclipse Windmill Edwards Draw Eli Hollow Elm Hollow Elm Slough Epps Creek F-6 Ranch F-6 Ranch Air Field Falls Creek Falls Prong Falls Prong Windmill Field Windmill First Baptist Church Flat Rock Spring Ford Canyon Fox Hollow Frog Creek Gentry Creek Gentry Springs Gerhart Ranch Gilliam Draw Goodwill Baptist Church Gorman Spring Graham Ranch Grays Branch Headquarters Springs Hill Country Baptist Church Hilltop Windmill Holden Hollow Holland Ranch Holland Ranch Holland Ranch Hollow Pasture Spring House Hollow Indian Hollow Ivy Chapel James River Spring Jim Little Draw Joes Point Johnson Fork Johnson Hollow Johnston Ranch Joy Creek Joy Creek Junction Junction Elementary School Junction High School Junction Middle School KLFO-FM (Junction) KMBL-AM (Junction) Kimble County Airport Kimble County Courthouse Kimble County WCID Lake Kimble Historical Museum Kimble Hospital Kits Hollow Kountz Draw Lake Junction Lake Junction Dam Levels Hollow Little Devils River Lopez Ranch Lovers Leap Mansfield Ranch Maynard Creek Maynard Ranch McKegan Draw Mexican Gap Middle Copperas Creek Middle Sycamore Creek Monroe Hollow Moody Lake Moody Lake Dam Mudge Draw Murr Church New Windmill Nixon Creek North Creek North Llano River North Trap Windmill North Williams Windmill North Windmill North Windmill Northside Church of Christ Noxville Noxville Cemetery Old Noxville Old Ranch Spring Other Windmill Ox Hollow Paint Creek Paint Creek Cemetery Paint Creek Ranch Paint Creek Ranch Lake Paint Creek Ranch Lake Dam Parker Spring Patterson Ridge Pole Hollow Potter Creek Rabbit Hollow Ratliff Creek Rattlesnake Draw Rayner Hollow Red Creek Reick Draw Roach Lake Robinson Ranch Airport Rock House Hollow Rock Springs Rock Springs Hollow Roosevelt Round Top Rust Ranch Rusty Windmill Salty Creek Sanders Bluff Schreiner Park Schrier Cemetery Schrier Park Segovia Shin Oak Creek Shin Oak Spring Snake Draw South Llano River South Llano River State Park South Pasture Spring South Trap Windmill South Williams Windmill South Windmill Spiller Ranch Stark Creek State Highway 27 Bridge State Highway 27 Bridge Steamboat Mountain Stewart Gulch Stroope Canyon Sycamore Creek Sycamore Creek Telegraph Telegraph Canyon Texas Technical University Center The Big Springs The Bogs The Falls Tobe Branch Tobe Spring Trinity Episcopal Church Triple Tanks Windmill Trough Spring Turkey Draw Turkey Hollow Turkey Hollow Wagon Bed Draw Walker Spring Walnut Canyon Walter Buck Wildlife Management Area Walter Buck Wildlife Management Area Trail West Bear Creek West Copperas Creek West Fork Maynard Creek West Prong Calf Creek West Spring West Sycamore Creek West Windmill West Windmill White Bluff White Oak Creek White Oak Creek Reservoir Wilson Place Windmill Number Two Wolf Draw Wood Hollow Yates