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75216 Street Addresses

17th St ((700-799)) 18th St ((400-999)) 50th St ((2900-3199)) 51st St ((2400-3299)) 51st St S ((3300-3599)) 52nd St ((2100-3299)) 54th St ((2700-2799)) Adelaide Dr ((1200-2099)) Alabama Ave ((1800-3499)) Alaska Ave ((1200-3599)) Almeda Dr ((2500-2799)) Alsbury St ((3600-4099)) Ann Arbor Ave ((100-4398)) Appian Way ((102-699)) Appleton Dr ((2300-2399)) Arizona Ave ((1200-3499)) Armor Dr ((3700-3799)) Arocha Dr ((3800-3899)) Aspermont Ave ((1200-1299)) Atkins St ((900-999)) Atlas Dr ((1600-2099)) Aztec Dr ((4200-4499)) Bailey Ave ((4200-4299)) Balch Dr ((3300-4299)) Ball St ((4100-4199)) Bardwell Ave ((2900-2999)) Bartlett Ave ((4700-5099)) Bateman Ave ((4100-4399)) Beauchamp Ave ((3000-3499)) Beauchamp St ((3000-3499)) Belden Ave ((4300-4399)) Belknap Ave ((2200-2899)) Biglow Dr ((3100-4299)) Bismark Dr ((4800-4899)) Blanco Dr ((8901-10999)) Blue Creek Dr ((2300-2399)) Bonnie View Rd ((1800-4899)) Bowling Green Ave ((2600-2799)) Brigadoon Ln ((4900-4999)) Brightside Ave ((1000-1399)) Britton Ave ((2100-3199)) Britton Dr ((2100-3199)) Brixey Dr ((4600-4899)) Bromfield St ((4800-4899)) Brookmere Dr ((700-1299)) Brownsville Ave ((7700-7899)) Bruck Ave ((1700-1999)) Bulova St ((4000-4099)) Burma Rd ((4500-4899)) Burnside Ave ((4800-5099)) Calder St ((4100-4199)) Calyx Cir ((400-699)) Canary Dr ((2600-2899)) Cape Cod Dr ((1400-1599)) Carbondale St ((7700-8699)) Cardinal Dr ((3400-4499)) Carson St ((1300-1699)) Cedar Haven Ave ((900-1399)) Cedar Oaks Blvd ((1300-1499)) Central Expy ((7705-8499)) Charlemagne Dr ((200-299)) Cherbourg St ((4500-4899)) Cicero St ((4200-4499)) Cinda Ree Ln ((4400-4499)) Clover Ridge Dr ((2200-2399)) Coalson Ave ((4500-4799)) Colwick Ave ((4500-4799)) Colwick Dr ((4500-4799)) Connell Ave ((4000-4099)) Corregidor St ((4500-4699)) Corrigan Ave ((4500-4899)) Corrigan Dr ((4500-4899)) Cotton Ln ((3700-3899)) Cove Dr ((1400-1599)) Craddock St ((2500-2599)) Cranfill Dr ((4200-4999)) Crest Ave ((2301-3099)) Crestwood Dr ((100-299)) Cummings St ((2900-2999)) Custer Dr ((2000-2799)) Dahlia Ct ((3200-3299)) Dahlia Dr ((3000-3299)) Dalton Dr ((4200-4499)) Danube Dr ((1500-1799)) Deer Path Dr ((1800-2399)) de Kalb Ave ((3400-4699)) Dover St ((700-799)) Downing Ave ((2600-2799)) Dryden Ave ((1300-1399)) Dugald Pl ((2100-2399)) Dupont Cir ((4900-4999)) Dupont Dr ((4900-5099)) Dutch Harbor Ave ((8100-8299)) E 15th St ((600-799)) Eagle Dr ((2600-2999)) E Ann Arbor Ave ((1800-3099)) Easter Ave ((2500-4299)) Eastgate Cir ((2100-4999)) E Atoll Dr ((2700-2999)) E Brownlee Ave ((100-1099)) E Corning Ave ((100-1499)) Edgemont Ave ((300-1699)) E Elmore Ave ((100-1799)) E Five Mile Pkwy ((700-1199)) E Hobson Ave ((100-1399)) E Illinois Ave ((100-4099)) E Kiest Blvd ((100-3806)) E Lakeview Dr ((1800-1899)) E Ledbetter Dr ((178-4799)) Elena St ((4800-4899)) Elk Horn Trl ((4100-4399)) E Louisiana Ave ((100-1499)) E McVey Ave ((100-1399)) E McVey St ((1000-1099)) E Missouri Ave ((100-1799)) E Montana Ave ((100-1299)) E Ohio Ave ((100-1799)) E Overton Rd ((100-3099)) E Ozona St ((2500-2599)) E Pentagon Pkwy ((500-1399)) E Saner Ave ((100-1499)) Evelyn St ((2500-2599)) E Waco Ave ((1600-1799)) E Woodin Blvd ((100-1299)) Exeter Ave ((1200-2899)) Featherstone Dr ((4000-4099)) Fellows Ln ((4500-4899)) Fernwood Ave ((700-4499)) Fitzsimmons St ((4200-4399)) Five Mile Dr ((1400-1799)) Fordham Rd ((300-3899)) Forester Dr ((1000-1299)) Fortune Ln ((3800-4199)) Fowler St ((2300-2699)) Frio Dr ((2800-3399)) Frio Dr E ((3400-5099)) Frio Dr W ((3400-4999)) Galloway Ave ((800-1499)) Garrison Ave ((3000-4799)) Garrison St ((3000-4799)) Garza Ave ((400-1899)) Genoa Ave ((600-1299)) Georgia Ave ((100-1699)) Gladewater Rd ((4100-4399)) Glen Ave ((1300-1699)) Graceland Ave ((700-1299)) Gracey St ((4500-4699)) Grinnell St ((900-1699)) Haas Dr ((4600-4999)) Hale Blvd ((4100-4199)) Harbor Rd ((1500-1599)) Harlandale Ave ((700-3399)) Hedgdon Dr ((4400-4699)) Hemphill Dr ((1600-1799)) Hendricks Ave ((1000-1599)) Hilandale Dr ((4900-4999)) Hilandale St ((4900-4999)) Holden Ave ((100-3499)) Horizon Dr ((4700-5099)) Hortense Ave ((1100-1699)) Huckleberry Cir ((4000-4299)) Hudspeth Ave ((1200-2699)) Hull Ave ((7700-7999)) Humphrey Dr ((3600-4599)) Idaho Ave ((1200-4699)) Illinois Ave ((2000-2098)) Inca Dr ((2100-2399)) Iowa Ave ((100-1599)) Ivory Ln ((7602-7999)) Jaffee St ((3900-4199)) Jennings Ave ((2300-2699)) Jessie Bell St ((3000-3199)) John St ((8100-8199)) Julius Schepps Fwy ((7301-8498)) Julius Schepps Sv Rd E ((7700-8498)) Julius Schepps Sv Rd W ((7001-8499)) Kathleen Ave ((2100-2699)) Kellogg Ave ((2600-3699)) Kilburn Ave ((2400-4598)) Kildare Ave ((4700-5099)) King Cole Cir ((2900-2999)) King Cole Ct ((2800-2899)) King Cole Dr ((2700-2999)) Kingsley Dr ((1300-2099)) Kiska St ((7901-8199)) Kolloch Dr ((3600-4799)) Korgan St ((700-799)) Kostner Ave ((4000-4399)) Kristen Dr ((2400-3499)) Kushla Ave ((3300-4699)) Kyser St ((3300-3399)) Lakeview Dr ((1500-1799)) Lamont Ave ((1700-2299)) Lancaster Rd S ((2100-2499)) Landrum Ave ((4200-4499)) Lea Crest Dr ((1800-2699)) Leatherwood St ((3500-3599)) Ledbetter Dr ((2900-3699)) Le Forge Ave ((3800-3999)) Le May Ave ((3800-3999)) Leway Ave ((3800-3999)) Linfield Rd ((2800-4899)) Locust Ave ((2200-2799)) Loris Ln ((1600-1699)) Lp 12 Ramp ((4587-8449)) Luzon St ((4500-4699)) Lynn Haven Ave ((1300-1699)) Maceo Cir ((2700-2799)) Madrid St ((1500-1599)) Madrone Trl ((519-599)) Magna Vista Dr ((2400-2999)) Malden Ln ((3800-4699)) Mallory Dr ((3000-3599)) Marfa Ave ((1200-3799)) Marjorie Ave ((2400-3399)) Marsalis Pkwy ((700-1199)) Maryland Ave ((1200-4699)) Mayforge Dr ((7700-8399)) Maywood Ave ((1200-1699)) McCullough Dr ((4000-4099)) McDowell Ave ((700-799)) Meek St ((4500-4599)) Mentor Ave ((700-2099)) Michigan Ave ((1200-3599)) Millermore St ((2200-2599)) Modree Ave ((2500-3199)) Moffatt Ave ((2100-2799)) Montague Ave ((1200-1599)) Mundy Cir ((3500-3599)) Mundy Dr ((3100-3499)) Nabors St ((700-899)) Narboe St ((2200-2299)) N Atoll Dr ((1400-91598)) Nebraska Ave ((3100-3399)) Neptune Rd ((1000-1399)) Nome St ((4700-4899)) N Shore Dr ((100-299)) Oakley Ave ((1300-1599)) Opal Ave ((3700-4299)) Overhill Ln ((1700-1899)) Overton Ct ((3400-4099)) Overton Rd ((3100-4299)) Owega Ave ((1300-1699)) Ozona St ((2200-2599)) Paducah Ave ((1800-1899)) Paloduro Ln ((4800-4999)) Parrot St ((2700-2798)) Parrott St ((2700-3599)) Pasco Dr ((2200-2299)) Presidio Ave ((1200-1799)) Prince Hall Ct ((2901-4899)) Prince Hall Ln ((2900-2999)) Prince Hall Sq ((2900-2999)) Prince Hall St ((2900-2999)) Prosperity Ave ((2700-3799)) Ramona Ave ((3200-4999)) Ramsey Ave ((1400-3499)) Rand Ave ((4900-4999)) Renner Dr ((1200-1599)) Robin Oaks Dr ((2900-3099)) Saipan St ((7900-8099)) Scenic Cir ((2900-3099)) S Central Expy ((5001-7699)) S Corinth St ((1850-2499)) Scotland Dr ((2200-2799)) S Denley Dr ((900-5199)) Seaton Dr ((2800-3399)) Seay Dr ((4300-4499)) Sedalia St ((4800-4899)) Seevers Ave ((1300-3499)) Selkirk Dr ((1300-1399)) S Ewing Ave ((100-4699)) Shindoll St ((3900-3999)) Skylark Dr ((2000-2499)) S Lancaster Rd ((2300-8299)) Sleeth St ((700-1099)) S Loop 12 ((4500-4584)) S Loop 12 Svc Rd N ((4501-4599)) S Loop 12 Svc Rd S ((4500-4698)) S Marsalis Ave ((600-4999)) Solar Ln ((4500-4699)) Sonora Ave ((3700-4099)) Southern Hills Dr ((4100-4399)) Southern Oaks Blvd ((3100-3599)) Spanish Fort Ave ((3300-3499)) Springer St ((4700-4799)) Springview Ave ((3000-3399)) S R L Thornton Fwy ((3500-4699)) S Shore Dr ((100-299)) Stanley Smith Dr ((3800-4099)) State Hwy 310 ((5550-8499)) State Hwy 342 ((1850-5089)) State Hwy Lp 12 ((178-4799)) Stella Ave ((800-1699)) Stirling Ave ((1300-1599)) Stokes St ((4600-4899)) Stovall Cir ((2600-2699)) Stovall Dr ((1800-2599)) Strawn St ((3900-4099)) Strickland St ((800-1499)) Strobel Ave ((4300-4999)) Summit Ridge Dr ((3800-4299)) Sunnyvale St ((2900-4897)) Sunset St ((200-254)) Sun Valley Dr ((3900-4399)) Sutter St ((1500-2399)) Tacoma St ((4000-4799)) Texanna St ((2500-2599)) Tips Blvd ((3000-3099)) Tortoise Dr ((2800-2899)) Trojan St ((7900-7999)) Underwood St ((4500-4699)) Utah Ave ((3000-4699)) Van Cleave Dr ((2000-2999)) Vandervoort Dr ((3600-4799)) Vanette Ln ((3800-4399)) Vermont Ave ((300-1599)) Veterans Dr ((4500-4899)) Village Way ((1800-2399)) Volga Ave ((1800-3799)) Waco Ave ((800-1599)) Wadsworth Dr ((4600-4999)) Waweenoc Ave ((1100-1699)) Whitaker Ave ((1001-1699)) Wilhurt Ave ((2200-35198)) Wind River Dr ((4000-4199)) Winters St ((200-1199)) W Lakeview Dr ((1800-2199)) Wonderview Way ((2600-2999)) Woodview Ln ((1200-1299)) Works Ave ((3600-3699)) Yancy St ((4500-4899)) Yewpon Ave ((4600-4999)) Yukon Cir ((8300-8399)) Zealand St ((4700-4899))

75216 Places and Attractions

A New Creation Fellowship Church Antioch Baptist Church B F Darrell Elementary School Barbabas Missionary Baptist Church Bethel Temple Pentecostal Church Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church Bible Deliverance Church of God in Christ Biglow Street Mission Biglow Street Mission Church Boude Storey Middle School Bryan School Budd School Bullock Chapel Church Bushman Park Bushman School Canaan Baptist Church Cedar Crest Country Club Christ Memorial Baptist Church Christ Mission Baptist Church Christ Temple Baptist Church Christ Trinity Baptist Church Christ Way Missionary Baptist Church Christian Holy Temple Church of God in Christ Clara Oliver Elementary School Community Baptist Church Community Church of God in Christ Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church of Faith Cummings Park Dallas Christian Hope Baptist Church Davids Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Deer Path Park Deerpath Park Deliverance Baptist Church El Bethel Church of God in Christ Elisha M Pease Elementary School Elizabeth Chapel Church Epiphany Episcopal Church Ewing Avenue Baptist Church Ezell Chapel Church Faith Memorial Baptist Church Freeman Chapel Church Friendly Missionary Baptist Church Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Fruitdale Fruitdale Park Garza Avenue Church of Christ Gilgal Missionary Baptist Church Gladewater Baptist Church Gladewater Road Missionary Baptist Church Glendale Presbyterian Church Gods Grace Holiness Church Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Good Shepherd Baptist Church Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church Good Tree Missionary Baptist Church Grace Cathedral Church of God and Christ Grace of God Baptist Church Greater Emanuel Baptist Church Greater Friendly Chapel Baptist Church Greater Gospel Temple Church of God in Christ Greater Ideal Baptist Church Greater Love Missionary Baptist Church Greater Mount Everest Baptist Church Greater Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church Greater Mount Herman Baptist Church Greater Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Greater New Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Greater Saint James Baptist Church Greater Saint Matthew Church of God in Christ Greater South Central Baptist Church Greater True Light Baptist Church Harrell Budd Elementary School Harry Stone Montessori School Herndon Park Highway to Heaven Missionary Baptist Church Hillcrest Church Hollie Grove Missionary Baptist Church Holmes Junior High School Holymaster Church of God in Christ Honey Springs Branch Illinois Avenue Baptist Church J P Starks Elementary School John Neeley Bryan Elementary School John Phelps Park Judea Baptist Church Kings Branch Lamb of God Missionary Baptist Church Light of the World Church of God and Christ Lisbon Cemetery Lisbon Elementary School Lisbon School Little Friendship Baptist Church Living Testimony Baptist Church Loving Missionary Baptist Church Mcneil Missionary Baptist Church Metropolitan Tabernacle Metropolitan Tabernacle Baptist Church Miller School Morning Star Primitive Baptist Church Mount Cavalry Church of God and Christ Mount Elam Missionary Baptist Church Mount Gerizim Baptist Church Mount Grove Missionary Baptist Church Mount Sinai Baptist Church Mount Sinai First Baptist Church Mount Zion Church of God in Christ New Canaan Missionary Baptist Church New Comforter Church of God in Christ New Faith Missionary Baptist Church New Generation Church of God in Christ New Greater Emmanuel Baptist Church New Hope Progressive Church of God and Christ New Invention Church of God in Christ New Jerusalem Institutional Baptist Church New Life Church of God in Christ New Life Missionary Baptist Church New Mount Carmel Baptist Church New Peace Missionary Baptist Church New Zion Baptist Church Newcliff Baptist Church O W Holmes Middle School Oak Cliff Zion Baptist Church Old Landmark Holiness Church Oliver Hill Baptist Church Oliver Park Oliver School Overhill Church Overton Road Holy Trinity Church of God in Christ Pease School Peniel Baptist Church Pentecost House of Pray Church Peterson Memorial Baptist Church Pine Grove Baptist Church Prayer House Church of God in Christ Pure Faith Baptist Church Pure Word Pentecostal Church Rejoicing Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Renner Park Resurrection Community Baptist Church Right Way Missionary Baptist Church River Lake Country Club Roger Q Mills Elementary School Saint Andrew United Methodist Church Saint James Catholic Church Saint James School Saint Johns Lutheran Church Saints of Zion Baptist Church Saintsville Church of God in Christ Sanctuary of Liberty Holiness Church Sarah Zumwalt Middle School Seaton Park Shekinah Tabernacle Baptist Church Shield of Faith Church of God and Christ Shiloh Church of God in Christ Solid Rock First Baptist Church South Central Church of Christ South Central Missionary Baptist Church South Oak Cliff Baptist Church South Oak Cliff High School Steven Temple Church of God in Christ Storey Junior High School Sun Valley Park Sunrise Baptist Church Sunshine Home Sure Foundation Baptist Church T D Marshall Elementary School Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Temple Missionary Baptist Church Thomas Hill Park Thomas Hill Park True Believers Baptist Church True Gospel Missionary Baptist Church True Holiness Church of God in Christ Truelight Pentecostal Prayer House Church Union Chapel Baptist Church United Missionary Baptist Church United Pentecostal Temple Veterans Park W W Bushman Elementary School Whitney M Young Elementary School Wiley Chapel Baptist Church William B Miller Elementary School Willing Workers Baptist Church Woodin Boulevard Church of Christ Woody Branch Words of Faith Missionary Baptist Church Zion Missionary Baptist Church