Oklahoma City, OK 73119 ZIP Code Map


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73119 Street Addresses

Agnew Pl ((3800-3999)) Airport Rd ((3701-5847)) Amelia Earhart Ln ((4000-4398)) Broderson Cir ((1300-1399)) Chestnut Dr ((1300-1499)) E Frontage Rd ((3300-4499)) Glen Dean Cir ((5900-5999)) Glenndean Cir ((5900-5999)) James Dr ((1300-1399)) Jo Ann Dr ((1600-2099)) Johnston Dr ((1300-5199)) Kinkaid Dr ((1300-1599)) Lafayette Dr ((1300-1499)) Magdalena Dr ((1300-4499)) Monte Dr ((5300-5399)) Monte Pl ((5100-5399)) Newcastle Rd ((3401-4499)) N Minnie Ln ((1800-1999)) Rancho Dr ((1400-4699)) Reding Dr ((1400-1699)) Regina Ave ((5600-5799)) S Agnew Ave ((3000-5999)) S Airline Ave ((4500-4699)) S Atoka Ave ((3200-3299)) S Avenida Ave ((3900-4099)) S Barnes Ave ((3000-5699)) S Barnes Pl ((3800-3999)) S Blackwelder Ave ((3000-6299)) S Brock Dr ((3001-3699)) S Brookline Ave ((3700-5299)) S Brunson St ((3200-3799)) S Buddy Ln ((4900-5199)) S by Pass Ter ((4500-5899)) S Drexel Ave ((3700-5599)) S Dumas Ave ((3000-3699)) S Dumas Ln ((3100-3399)) SE 44th St ((4300-4499)) S Goff Ave ((3000-4299)) S I- 44 Svc Rd ((3300-4499)) S Independence Ave ((3000-5999)) S Indiana Ave ((3000-3699)) S Indiana Pl ((3700-3899)) S Kentucky Ave ((3000-5999)) S Land Ave ((4500-5599)) S Liberty Ave ((3200-3699)) S Linn Ave ((3000-5599)) S May Ave ((1-5999)) S Meridian Ave ((3000-6799)) S Meta Ave ((3000-3699)) S Miller Ave ((2200-4799)) S Monte Dr ((5400-5599)) S Monte Pl ((5400-5599)) South Dr ((1300-1399)) South Virginia Ave ((2900-3699)) S Parkview Ave ((3100-3699)) S Pennsylvania Ave ((500-5999)) S Portland Ave ((2901-8999)) S Quapah Ave ((3300-3799)) S Rockwood St ((5300-5699)) S Roff Ave ((3400-4499)) S Ross Ave ((3000-5999)) S Shawnee Ave ((3100-3699)) S St Clair Ave ((3100-4499)) S Stultz Ave ((3100-3699)) State Hwy 152 ((3033-3498)) S Utah Ave ((2800-2999)) S Villa Ave ((3000-5999)) S Villa Pl ((3700-4499)) SW 29th Pl ((3300-3699)) SW 29th St ((1300-4499)) SW 30th St ((1300-2998)) SW 31st St ((1300-4399)) SW 32nd St ((1300-4499)) SW 33rd St ((1300-4599)) SW 34th St ((1300-4499)) SW 35th St ((1300-2899)) SW 36th St ((1300-5899)) SW 37th Pl ((3000-3099)) SW 37th St ((1400-3899)) SW 38th St ((1300-3899)) SW 39th St ((1600-3899)) SW 39th Ter ((2900-3999)) SW 40th Pl ((3000-3899)) SW 40th St ((1500-3899)) SW 41st St ((1500-3999)) SW 42nd Pl ((3900-4099)) SW 42nd St ((1300-3899)) SW 43rd St ((1300-3899)) SW 44th St ((1300-4323)) SW 45th St ((1300-3299)) SW 46th Pl ((2700-2899)) SW 46th St ((1300-3399)) SW 46th Ter ((2600-2899)) SW 47th St ((1600-3399)) SW 48th St ((1500-3599)) SW 49th St ((2100-3399)) SW 50th St ((2100-3399)) SW 51st St ((1300-3499)) SW 52nd Pl ((2900-3099)) SW 52nd St ((1300-3299)) SW 53rd St ((2200-3299)) SW 54th Pl ((2500-2899)) SW 54th St ((1300-4499)) SW 55th St ((2100-3299)) SW 56th St ((1300-3099)) SW 57th Pl ((2600-2699)) SW 57th St ((2200-3099)) SW 58th St ((1300-2599)) SW 59th St ((1300-13198)) SW Binkley St ((1300-2499)) SW Grand Blvd ((1300-2899)) SW Murray Dr ((2500-3399)) S Woodward Ave ((3000-5199)) S Youngs Blvd ((3000-5999)) S Youngs Pl ((3800-5599)) Texoma Dr ((2500-2899)) Williams Dr ((1100-1499))

73119 Places and Attractions

Adams Elementary School Agnew Avenue Baptist Church Airline Baptist Church Airport Assembly of God Airport Church of Christ Airport Heights Park Almonte Shopping Center Arthur Elementary School Asbury United Methodist Church Bethel Baptist Church Brock Park Capitol Hill Baptist Church Capitol Hill Free Will Baptist Church Carmelite Missionary Sisters Church Cathedral of Deliverance Central Christian Church Centro Christiano Fe A Dios Church of Christ Capitol Hill Church of God in Christ Coolidge Elementary School Czech Cemetery Dumas Avenue Baptist Church El Tabernaculo Defe Faith Worship Center First Free Will Baptist Church Full Gospel Assembly Church Garfield School Grace Assembly of God Church Grace Freewill Baptist Church Grand Boulevard Church-Christ Grant Square Harvest Time Church Highway of Holiness Church Hillcrest Christian Church Hillcrest Heights Baptist Church Hillcrest Hospital Hillcrest United Methodist Church Immaculate Conception Cemetery Independence Avenue Baptist Church Inner City Church of God Knob Hill Baptist Church Korean First United Methodist Church Lillard Park May Avenue Wesleyan Church May Square Mayridge Baptist Church Mayridge Shops Messiah Ministries Church Penn Avenue Baptist Church Pentecostal Church of God Southwest Portland Avenue Church Rancho Village Baptist Church Rancho Village Elementary School Rockwood Baptist Church Roosevelt Middle School Saint James Catholic Church Selecman United Methodist Church Sherwood Baptist Church South Penn Church of Christ South Young Sovereign Grace Church Southwest Baptist Church Southwest Christian Church Stand Watie Elementary School The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trinity American Lutheran Church Trinity Free Will Baptist Church U S Grant High School United Pentecostal Church Valley View Baptist Church Van Buren Elementary School Woodson Park Youngs Park