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73111 Street Addresses

Albany Ave ((1700-1799)) Barbara Pl ((2100-2299)) Bean Blossom Dr ((6100-6399)) Bryant Ave ((7001-43329)) Byron Ct ((2500-2599)) Cairo Ave ((1700-1799)) Campbell Rd ((1100-1399)) Casper Dr ((4300-4899)) Corrine Dr ((1800-1899)) Creston Dr ((2400-3199)) E Britton ((6723-6999)) Edwards Ave ((1700-2099)) E Eubanks St ((1700-1899)) E Frontage Rd ((4301-6199)) E Hill St ((1600-1799)) E I- 44 Svc Rd ((1100-2999)) Elton Ave ((1700-1799)) E Madison St ((1000-2499)) Everett Ct ((2500-2599)) E Wilshire Blvd ((1100-3098)) Fox Ct ((4800-4999)) Frontage Rd ((2400-3699)) Garland Dr ((1300-1499)) Glen Ellyn St ((2100-2399)) Granada Blvd ((1800-2399)) Hardin Dr ((1700-2399)) Highland Ave ((2400-2599)) Highley Dr ((5300-5799)) Homa Ave ((1600-1899)) I- 44 ((1000-2699)) Lippert Dr ((6600-6799)) Lottie Ave ((1700-2599)) Manns Dr ((2200-2299)) Martin Luther King Blvd ((5300-5499)) Meyers Pl ((1500-2099)) Milam Ct ((1400-1499)) Miramar Blvd ((1700-6599)) Monticello Ct ((1400-1499)) N Bath Ave ((1700-2399)) N Bryant Ave ((7001-43329)) N Busch St ((2100-2199)) N Dodson Ter ((1900-2099)) NE 17th St ((1000-2999)) NE 18th St ((1000-2999)) NE 19th St ((1000-2999)) NE 20th St ((1000-2699)) NE 21st St ((1000-2799)) NE 22nd St ((1000-2699)) NE 23rd St ((100-2799)) NE 24th St ((1100-2999)) NE 25th St ((1100-2999)) NE 26th Ct ((2100-2199)) NE 26th St ((1000-2499)) NE 27th ((1600-1799)) NE 27th St ((1000-2499)) NE 28th St ((1000-2499)) NE 29th St ((1000-2099)) NE 30th St ((1000-2699)) NE 31st St ((1400-1699)) NE 32nd St ((1101-1699)) NE 33rd St ((1000-1899)) NE 34th St ((1200-2499)) NE 35th Pl ((1400-1499)) NE 35th St ((1400-1999)) NE 36th St ((1000-7198)) NE 37th St ((1200-2199)) NE 38th St ((1100-1699)) NE 39th St ((1200-1699)) NE 40th St ((1300-1499)) NE 41st Ter ((1200-1299)) NE 42nd St ((1000-3898)) NE 43rd St ((1100-1599)) NE 44th St ((1200-1999)) NE 45th St ((1200-1599)) NE 46th St ((1200-1699)) NE 47th St ((1200-1799)) NE 48th St ((1100-1999)) NE 49th St ((1800-1899)) NE 50th St ((1000-2199)) NE 51st St ((1500-1899)) NE 52nd St ((1000-2299)) NE 53rd St ((1000-1999)) NE 54th ((1900-1999)) NE 54th St ((1300-1999)) NE 55th ((1900-1999)) NE 55th St ((1000-1999)) NE 56th St ((1001-1899)) NE 57th St ((1900-1999)) NE 58th St ((1000-1999)) NE 59th St ((1000-1299)) NE 63rd St ((1000-6099)) NE 64th St ((1100-1199)) NE 66th St ((1500-1999)) NE 67th St ((1100-1999)) NE 68th St ((1000-2799)) NE 69th St ((1000-1999)) NE 70th St ((1000-7099)) NE 71st St ((2800-2999)) NE 78th St ((1100-3098)) NE 93rd St ((6723-6999)) N Eastern Ave ((1-7899)) NE Grand Blvd ((1-6399)) NE Grand Cir ((2200-2399)) NE Military Cir ((3500-3599)) NE Success St ((2500-2999)) N Everest ((6401-7099)) N Everest Ave ((1700-7099)) N Fairmont Ave ((1700-2399)) N Fonshill Ave ((2100-3299)) N Glen Ellyn St ((2400-2499)) N Hampton Ave ((2900-3099)) N Highland Dr ((1300-2699)) N Hood St ((2100-2399)) N I- 35 Svc Rd ((1700-2298)) N I-35 Svc Rd ((2701-3099)) N Jordan Ave ((1700-3699)) N Kate Ave ((1100-3999)) N Kelham Ave ((1700-2399)) N Kelley Ave ((1300-8699)) N Lottie Ave ((1150-6799)) N Lyon Dr ((2700-2899)) N Martin Luther King Ave ((1-7899)) N Michigan St ((5100-5299)) N Miramar Blvd ((6600-6899)) N Missouri Ave ((1700-6799)) N Nebraska Ave ((1700-5099)) Normandy St ((2600-2799)) North Ct ((1400-1499)) Northeast Expy ((1000-43329)) N Page Ave ((1700-2199)) N Prospect Ave ((1700-7099)) N Rhode Island Ave ((1700-7699)) N Rickey Dr ((3900-3999)) N Sharry Ln ((3900-3999)) N Sooner Rd ((9400-10899)) N Stonewall Ave ((1300-6099)) N Stonewall Dr ((5201-5899)) N Terry Ave ((3401-5999)) N Terry Dr ((5900-5999)) N Timber Ln ((5300-5699)) N Wisconsin Ave ((4900-5498)) Park Cir ((1500-1599)) Park Ln ((4100-4199)) Public Rd ((1100-1599)) Remington Pl ((1-5349)) Rhode Island Ave ((5100-5899)) Richardson Dr ((4600-5099)) Sherman Ave ((2100-3399)) Sherman Ter ((3300-3399)) Shull Ave ((2400-2699)) S Martin Luther King Ave ((4-68)) Springlake Dr ((3700-4499)) State Hwy 66 ((1000-2699)) Staton Dr ((1200-1798)) Stewart Ct ((2500-2599)) Stonewall Dr ((6000-6099)) Sycamore St ((2400-2599)) Teresa Ter ((2100-2299)) Towers Ct ((2300-2399)) US Hwy 62 ((2601-2799)) US Hwy 62 Svc Rd ((2300-2398)) Wickliff St ((1700-1899)) W Main St ((6723-6999)) Woods Dr ((3900-4499))

73111 Places and Attractions

Amost Memorial CME Church Bethlehem Star Baptist Church Bright Light Church of God Central Baptist Church Christ Baptist Church Christ Deliverance Missionary Christ Evangelist Baptist Church Church of God Whpwhob Church of God in Christ Church of the Living God Church of the Living God Computer Office Training Center Cowboy Hall of Fame East Side Church of Christ Edison School First Afican Methodist Episcopal Church First Shepherd Baptist Church Followers of Christ Baptist Church Fourth Church of Christ Greater Bethel Baptist Church Greater Cleaves Memorial CME Greater Fellowship Baptist Church Greater First Deliverance Church Greater New Zion Baptist Church Greater Sapp Institutional Church Greater Shiloh Baptist Church Harden Park Harmony School Hayden Park Health Career Center Highland Church of God-Christ Holy Devine Baptist Church Holy Temple Baptist Church Holy Temple Church of God Holy United Baptist Church Hope Memorial Baptist Church Interchange 129 Interchange 130 Interchange 130 Interchange 132A John Wesley Charter School KJYO-FM (Oklahoma City) KKNG-FM (Oklahoma City) KMGL-FM (Oklahoma City) KOKH-TV (Oklahoma City) KRXO-FM (Oklahoma City) KTVY KXXY-FM (Oklahoma City) Lincoln Park Livingword Missionary Baptist Church Longfellow Elementary School Love, Joy and Peace Church of God Marcus Garvey Charter School Martin Luther King Junior School Mason Academy Metro Area Vocational College Midwest Christian College Midwest College Millwood Baptist Church Millwood School Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Horeb Missionary Baptist Church Mount Olive Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Nealys Temple Church of God New Bethel Baptist Church New Bethlehem Temple Church New Covenant MB Church North Eastern Shopping Center Northeast Academy Northeast Dam Northeast Lake Oklahoma National Guard Heliport Park Estates Shopping Center Park Plaza Parkview School Perry Park Phillips Park Pitts Park Polk School Praise of Zion Missionary Baptist Church Prospect Baptist Church Quayle United Methodist Church Rainbow Church of God-Christ Reach Out Outreach Center Redeemed Baptist Church Rising Star Baptist Church Saint John Church Saint Jude Missionary Baptist Church Saint Mark Baptist Church Saint Mathews Primitive Baptist Church Shield of Faith Missionary Church Solid Rock Church of God Springlake Park Tabernacle Baptist Church Temple of Healing Thelma R Parks Elementary School Trinity Presbyterian Church Union Church Unity Baptist Church Wildewood Christian Church