Baton Rouge, LA 70807 ZIP Code Map


70807 Schools


  • Scenic Alternative High School (Jrdc)
  • Scenic Alternative High School
  • Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Academy
  • Scotlandville Elementary School
  • Scotlandville Magnet High School
  • Ryan Elementary School
  • Progress Elementary School
  • Crestworth Elementary School
  • Banks Elementary School
  • Crestworth Learning Academy
  • Scenic Alternative High School
  • 70807 Hotels

  • Days Inn And Suites Baton Rouge Airport
  • Hilton Garden Inn Baton Rouge
  • Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Baton Rouge Airport
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott Baton Rouge North/Airport
  • Census


    ZIP Code 70807 is located in East Baton Rouge Parish

    70807 Street Addresses

    68th Ave ((1800-3099)) 69th Ave ((1800-3099)) 70th Ave ((1700-3099)) 71st Ave ((1700-2599)) 72nd Ave ((1700-4399)) 73rd Ave ((1600-2999)) 74th Ave ((1600-2898)) 75th Ave ((1500-2999)) 77th Ave ((1500-2999)) 78th Ave ((1500-2899)) 79th Ave ((1400-2899)) Abraham Dr ((13300-13599)) Allendale St ((1400-1599)) Almond St ((10200-10299)) Alsen Heights Pkwy ((13900-14499)) Andover St ((2700-2899)) Appleton Ave ((2700-2899)) Ashwood Dr ((3600-3699)) Ashworth Dr ((3800-3999)) Ave A ((9700-10299)) Ave B ((9700-10299)) Ave C ((9700-10599)) Ave D ((9700-10699)) Ave F ((9700-11299)) Ave G ((9700-10599)) Ave H ((9900-10599)) Ave I ((9700-10599)) Ave J ((9700-10599)) Ave K ((9700-11299)) Ave L ((9700-10299)) Ave M ((9700-10299)) Avenue E ((9700-10599)) Avocet St ((700-799)) Badley Rd ((2400-3099)) Balsam Ave ((1000-1399)) Baranco St ((900-1099)) Bayberry Ave ((900-1399)) Baynard St ((10100-10199)) Benton Ave ((3000-11799)) Bertha St ((10400-10699)) Birchwood Dr ((10300-10599)) Bittern St ((700-799)) Blanche Noyes Ave ((4400-4599)) Blount Ave ((200-553)) Blount Rd ((200-5299)) Bobby St ((200-299)) Bon Crest Ave ((200-399)) Booker St ((8700-9199)) Bowman Ave ((10000-10199)) Bradfield Ave ((1900-1999)) Brashears St ((2300-2399)) Brig Gen Isaac Smith Ave ((2600-2899)) Brooklawn Dr ((100-2499)) Brooks Ave ((3000-3099)) Burt St ((7400-7499)) Cambridge St ((6500-7099)) Camden St ((12201-12899)) Campbell Dr ((4800-4999)) Camphor Dr ((10500-10699)) Canada St ((10200-10699)) Candace St ((11600-11699)) Cardinal St ((1000-1699)) Carson Rd ((10500-10599)) Carver St ((1600-1699)) Catherine St ((1000-10566)) Central Rd ((700-2299)) Century Ave ((2700-2899)) C E Woolman Dr ((9100-9299)) Chinn St ((9100-9899)) Chuck Yeager Ave ((4000-4499)) Constance St ((12000-12099)) Coot St ((500-698)) Cormorant St ((700-799)) Crane St ((500-599)) Crestview Ave ((200-399)) Crockett Dr ((2300-2499)) Cunard Ave ((1900-2299)) Curlew St ((700-799)) Curtis St ((1300-2799)) Cypress Dale Ave ((11100-11399)) Cypress Glen Ave ((11000-11399)) Davenport Ave ((2100-2299)) Desoto Dr ((2300-2599)) Devall Ln ((11000-11399)) Dillard Dr ((601-899)) Dixon Ave ((3000-3099)) Djuanna Dr ((5700-5912)) D'Juanna Dr ((5700-5912)) Dotson Ave ((100-399)) Doverwood Dr ((12100-12199)) Dove St ((600-699)) Duck St ((600-799)) Eagle St ((600-699)) E Brock Pl ((12200-12399)) Edgar St ((13500-13899)) Edwin St ((8400-8899)) Egret St ((600-798)) Elmer Ave ((100-898)) Elmgrove Garden Dr ((8200-9455)) Elm Grove Garden Dr ((9501-10999)) Elm Park Dr ((2300-2499)) Emile St ((7700-7899)) Engleswood Dr ((11200-12399)) E Northgate Ct ((14100-14199)) E Ridgecrest Ct ((10500-10599)) E Ridgecrest Dr ((10700-10799)) E Stanocila Dr ((2300-2899)) Fairchild St ((1300-2799)) Felton Clark Dr ((13300-13599)) Finch St ((2500-2899)) Fletcher Wms Dr ((10100-10199)) Flicker St ((300-799)) Fraternity St ((1400-1699)) Frenchy Ln ((10400-10699)) Gassie St ((9200-9699)) Gatebriar St ((100-399)) General Chennault Dr ((8500-8699)) Gibbens Rd ((11000-13399)) Gibson Ave ((3200-3299)) Glynn Rd ((13800-14399)) Golden Ct ((10600-10899)) Goode St ((6800-7599)) Goose St ((800-999)) Gore Rd ((1900-3599)) Goudchaux St ((1400-2399)) Grebe St ((900-1099)) Greely Rd ((13300-14299)) Gregworth Dr ((3800-3899)) Hallmark Dr ((11600-11999)) Harding Blvd ((100-4899)) Hastings St ((9000-9199)) Heath St ((8000-8199)) Helene St ((8100-9399)) Heron St ((1500-1799)) Hickory Wood Ave ((3500-3699)) Hillcrest Ave ((200-399)) Hollier Rd ((4500-4821)) Hunt St ((7500-7599)) Inge St ((7500-7599)) Jackie Cochran Dr ((9201-9499)) Jay St ((2500-2899)) Jenkins Dr ((2100-2299)) Jimmy Wedell Dr ((8900-8999)) Joe Louis Ct ((12200-12299)) Jolson Dr ((11700-11999)) Jones St ((8000-9699)) Jordan St ((1000-1499)) Kaufman St ((1400-91598)) Kelly St ((600-699)) Kerr St ((6500-6699)) Key St ((8900-8999)) Kildeer St ((1501-1699)) Killdeer St ((1500-1699)) Kingfisher Ave ((8000-10999)) King St ((1400-1599)) Kingston Dr ((11500-12599)) Kitty St ((800-999)) Lakecrest Ave ((200-399)) Lark St ((2400-2898)) Layton Ave ((3000-3298)) Lee St ((1100-1199)) Leisure Rd ((12200-13299)) Leonidas Dr ((12100-12399)) Lewis St ((9000-9699)) Liberty Dr ((10500-10899)) Lincoln Dr ((13300-13599)) Littlewoods Dr ((12100-12299)) Lt Gen Ben Davis Jr Ave ((2700-2899)) Main St ((13300-14099)) Mallard St ((800-899)) Marci Ct ((2300-2399)) Marsh St ((900-1099)) Mayhaw Dr ((1000-91199)) McBan Cir ((2300-2499)) McCastle Ave ((100-399)) Mc Clure St ((13500-13899)) Mengel Rd ((1101-1699)) Mensia Pl ((8200-8399)) Merganzer Ave ((9501-10199)) Merle Gustafson Dr ((8000-8399)) Middlesex St ((6800-7399)) Mills Ave ((100-799)) Monte Sano Ave ((1400-3099)) Mumford Dr ((12200-12399)) Muse St ((200-799)) N Bourgeois Dr ((6500-6699)) N Elm Grove Pl ((2200-2599)) Netterville St ((800-999)) Newman Dr ((12100-12199)) New Rafe Meyer Rd ((200-1999)) N Lark St ((2700-2898)) N Northgate Ct ((201-299)) Northgate Dr ((13900-14499)) Nottingham St ((6500-7999)) Old Rafe Meyer Rd ((200-899)) Oriole St ((1000-1599)) Osprey Ave ((1000-1199)) Owl Ave ((1000-1199)) Packard St ((5645-5830)) Palmyra Dr ((12000-12399)) Pembroke St ((6500-7999)) Pintail St ((700-899)) Plantation Dr ((2200-2499)) Plover St ((2500-2899)) Plymouth Dr ((12100-12399)) Powers St ((1000-1199)) Progress Rd ((700-3098)) Pryce Dr ((2300-2599)) Queens Dr ((11700-11999)) Rachael Ave ((2700-2899)) Rafe Meyer Rd ((200-1999)) Rail St ((8200-8499)) Rebecca Lynn Ave ((2700-3199)) Ridgecrest Dr ((10501-10799)) Rivercrest Ave ((200-399)) Robin St ((1100-1899)) Ronaldson Rd ((12500-13299)) Rosemary Pl ((801-899)) Rosenwald Rd ((800-3099)) Rosewood St ((8000-8199)) Sachet Ave ((3600-3699)) Saint Irma Lee Way ((1101-1199)) Saint John Ln ((829-886)) Sally Ride Ave ((3200-3299)) Sanchez St ((6600-6699)) Sapsucker St ((300-399)) Sara Pkwy ((1801-8599)) S Brock Pl ((2100-2399)) Scaup St ((600-699)) Scenic Hwy ((6500-14899)) Scotland Ave ((8300-13099)) Scotlandville-Zachary Hwy ((13300-14099)) S Elm Grove Pl ((2200-2299)) S Gibbens Dr ((10600-10899)) Sharon St ((8000-8199)) Silverwood Dr ((1000-1499)) Simms St ((1000-1199)) Snipe St ((1300-1999)) S Northgate Ct ((200-298)) Somerset St ((6800-8399)) Sora St ((1300-1899)) Southern Ave ((8100-9699)) Sparrow St ((900-1099)) Sparta Ave ((1901-1999)) Springfield Rd ((100-499)) S Ridgecrest Ct ((3500-3699)) Standard St ((1500-1699)) Stanicola Dr ((1600-1899)) Stanicola St ((1600-1899)) State Rte 19 ((8300-14099)) State Rte 408 ((1300-4599)) State Rte 423 ((450-4103)) Stilt St ((1100-1799)) St Irma Lee Way ((800-1199)) St John Ln ((101-999)) Success St ((1500-1799)) Sunshine Pk Ct ((4900-5299)) Sunshine Rd ((12723-12998)) Sussex St ((7300-7599)) Swan Ave ((800-1999)) Tallow Dr ((10500-10699)) Tanner St ((2500-2799)) Teal St ((1100-8779)) Tern St ((8200-8699)) Thelma St ((8200-8999)) Thomas Rd ((100-4103)) Townsley St ((1000-1199)) Turnley Dr ((12100-12599)) US Hwy 61 ((6500-14899)) Varsity St ((2400-2999)) Veterans Memorial Blvd ((8000-9199)) Village St ((6500-6799)) Wall St ((1100-1399)) W Almond Dr ((10201-10499)) W Brock Pl ((2000-12399)) W Elm Grove Pl ((8500-8698)) Wetherill Dr ((1300-1399)) Whitfield St ((8900-9099)) Wilbur ((8100-9399)) Wilbur Rd ((8100-8399)) Wilbur St ((8400-9399)) Williams Aly ((9500-9699)) Williams St ((300-599)) Wk Gordon St ((700-799)) Woodcock St ((100-699)) Woodpecker St ((1-699)) Wren St ((2701-2899)) W Ridgecrest Ct ((10500-10599)) Yorkshire St ((7200-7399)) Zerlee St ((10300-10799))

    70807 Places and Attractions

    Agape Missionary Baptist Church Airline Terrace Alsen Alsen Elementary School Alsen Head Start Center School Alsen Heights Alsen Park Alsen - Saint Irma Lee Volunteer Fire Department Station 25 Anna Jordan Park Banks Community Outreach Ministry Banks Elementary School Banks Head Start Center School Barnes Cemetery Baton Rouge Barge Terminal Baton Rouge Fire Department Station 16 Baton Rouge Harbor Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Ryan Field Baton Rouge Police Department Fourth District Baton Rouge Police Department - K-9 Corp Bayou Baton Rouge Beech Grove Baptist Church Beechwood Beechwood Elementary School Bible Believers Church Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church Canaan Missionary Ministry Carroll Baptist Church Children's World Developmental and Learning Center Church of God in Christ C N Burrell Sr Christian Academy Community Bible Church Community Christian Academy Crestworth Crestworth Elementary School Crestworth Middle Pre-engineering Magnet Academy School Crestworth Middle School Cunnard Place Cypress Heights Devall Cemetery Devils Swamp Devils Swamp Lake Disciples Outreach Ministry Discovery Head Start Center School East Baton Rouge Parish Library Scotlandville Branch East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office Ebenezer Baptist Church Elm Grove Garden Favrot Plantation (historical) First Presbyterian Church of Scotlandville Golden Ridge Granberrys Mobile Home Park Greater Baton Rouge Surgical Hospital Greater Central Baptist Church Greater King David Baptist Church Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church Greater New Galilee Baptist Church Greater New Hope Missionary Church Harding Elementary School (historical) Harvest Time Ministries Highland Farms Holiday Acres Holy Trinity Christian Church Howell Community Farms Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Interchange 6 Interchange 8 Jenkins Pryce Place Jewel J Newman Community Center Jordan Stone Baptist Church Jordan Terrace Kings Estates King Solomon Baptist Church Kingston Estates Liberty Farms Liberty School (historical) Lincoln Heights Little Zion Baptist Church Louisiana State University Baptist Center Mallet Bend Margaret Dumas Mental Health Center Maryland Maryland Heights Maryland Tank Farm McClure Place Mengel Landing Mercy Church Monte Sano Trailer Park Moreco Mount Bethel Baptist Church Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Mulatto Bend New Bethel Baptist Church New Day Fellowship Church New Light Baptist Church New Macedonia Church of God in Christ New Macedonia Day Care Center New Philemon Baptist Church New Revelation Baptist Church Nickwack Cemetery North Maryland North School (historical) Parish Governing Authority District 2 Park Vista Petite Place Power of God Ministry Profit Island Chute Progress Elementary School Progress Head Start Center School Promise Land Baptist Church Puritan Baptist Church Ryan Elementary School Saint John Baptist Church Saint John Baptist Church Saint Michaels Episcopal Church Scotland Scotlandville Scotlandville Elementary School Scotlandville Magnet High School Scotlandville Middle School Scotlandville Post Office Scott Bluffs Sixtyeight Avenue Baptist Church Southern Heights Southern Memorial Gardens Southern University and A&M College Southern University Baranco - Hill Infirmary Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Architecture Building Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Augustus C Blanks Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Civil Engineering Building Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Cliford T Seymour Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus E N Mayberry Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Fisher Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Joseph Samuel Clark Administration Annex Southern University Baton Rouge Campus J S Clark Administration Building Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Law School Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Lee Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Mechanical Engineering Building Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Pinkie E Thrift Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Rodney G Higgins Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus School of Nursing Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Sociology Building Southern University Baton Rouge Campus T H Harris Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus Tourgee A DeBose Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus T T Allain Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus William James Hall Southern University Baton Rouge Campus William Lee Pass Police Station Southern University Baton Rouge Campus W W Stewart Hall Southern University F G Clark Activity Center Southern University Fine Arts Theatre Southern University John B Cade Library Southern University Lab School Southern University Munford Stadium Southern University Museum of Art Southern University Post Office Southern University Student Center South School Springfield Bend Revetment Springfield Landing Temple of Greater Healing Church Thomas Point True Love Baptist Church Truevine Baptist Church University Place Wesley Foundation at Southern University White Stone Baptist Church Woodaire