Baton Rouge, LA 70805 ZIP Code Map


70805 Schools


  • Career Academy
  • Inspire Charter Academy (Natl. Heritage Acad.)
  • East Baton Rouge Laboratory Academy
  • Mohican Education Center
  • Winbourne Elementary School
  • Istrouma Senior High School
  • Howell Park Elementary School
  • Delmont Elementary School
  • Claiborne Elementary School
  • Brookstown Elementary School
  • Children'S Charter Middle School
  • Prescott Middle School
  • Dalton Elementary School
  • Central Middle School
  • Central High School
  • Amikids Baton Rouge
  • Census


    ZIP Code 70805 is located in East Baton Rouge Parish

    70805 Street Addresses

    Accardo St ((3900-4099)) Addison St ((2700-3299)) Airline Hwy ((800-9699)) Alamoster Ave ((4300-5699)) Alamoster Dr ((4300-5699)) Alexander Ave ((5600-6499)) Alliquippa St ((3100-4499)) Amarillo St ((2100-3699)) Anita Ave ((3000-3499)) Anita Cir ((2700-2999)) Anna St ((3200-3499)) Annette St ((4700-5399)) Arbutus Ave ((2500-3199)) Bacon St ((6100-6399)) Bank St ((4700-5399)) Banyan Ct ((5500-5599)) Banyan Trace Dr ((5400-5598)) Banyon Trace Dr ((5401-5499)) Barksdale St ((6100-6299)) Barrow Dr ((5700-5799)) Bartlett St ((2500-3299)) Baton Rouge Ave ((3500-5499)) Baton Rouge Ct ((4300-4399)) Beech St ((2100-5799)) Beechwood Dr ((3300-6499)) Bicentennial Pl ((6700-6899)) Blackwell Dr ((2900-3299)) Bootsie Dr ((2900-3299)) Bourgeois St ((6400-6499)) Bradley St ((4600-6899)) Brady St ((2700-4099)) Breckenridge Ave ((4900-6099)) Broadway St ((4700-4999)) Byron Ave ((2800-6199)) Cable St ((2100-2699)) Calumet St ((2100-7199)) Cannon St ((3500-4499)) Canonicus St ((2800-3699)) Casper St ((6100-6498)) Cathedral Dr ((3700-3799)) Cedar Ave ((2500-3199)) Chaney Dr ((2500-2599)) Charles St ((3000-5299)) Chippewa St ((200-4099)) Choctaw Dr ((300-6599)) Clayton Ct ((5500-5699)) Clayton Dr ((3401-6199)) Cleo Ct ((3600-3899)) Clinton Ave ((6400-6899)) Comish Dr ((5700-5899)) Conley Ave ((3000-3499)) Conrad Dr ((2900-3799)) Daisy Ave ((2500-2799)) Dalton St ((2700-4099)) Dawson Dr ((4000-6299)) Dayton St ((2100-3499)) Delaware St ((2600-4399)) Denham St ((2900-5199)) Dougherty Dr ((2500-3299)) Douglas Ave ((4801-5699)) Dublin St ((6300-6499)) Duke St ((2500-3299)) Dutton Ave ((5500-6499)) Eaton St ((2500-3899)) E Brookstown Dr ((3300-5399)) E Dayton Ct ((4300-4799)) E Howell Dr ((3100-3199)) E Industrial Ave ((7300-7699)) Eleanor Dr ((3300-4099)) Elgin St ((2700-3199)) Ella St ((3000-3099)) Elm Dr ((2900-4799)) E Mason Ave ((2000-3004)) Enterprise St ((4700-5499)) Erie St ((2100-3299)) E Sunset Hill Ave ((5400-5498)) Evangeline St ((2100-6399)) Fairwoods Dr ((3300-4099)) Faith Court St ((2800-2898)) Farrar St ((2100-2699)) Frey St ((4600-5699)) Galvez St ((2100-2699)) Garnet Dr ((2900-3299)) Geronimo St ((3300-4198)) Gordon St ((2100-2599)) Greenwell Springs Rd ((6600-7574)) Greenwell St ((2100-5899)) Gurney St ((4200-6398)) Haley Dr ((3300-3399)) Hammond St ((4700-5399)) Harold St ((1900-1999)) Harriet St ((3900-3999)) Hazelwood Dr ((4000-4099)) Heidel Ave ((5800-6199)) Henagen Ave ((5600-5799)) Henderson Ave ((5600-5799)) Hiawatha St ((2500-3699)) Hilltop St ((6100-6299)) Hollywood Crossover St ((5600-5799)) Hollywood St ((2100-5499)) Hope St ((4600-4699)) Howell Park Ave ((5400-5799)) Howell Ronge Ave ((6200-6599)) Huron St ((2100-3299)) I- 110 Serice Rd ((3000-3099)) Iberia St ((2100-2899)) Industrial Dr ((6800-6999)) Iroquois St ((2100-3999)) Jean St ((4600-5299)) Jessamine Ave ((2500-3199)) Joseph St ((4100-4399)) Jr Dr ((13900-30198)) Juban Ave ((2700-3599)) Kelvin St ((2100-3599)) Kenny Cir ((6600-6699)) Keokuk St ((3700-4099)) Kincaid Ave ((2500-6599)) Lakewood St ((4000-4199)) Lambert Dr ((3000-3299)) Lancaster Ave ((5500-5699)) Larkspur Ave ((2500-2799)) Lemonwood Ct ((4300-4399)) Lemonwood Dr ((4400-5799)) Levera St ((4100-4399)) Linden St ((3200-6199)) Linwood St ((2500-3199)) Lobelia Ave ((2500-3199)) Lockwood Ave ((2700-3199)) Longfellow Dr ((4501-5699)) Lorraine St ((2100-4999)) Lupine Ave ((2500-2999)) Lynn St ((3900-4099)) Maple Dr ((4100-5299)) Mason Ave ((1400-1999)) Mayan St ((4000-4099)) Mc Clelland Ct ((4400-4599)) McClelland Dr ((4700-6632)) Melon Ct ((7000-7199)) Michelli Dr ((2500-3299)) Midway Ave ((2900-3299)) Mission Dr ((2500-3899)) Mohican-Prescott Crossover ((4000-4599)) Mohican St ((2100-4999)) Mohicon St Exd ((3200-3299)) Myrtlelawn St ((3300-3499)) N 26th St ((2400-2599)) N 28th St ((2500-2599)) N 30th St ((2500-2799)) N 31st St ((2500-2799)) N 33rd St ((3151-3299)) N 38th St ((2500-4138)) N Acadian Throughway E ((3000-3299)) N Acadian Throughway W ((2500-3299)) N Acadian Thruway W ((2700-2798)) N Acadian Thwy ((3200-4099)) N Ardenwood Dr ((2501-3299)) Navajo St ((2100-2999)) Nellie Ave ((6300-6899)) N Foster Dr ((2500-6499)) N Howell Dr ((5900-6199)) Nokomis St ((3700-4199)) N Saint Gerard Cir ((5300-5399)) N St Gerard Cir ((5300-5399)) Ontario St ((800-3699)) Onter Dr ((5300-5399)) Osage St ((2100-2699)) Osborne Ave ((4600-6599)) Osceola St ((2500-3699)) Oswego St ((3000-3999)) Ozark St ((2100-6899)) Pampas St ((3000-3299)) Pawtuchet St ((4300-4399)) Pawtucket St ((3800-4099)) Phlox Ave ((2500-2799)) Pimpernel Ave ((2500-3199)) Plank Rd ((2500-6599)) Pluskat Ave ((2900-3199)) Pocahontas St ((2500-3699)) Pocasset St ((3700-4199)) Polarine Ave ((3200-3299)) Pontiac St ((3700-4199)) Powhatan St ((3700-4199)) Prescott Ct ((4100-4299)) Prescott Rd ((3200-6999)) Quivera St ((5700-5998)) Ralph St ((2300-2899)) Rawlins St ((6100-6399)) Rhoderick St ((1900-1999)) Riley St ((2100-3599)) Ritterman Ave ((4600-6599)) Robertson Ave ((5500-5999)) Roppolo St ((3200-3699)) Ruby Ave ((5800-5999)) Ruby Ct ((6000-6299)) Saint Gerard Ave ((5500-6198)) Saint Katherine Ave ((3900-6198)) Sanchez St ((6100-6499)) Saurage Dr ((5700-5899)) Scenic Hwy ((500-6499)) Seneca St ((600-3699)) Shada Ave ((1400-2899)) Sheldon Dr ((2500-2899)) Shelley Ct ((5500-5699)) Shelley St ((2100-5399)) Sherman St ((4300-4499)) Sherwood St ((2100-5499)) S Howell Dr ((5900-6199)) Smiley St ((6001-6499)) Sorrel Ave ((1500-3199)) Spedale St ((3800-3887)) S Saint Gerard Cir ((5100-5199)) S St Gerard Cir ((5100-5199)) S Sunset Hill Ave ((5700-5899)) St Andrew Ave ((3900-4199)) State Rte 3164 ((1201-2799)) State Rte 3164 Scn ((1201-2799)) State Rte 37 ((6600-7574)) State Rte 67 ((2501-6499)) St Dorothy St ((5400-5499)) St Gerard Ave ((3500-6299)) St Katherine Ave ((3700-6199)) Sycamore St ((2800-5499)) Tecumseh St ((2500-3499)) Tolbert Dr ((5200-5499)) Topaz Dr ((2900-3299)) Topeka St ((3500-4099)) Tunica St ((3800-4099)) Tuscarora St ((3700-4299)) Uncas St ((3700-4299)) Underwood Ave ((4600-6599)) US Hwy 190 ((800-8599)) US Hwy 190 Bus ((231-6499)) US Hwy 61 ((1900-9699)) US Hwy 61 Bus ((231-6499)) Vaughn Dr ((3600-3699)) Vergie St ((3700-3999)) Victoria Dr ((2800-3599)) Victoria Garden Ct ((6900-7199)) Victory Dr ((5800-6199)) Village Ct ((6000-6399)) Voss Dr ((2900-3299)) Washington Ct ((5101-5499)) Wayne Dr ((3300-3999)) W Brookstown Dr ((3800-4699)) W Cyrus Ave ((5800-6499)) Webb Dr ((3300-3899)) Weller Ave ((2100-3499)) Wenonah St ((2600-3699)) Wildwood Pkwy ((4400-5499)) Willie Turner Dr ((30000-30099)) Wilmot St ((4600-5299)) Winbourne Ave ((2100-7299)) Winchester Ave ((5500-6399)) Winnebago St ((2100-4999)) Wooddale Blvd ((2500-2799)) Woodlawn Ave ((4200-5199)) Wood St ((4600-4799)) Wyandotte St ((2100-5399)) Yaun Dr ((3300-3599))

    70805 Places and Attractions

    Abundant Life Tabernacle Airline Christian Academy Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Batemans Shopping Center Baton Rouge Fire Department Station 2 Baton Rouge Fire Department Station 3 Baton Rouge Fire Department Station 4 Baton Rouge Greater First Apostolic Church Baton Rouge Marine Institute Alternative School Baton Rouge Police Department First District Baton Rouge Seventh Day Adventist Church Baton Rouge Terrace Berean Adventist Christian Academy School Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Bible Way United Pentecostal Church Bird Bird Station Park Bird Station Park Bright Beginnings Preschool Brookstown Brookstown Baptist Church Brookstown Elementary School Calvary Lutheran Church Cannon Street Mission Cathedral of Faith Central Church of Christ Choctaw School (historical) Choctaw Village Shopping Center Christ Gospel Outreach Christian Love Day Care and Learning Center Christland Christian Fellowship Church Church of God Church Point Ministries Church Point Ministry Christian Academy Claiborne Elementary School Colonial Plaza Shopping Center Colonial Shopping Center Cornerstone International Church Creative Head Start Center School Dalton Elementary School Dayton Delmont Elementary School Delmont Place Delmont Service Center Delmont Village Shopping Center Desire Street Academy School Dougherty Place Douglas Avenue Baptist Church East Baton Rouge Laboratory Academy School East Baton Rouge North Parish Office East Baton Rouge Parish Library Delmont Gardens Branch East Dayton Evangeline Park Fairwoods First Southern Methodist Church Foret and McCall Shopping Center Foster Drive United Pentecostal Church Fruit of the Spirit Ministries Glory Land Baptist Church Good Shepherd Baptist Church Greater Mount Olive Christian Academy Greater Mount Olive Missionary Church Harvest Time Fellowship Church Highland Gardens Hollywood School (historical) Hollywood Street Church of Christ Howell Park Howell Park Howell Park Elementary School Howell Park Golf Course Howell Park Recreation Center Howell Park Terrace In Jesus Name Refuge Ministry Institute of Divine Metaphysical Church Interchange 3A Interchange 4A Interchange 4B Interchange 5 Interdenominational Faith Assembly Istrouma Istrouma High School Istrouma Middle School (historical) Istrouma Post Office Istrouma Post Office (historical) Istrouma School (historical) Istrouma United Methodist Church Jesus Ministry Tabernacle Jesus Name Apostolic Temple Jones Christian Day Care Learning Center Junior Academy Ken-Warren Playground Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses King's Children Full Gospel Church La Dotd Headquarters Heliport Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church Little Shepherd Day Care Center Live Oak Cemetery Living Faith Christian Center Living Faith Christian Center Longfellow Park Louisiana Technical College Baton Rouge Campus Lynn Place Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Martin L King Jr Christian Academy School Masons Academy Masons Academy Number 2 Memorial Chapel of God Midway Place Mohican Education Center Monte Sano Bayou Monte Sano Center Monte Sano Head Start Center School Monte Sano Park Mount Canaan Baptist Church Mount Carmel Baptist Church Neighborhood Day Care and Learning Center New Dayton New Faith Church of God in Christ New Freedom Baptist Church New Life Community Baptist Church New Zion Church of God in Christ North Baton Rouge United Methodist Church North Highlands North Highlands Baptist Church North Highlands Professional Learning Community School Now Faith Church of God in Christ Oasis Christian Church Open Faith Tabernacle Owen Industrial Park Parish Governing Authority District 5 Park Manor Pioneer Park Plank Road Mall Shopping Center Plank Road Village Shopping Center Precious Little Angels Day Care Center Prescott Court Prescott Middle School Prescott Place Redemptorist Catholic Diocesan High School Redemptorist Catholic Diocesan Junior High School Resurrection Life Assembly of God Resurrection Restoration Church Roppolo Villa Roppoloville Post Office (historical) Rose Hill Baptist Church Rosenwald Prekindergarten Center Saint Anthony Catholic Church Saint Anthony School (historical) Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Saint Gerald Park Saint Gerard Catholic Church Saint Gerard Majella Elementary School Salvation Army Scenic Shopping Center Seneca Shopping Center South Dayton Standard Heights Standard Heights School (historical) Star of Bethlehem Baptist Church Straight Life Baptist Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Tolbert Place Trinity Bible Baptist Church Tuscarrora Street Park United Bible Scholars Church Unorganized Territory of Industrial Complex (historical) Vera's Preschool Center Vera's Preschool Center Number 2 Victoria Baptist Church Victoria Garden Way of Faith Christian Church Way of Holiness Miracle Temple Wenonah Street Park White Plains Wilma C Montgomery Education Center Winbourne Avenue Baptist Church Winbourne Elementary School Winbourne United Methodist Church Wright School Wyandotte Prekindergarten Center YWCA Istrouma Early Head Start Center School