White Castle, LA 70788 ZIP Code Map


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70788 Street Addresses

Adams Dr ((700-33299)) Alice St ((500-32599)) Aloysia Rd ((31801-32099)) Annadale Rd ((32500-35799)) Aucoin St ((55100-55199)) Augusta Rd ((56600-59299)) Babin Dr ((54800-54999)) Baudoin St ((56100-56299)) Bay St ((36400-66498)) Blue St ((54900-55299)) Boudreaux St ((33300-33899)) Bowie St ((32200-342098)) Breaux St ((56400-57099)) Bucket Dr ((56100-56199)) Butz Rd ((37301-37598)) Cambre St ((201-55399)) Cannonburg Rd ((52500-52799)) Celeste St ((32900-32999)) Charamonte St ((200-32498)) Chiaramonte St ((200-32498)) Church St ((300-57998)) Clark Rd ((52400-53499)) Cora Rd ((31900-32298)) Cpl Herman Brown Jr St ((56600-57599)) Cypress St ((54900-55099)) Daigle Rd ((53300-53398)) Doc Dean St ((201-32499)) Dorcy Rd ((31400-32099)) Dunbar Rd ((31100-31199)) Eddie Boudreaux St ((33300-33899)) Eureka Rd ((56600-56798)) Fifty Foot Rd ((35000-36499)) Folse St ((32500-32699)) Francise St ((32200-32598)) Gleason St ((200-54998)) Gomez St ((34900-34999)) Graham St ((500-32799)) Grand Rd ((36301-55799)) Hazel Dr ((701-32799)) Hwy 1 ((31401-31431)) Hwy 404 ((57002-58699)) Hymel Rd ((56200-58899)) Hymel St ((56200-58723)) Joseph St ((55100-55199)) J W Holmes Dr ((29800-29899)) J W Holmes St ((29800-29899)) K C Dr ((34300-34799)) Kinsale Rd ((58300-58304)) Lacroix Rd ((31800-32198)) Latino St ((200-55099)) Laurel Ridge Rd ((31701-33798)) Lavigne St ((56500-56599)) Lee St ((800-32899)) Leona Ave ((200-32699)) Lone Star Rd ((37000-37399)) Lydia Ln ((56700-56899)) Maggio St ((201-32499)) Major Doc Foley St ((54601-54637)) Marque St ((54800-55498)) Mayor Doc Foley St ((100-55019)) Mayor Maurice Brown St ((500-32599)) McMillian Dr ((56100-56199)) Medine Rd ((55601-56199)) Moss St ((100-55298)) Murrel St ((30100-30198)) Myles Rd ((54001-55899)) Nessie St ((36400-36499)) New Camp Rd ((58200-59499)) Oak St ((32900-32999)) O Davis Ln ((29800-29899)) Olano Pl ((1100-33098)) Olano St ((1000-33099)) Ourso Rd ((56900-57761)) Papet St ((101-32299)) Ray St ((100-32399)) Reverend G Howard Dr ((29800-29899)) Rev G Howard Dr ((29800-29899)) Richland Rd ((32400-36999)) Ridge Rd ((34000-35998)) River Rd ((29600-29899)) Robinson Rd ((31100-31199)) Shady Ln ((800-32898)) Sherley R Dennis St ((32600-32699)) Sonny Barbier St ((500-32699)) South St ((54100-55099)) State Rte 1 ((25696-32399)) State Rte 3001 ((35711-36170)) State Rte 404 ((55900-58925)) State Rte 405 ((205-34499)) State Rte 69 ((31300-342098)) State Rte 993 ((32400-59299)) State Rte 994 ((57701-57761)) State Rte 995 ((35700-55899)) Stone St ((53500-53599)) Tanoos St ((54800-54899)) Tassin Dr ((54901-55099)) Taylor Ln ((32501-32699)) Texas Rd ((32201-32598)) Trabeaux Ln ((58100-58799)) Veterans St ((54900-55099)) Ware St ((53500-535898)) Willow St ((500-32652)) Young St ((56500-56599))

70788 Places and Attractions

Alhambra Annadale Asberry Church Asberry Church Augusta Bayou Bijou Bayou Black Bayou Danials Bayou Goula Bayou Goula Bayou Goula Bayou Goula Landing Bayou Goula Post Office Bayou Goula School Bayou Indigo Bayou Sigur Bayou Tigre Belle Grove Plantation Blythwood Brazil Cemetery Brazile Church Bruly La Croix Burton Park Caliborne Landing Cannonburg Catherine Catherine Landing Cedar Grove (historical) Cedar Grove Landing Choctaw Bayou Church of God Claiborne Plantation Cora Cora Texas Landing Strip Dorcyville Dorcyville Middle School Dorcyville Oil Field Dorseyville Elementary School Duboine Landing Dunboine Landing Elenora Landing False Branch Bayou First Baptist Cemetery First Baptist Church Forest Home George Ditch Glenmore Goldridge KKAY-AM (White Castle) Lake Natchez Lake Natchez Pass Laurel Ridge Laurel Ridge Gas and Oil Field Laurel Ridge Oil and Gas Field Lone Star Madonna Chapel Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Church Muddy Bayou Murrell Canal Nottoway Plantation Old Lady of Prompt Church Our Lady of Prompt Succor School Palo Alto Landing Pilgrim Cemetery Pilgrim Church Progressive Baptist Church R T Le Blanc Landing Strip Raspberry Cemetery Richland Saint John Catholic Cemetery Saint John Catholic Church Saint John the Baptist Church Saint Luke Catholic Church Saint Luke Methodist Church Saint Mary Plantation (historical) Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Paul Baptist Cemetery Saint Paul Cemetery Saint Paul Church Saint Paul Church Samstown Samstown Elementary School Soniat Tally Ho Texas Texas Spur White Castle White Castle Cemetery White Castle High School White Castle Landing White Castle Oil Field White Castle Revetment