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70130 Street Addresses

1st St ((400-1699)) 2nd St ((400-1699)) 3rd St ((400-1699)) 4th St ((400-1699)) Adele St ((500-899)) Andrew Higgins Dr ((301-399)) Annunciation ((1900-1998)) Annunciation St ((1000-2799)) Arcade Pl ((300-399)) Bienville St ((100-799)) Bourbon St ((100-699)) Burgundy St ((634-698)) Calliope St ((300-1499)) Camp Pl ((1500-1599)) Camp St ((100-2799)) Canal St ((1-1409)) Capdeville St ((500-599)) Carondelet St ((100-2799)) Celeste St ((400-699)) Chartres St ((100-699)) Chestnut St ((1800-2799)) Chippewa ((1800-1899)) Chippewa St ((1500-2799)) Church St ((700-799)) Clinton Dr ((2-4599)) Clinton St ((200-299)) Clio St ((1050-1699)) Coliseum Ln ((1101-2799)) Commerce St ((500-899)) Common St ((300-1099)) Constance St ((500-2799)) Conti St ((201-798)) Convention Center Blvd ((500-1399)) Crossman St ((300-399)) Decatur St ((100-700)) Division St ((2300-2399)) Dorsiere St ((100-199)) Erato St ((500-2199)) Euterpe St ((300-2199)) Exchange Pl ((100-399)) Felicity St ((400-1699)) Fulton St ((500-1099)) Gaiennie St ((300-1049)) Girod St ((200-1499)) Gravier St ((300-799)) Hastings Pl ((1800-1899)) Henderson St ((200-499)) Howard Ave ((200-798)) Iberville St ((200-799)) Jackson Ave ((100-1699)) John Churchill Chase St ((300-1099)) Josephine St ((400-1714)) Julia St ((100-1099)) Lafayette St ((200-825)) Laurel St ((1800-2799)) Magazine St ((100-2799)) Margaret Pl ((1100-1199)) Market St ((400-999)) Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((1600-1698)) Melpomene St ((900-1599)) Natchez St ((300-599)) N Diamond St ((200-399)) N Front Blvd ((100-399)) N Maestri St ((600-699)) Notre Dame St ((200-499)) N Peters St ((100-499)) Nuns St ((400-599)) Orange St ((300-1299)) Philip St ((400-1699)) Picayune Pl ((300-399)) Poeyfarre St ((600-1099)) Polymnia St ((1200-1899)) Poydras St ((2-2699)) Prytania St ((1100-2799)) Race St ((300-1299)) Religious St ((1500-1899)) Richard St ((400-1199)) Rousseau St ((1800-2799)) Royal St ((100-699)) Saint Andrew St ((400-1699)) Saint Charles Ave ((100-2799)) Saint James St ((400-799)) Saint Joseph St ((100-999)) Saint Louis St ((500-799)) Saint Mary St ((400-1699)) Saint Thomas St ((1500-2799)) S Chippewa ((1901-1999)) S Chippewa St ((2001-2099)) S Delta St ((800-911)) S Diamond St ((200-398)) S Maestri St ((600-699)) Sophie Wright Pl ((1800-1999)) Soraparu St ((400-799)) S Peters St ((200-1799)) St Thomas St ((1100-1299)) Tchoupitoulas St ((100-2899)) Terpsichore St ((400-1698)) Thalia St ((100-1699)) Toulouse St ((500-799)) Triangle St ((200-299)) Union St ((700-799)) Urania St ((1200-1599)) Washington Ave ((400-1699)) Wells St ((100-199)) Wilkinson St ((500-599))

70130 Places and Attractions

Andrew Jackson Elementary School (historical) Annunciation Square Bienville Street Wharf Boggs Federal Building Celeste Street Wharf Clay Monument Clay Square Coliseum Place Baptist Church Coliseum Square Confederate Memorial Hall Congregation Anshe Sfard Court of the Two Lions Court of the Two Sisters Eads Plaza Felicity Street Methodist Church Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church First Street Wharf Fort Saint Louis (historical) Franklin Monument Gallier Hall Garden District Gordon Academy (historical) Howard Memorial Library Irish Channel Area Architectural District Jackson Avenue Evangelical Congregational Church Jackson Square Jesus the Cornerstone Church Lafayette (historical) Lafayette Square Laurel Elementary School Lee Circle Lee Monument Lewis School Liberty Monument Louisiana Maritime Museum Louisiana Science Center Louisiana Wildlife Museum Lower Garden District Magazine Market Margaret Statue Market Street Wharf McDonogh Monument McDonogh Number 1 School McGehee School Mercy Hospital (historical) Methodist Home of New Orleans Monkey Wrench Corner New Covenant Church New Home Missionary Baptist Church New Orleans Convention Center New Orleans Female Asylum (historical) New Orleans General Hospital New Orleans General Hospital Norwegian Seamens Church Notre Dame De Bon Secours School (historical) One Shell Square Emergency Heliport Orange Street Wharf Our Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Chapel Rachel Sims Baptist Mission Redemptorist High School Reed Art Gallery Rink Shopping Center Rivergate International Exhibition Center Robin Street Wharf Saint Alphonsus School (historical) Saint Andrew Street Wharf Saint Michael School (historical) Saint Theresa of Avila Catholic Church Saulet Platation (historical) Second Good Shepherd Baptist Church Sixth Baptist Church Sorapura Market Soule College (historical) Spanish Commandancia Spanish Plaza Thalia Street Wharf Third Street Wharf Toulouse Street Wharf Trinity Episcopal Church Trinity Episcopal School Trumpet in Zion Revival Temple Uptown Assembly of God Church World Trade Center Zion Lutheran Church