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70129 Street Addresses

Acadiana Pl ((1-99)) Adventure Ave ((7400-7699)) Alba Rd ((4200-20599)) Alba Rd E ((4301-20599)) Alba Rd W ((4300-4499)) Alcee Fortier Blvd ((4600-5199)) Alsace St ((4800-4971)) Assumption Pl ((1-99)) Avoyelles Pl ((1-99)) Beaucaire St ((5000-5399)) Bergerac Pl ((4800-4998)) Biscay St ((13000-13199)) Bonita Dr ((4601-4787)) Brittany Ct ((4800-4999)) Burton Rd ((4500-4699)) Caddo Pl ((1-99)) Calais St ((13000-13199)) Cannes St ((5000-5399)) Carte Pl ((5000-5199)) Cavelier Dr ((13700-13799)) Cernay St ((4800-4998)) Chagnard Dr ((4500-4598)) Charmes Ct ((4800-5099)) Chateau Ct ((13000-13298)) Chef Menteur Hwy ((11411-200006)) Cherbourg St ((13000-13199)) Chief Menteur Hwy ((25600-25799)) Clinton Dr ((1-4599)) Corsica Pl ((4800-4999)) Darlene Ct ((7800-7899)) Deauville Ct ((13000-13199)) Dominic Mai Dr ((13900-13998)) Dominique Pl ((7400-7599)) Dwyer Blvd ((13000-15598)) Dwyer Rd ((15500-15598)) E Lemans St ((5000-15199)) E Marchand Dr ((7800-7899)) Endeavors Ct ((7400-7699)) E Nemours St ((5100-5299)) Expedition Dr ((7500-7699)) Explorers Ave ((13600-14299)) Fort Macomb Rd ((4500-4599)) Founders Ct ((7500-7699)) Francesco Ct ((4400-20599)) Genoa Rd ((4300-4399)) Gilbert St ((4800-4999)) Grand Bayou Dr ((5400-5599)) Granville St ((3401-13799)) Hayne Blvd ((15000-16699)) Henri Dr ((4900-5098)) Horizon Ct ((7500-7699)) Horizon Dr ((7400-13899)) I- 510 ((2300-2499)) Intrepid St ((13900-14399)) Jacobs St ((4501-4599)) Kim Ct ((5100-5199)) Kim Dr ((5000-5299)) Lake Breeze Dr ((1-99)) Laval St ((13000-13199)) Lemans St ((12900-13299)) Lourdes St ((13300-13799)) Lucrino Dr ((20400-20498)) Maple Ridge Dr ((5500-5699)) Maple Wood Dr ((3100-13299)) Marseille St ((4800-4999)) Martin St ((4501-4599)) Maucele Rd ((4500-4598)) Maucle ((4500-4598)) Mayn Dr ((0-4598)) Mayne St ((4200-4598)) Michoud Blvd ((4200-14199)) Murano Rd ((4200-4699)) My Viet Dr ((13900-13999)) Naples Cir ((4600-4699)) N Carrollton Ave ((618-638)) N Cavelier Dr ((13600-13799)) New Hampshire Dr ((13001-13199)) N Lemans St ((13300-113799)) N Nemours St ((13400-13799)) Oak Ridge Dr ((5500-5699)) Old Chef Menteur Rd ((201-299)) Old Gentilly Rd ((13301-14698)) Old Spanish Trl ((20101-20899)) Oled Dr ((4900-4999)) Palace St ((4800-5099)) Paris Rd ((2300-8198)) Patio Way ((5400-5599)) Peltier Dr ((1400-14899)) Peltier St ((1400-1498)) Petit Bayou Ln ((1-99)) Pierres Ct ((13700-13899)) Poche Ct W ((4100-4499)) Point Coupee Pl ((1-99)) Provincial Pl ((5400-5499)) Queen Mary Dr ((13900-13999)) Revel St ((5000-5299)) Saigon Dr ((14100-14999)) Saint Helena Pl ((5600-13299)) San Marco Rd ((4400-4799)) San Remo Dr ((4200-4499)) San Rocco St ((4201-20299)) San Trovaso St ((4100-4299)) Savoie Ct ((4800-5099)) Schemkel Dr ((0-4598)) Schmaltz Dr ((0-4599)) Sevres St ((13000-13199)) State Rte 47 ((2300-16699)) St Helena ((5600-13298)) St Marie Ct ((13500-13599)) St Marie Dr ((13500-13599)) St Maxent St ((14100-14999)) Strasbourg Ct ((4800-4999)) Toulon St ((4800-5399)) Trappers Ct ((13500-13599)) Treves St ((4800-4999)) Trieste St ((4200-4499)) Tudo Dr ((13900-13999)) US Hwy 11 ((295-337)) US Hwy 90 ((11411-200006)) Vanchu Dr ((5000-5298)) Veronese St ((4500-4599)) Victory Rd ((20101-20199)) Voyageur Ct ((7200-7399)) Voyageur Dr ((7200-7399)) Wayfarer St ((7400-7599)) W Cavelier Dr ((7700-7899)) Willowbrook Dr ((5000-14198)) Willow Ridge Dr ((5500-5699))

70129 Places and Attractions

Bay Jaune Bay Jaune Point Bayou Bay Jaune Bayou Castiglione Bayou Catherine Bayou Cedar Bayou Charleaux Bayou Chevee Bayou Daytoe Bayou Dupont Bayou Gentilly Bayou Leche Bayou Leche Bayou Maria Bayou Martinez Bayou Platte Bayou Sauvage Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Bayou Thomas Bayou de Lesaire Big Cedar Bayou Big Deedie Lake Big Magill Bayou Big Oak Island Black Bayou Lagoon Blind Bayou Blind Lagoon Bobs Bayou Brothers Bayou Cane Bayou Catfish Point Chef Menteur Chef Menteur Pass Chico Lagoon Corridor Bayou Counterfeit Pass Cutoff Bayou Etienne Debore Elementary School Fort Macomb (historical) Fort Macomb State Historic Site Fort Pike Bridge Fort Pike Canal Fort Pike Chapel Fort Pike Gas Field Fort Pike State Historic Site Fourth Island Bayou Frederick Bayou Gentilly Road Industrial Park Goose Pond Goose Pond Bayou Grand Coin Bayou Grand Coin Pocket Grand Cop Point Greens Ditch Hospital Pass Interchange 248 Interchange 250 Interchange 251 Interchange 255 Irish Bayou Irish Bayou Canal Lafon Plantation (historical) Lagoon Maxent Lake Antoinne Lake Catherine Lake Maisson Lake Marseille Lake Michoud Lake Saint Catherine Little Bayou Platte Little Cedar Bayou Little Deedie Lake Little Irish Bayou Little River Little Woods Canal Marquez Canal Michoud Michoud Assembly Facility Michoud Canal Michoud Slip Miller Bayou National Aeronautics and Space Administration Parc D'Orleans Number 2 Mobile Home Park Petites Coquilles Pike Fort Rabbit Island Rigolets Rigolets Seaplane Base Rogers Lagoon Saint Catherine Pass Saint Catherines Island Saint Timothy Church Samson Plaza Shopping Center Sarah Towles Reed High School Sawmill Pass Seven Lagoons Shell Point Stump Bayou Truloix Bayou Truloix Point Turtle Bayou Unknown Pass Unknown Pass Gas Field Venetian Isles Village De L'Est Elementary School Village de L'Est Willow Brook Wilson Chapel Ye Ole Village Shopping Center