New Orleans, LA 70117 ZIP Code Map


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70117 Street Addresses

Alabo St ((200-2650)) Alhambra St ((6300-6399)) Alice Ct ((1-99)) Almonaster Ave ((1800-2699)) Alvar St ((600-2751)) Andry St ((400-2699)) Architect St ((1-99)) Arts St ((1200-2699)) Bartholomew St ((600-2645)) Benton St ((1300-2698)) Bienvenue St ((6000-6399)) Burgundy St ((2200-6399)) Byrne Pl ((3200-3299)) Caffin Ave ((500-2699)) Charbonnet St ((600-2698)) Chartres St ((2200-6399)) Choctaw St ((1600-2699)) Clouet St ((500-2699)) Comus Ct ((2800-2899)) Congress St ((600-2699)) Dauphine St ((2200-6499)) Decatur St ((2200-2799)) Deers St ((2400-2699)) Delery St ((300-2698)) Desire St ((500-2699)) Deslonde St ((500-2699)) Douglas St ((5100-6399)) Dubreuil St ((2200-2699)) Eads St ((2100-2699)) Egania St ((400-2699)) el Dorado St ((6000-6099)) Ellis St ((5800-5999)) Elysian Fields Ave ((400-2698)) E Poland Ave ((2100-2199)) Feliciana St ((1100-2699)) Flood St ((400-2699)) Florida Ave ((1700-6599)) Forstall St ((500-2699)) France St ((600-2799)) Franklin Ave ((400-2699)) Gallier St ((600-2699)) Gordon St ((600-2699)) Hamlin St ((5800-5899)) Ideal Pl ((2700-2799)) Independence St ((600-2499)) Industrial Ct ((2100-3199)) Jackson Barracks ((1-399)) Jackson St ((2200-2699)) Japonica St ((1100-1598)) Jourdan Ave ((600-2699)) Kentucky St ((800-2199)) Lamanche St ((451-2699)) Laussat Pl ((2800-3199)) Law St ((2400-6499)) Lesseps St ((600-2249)) Lizardi St ((500-2699)) Louisa St ((500-2699)) Mandeville St ((400-2499)) Marais St ((2200-6499)) Margaret Pl ((1100-1198)) Marigny St ((400-2399)) Marque St ((6400-6499)) Martinique Aly ((1000-1099)) Mazant St ((600-2699)) Melrose St ((5800-5999)) Montegut St ((500-2699)) Monticello St ((2200-2599)) Music St ((900-2699)) N Bunny Friend St ((3400-3499)) N Claiborne Ave ((2200-6499)) N Derbigny St ((2200-6499)) N Dorgenois St ((2300-6499)) N Galvez St ((2200-6499)) Nina St ((6400-6499)) N Johnson ((2500-2598)) N Johnson St ((2200-6499)) N Miro St ((2100-6499)) N Peters St ((1-5499)) N Prieur St ((2200-6499)) N Rampart St ((2200-6399)) N Robertson St ((2200-6499)) N Rocheblave St ((2400-6499)) N Roman St ((2200-6499)) N Tonti St ((2200-6499)) N Villere St ((2200-6499)) Opelousas Ave ((401-431)) Orin St ((6400-6499)) Painters St ((1500-2699)) Pauline St ((600-2499)) Peace Ct ((2500-2699)) Piety St ((600-2699)) Poland Ave ((600-2298)) Port St ((400-2699)) Praro St ((6400-6499)) Press St ((1-2699)) Prytania St ((1100-1198)) Reynes St ((500-2699)) Roclay St ((2-6498)) Roder St ((6400-6499)) Roffignac St ((2200-2699)) Rosalie Aly ((1000-3399)) Royal St ((2200-6399)) Saint Claude Ave ((2200-6499)) Saint Claude St ((1-99)) Saint Ferdinand St ((400-2399)) Saint Maurice Ave ((400-2698)) Saint Roch Ave ((600-2699)) S Bunny Friend St ((3400-3499)) Sister St ((801-1299)) Spain St ((400-2699)) State Rte 3021 ((1600-2698)) State Rte 39 ((2200-6499)) State Rte 46 ((1100-6499)) St Ferdinand St ((2600-2699)) Strand Ct ((1400-1499)) Surekote Rd ((1900-2599)) Tennessee St ((1000-2699)) Todd Pl ((6100-6199)) Touro St ((2001-2025)) Tricou St ((300-2698)) Tupelo St ((400-2699)) Urquhart St ((2200-6499)) Urville St ((6400-6499)) Valjean St ((6400-6499)) Whipple St ((5800-5899)) Winthrop St ((2200-2698))

70117 Places and Attractions

Abiding Faith Temple Alabo Street Wharf Alfred Lawless Elementary School Amozion Baptist Church Annunciation School (historical) Antioch Spiritual Church Battle Ground Baptist Church Beacon Baptist Church Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Beulah Land Baptist Church Bonart Playground Branch Bell Baptist Church Bunny Friend Playground Bywater Historic District Caffin Avenue Church of God Caffin Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church Cathedral of Blessings Church Central Missionary Baptist Church Charles J Colton Middle School Christ School Christ Temple Church of Christ Christian Community Baptist Church Christian Fellowship Baptist Church Church of Lord Jesus Christ in Creation Congregation Baptist Church Congress Street Wharf Crescent Fish Farm (historical) Deliverance Tabernacle Delivery Center Church Divine Temple Church Dr Charles Richard Drew Elementary School Dr Martin Luther King Junior Elementary School for Science and Technology East Jerusalem Baptist Church East New Orleans Education Center Ephesus Junior Academy Ephesus Junior Academy Esplanade Avenue Wharf Evening Star Spiritual Church Fairview Baptist Church Fairview Missionary Baptist Church Faubourg Marigny Fifth Church of God in Christ First Corithian Baptist Church First English Lutheran School First Thessalonian Missionary Church Florida Avenue Wharf Franklin Avenue Baptist Church Frederick Douglass Senior High School Free Mission Baptist Church Galilee Baptist Church Galilee Church of God in Christ Galvez Street Wharf Grace Baptist Church Grace Chapel Spiritual Church Grace Fellowship Church Greater Beulah Land Baptist Church Greater Evergreen Baptist Church Greater Liberty Baptist Church Greater Little Zion Baptist Church Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Greater New Saint Luke Baptist Church Hartzell United Methodist Church Holy Angels Academy Holy Bible Baptist Church Holy Cross Historic District Holy Cross School Holy Family Church Interchange 237 Jackson Barracks Jackson Barracks Heliport John A Shaw Elementary School John Wesley United Methodist Church Johnson C Lockett Elementary School Joseph Hardin Elementary School King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kohn Middle School Law Street Baptist Church Lawless High School Lee Playground Light of Jesus Church of God in Christ Little Antioch Baptist Church Little Rose Hill Baptist Church Lorraine V Hansberry Elementary School Louis D Armstrong Elementary School Louisa Street Wharf Mandeville Cemetery Mandeville Street Wharf McCarty Square (historical) Mercy Seat Baptist Church Mickey Markey Playground Middle Level Alternative School Morning Star Baptist Church Mount Calvary Baptist Church Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Moriah Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mount Rock Baptist Church Mount Zion Church of God in Christ Mount Zion Community Baptist Church New Covenant Apostolic Faith Church New Jerusalem Baptist Church New Jerusalem Temple Baptist Church New Manager Spiritual Temple New Orleans Overcoming Holy Church of God New Orleans Public Library - Alvar Branch New Orleans Public Library - Martin Luther King Branch New Saint Matthew Baptist Church New Salem Missionary Baptist Church New Testament Baptist Church New Way Christian Center Ninth Ward School Odile Davis Playground Oretha Castle Haley Elementary School Our Lady Star of the Sea School Our Lady of the Sea Catholic Church Our Lady of the Sea School Pauline Street Wharf Piety Street Wharf Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Pleasant Valley Missionary Baptist Church Poland Street Wharf Press Street Wharf Queen Esther Divine Spiritual Temple of Christ Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Cecilia School Saint Cecilias Catholic Church Saint David School Saint Davids Catholic Church Saint Davids Convent Saint Jude Divine Spiritual Church Number 1 Saint Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Luke Baptist Church Saint Mary of Angels School Saint Mary of the Angels School Saint Mary the Angels Convent Saint Marys Orphan Asylum (historical) Saint Maurice Catholic Church Saint Maurice School Saint Paul Church of God in Christ Saint Paul Lutheran School Saint Peter Baptist Church Saint Roch Cemetery Saint Rose Missionary Baptist Church Saint Vincent De Paul Catholic Church Saint Vincent De Paul Cemetery Saints Peter and Paul School Second Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical) Second Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church Semmes School Spain Street Church of God in Christ Tabernacle Church Tabernacle of Prayer Third Church of God in Christ Thomas A Edison Elementary School Thompson United Methodist Church Trinity Lutheran Church True Vine Baptist Church True Vine Spiritual Prayer Temple United Medical Center United Medical Center of New Orleans United School Upper Room Apostolic Church Vineyard Baptist Church Washington Square William Frantz Elementary School