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  • Gordon-Rushville Elem-Gordon
  • Gordon-Rushville High School
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    ZIP Code 69343 is located in Cherry County (52.60%) Sheridan County (47.40%)

    69343 Street Addresses

    130th Trl ((6400-7499)) 131st Trl ((5400-5999)) 150th Ln ((5900-6998)) 150 Th Ln ((5901-5999)) 158th Trl ((7101-7199)) 170 Th Ln ((6000-6098)) 180th Ln ((6500-6698)) 190 Ln ((6100-7399)) 190th Ln ((6100-6698)) 196th Ln ((6600-6699)) 200th Ln ((7101-7498)) 210th Ln ((6301-6599)) 210 Th Ln ((6401-6499)) 220 Ln ((6400-6499)) 220th Ln ((5701-7599)) 230 Th Ln ((6001-6099)) 230th Rd ((2700-2798)) 240 Ln ((6100-6198)) 240th Ln ((6100-6599)) 240 Th Ln ((5701-5799)) 245 Trl ((7501-7599)) 250th Trl ((6700-7499)) 260th Ln ((6800-6898)) 270 Ln ((6000-6098)) 270th Ln ((6200-6498)) 280 Ln ((6401-6999)) 280th Ln ((6401-6999)) 290th Ln ((6701-6799)) 2nd St ((100-299)) 377 Trl ((2700-2798)) 3rd St ((200-298)) 448 Trl ((1601-1699)) 4th St ((102-198)) 550th Trl ((1700-2199)) 556 Trl ((1700-1998)) 560 Th Rd ((2300-2398)) 580th Rd ((2000-2098)) 590 Rd ((2400-2498)) 590th Rd ((1900-1998)) 590 Th Rd ((1401-3099)) 5th St ((200-298)) 600 Rd ((1601-2699)) 610 Rd ((2201-2599)) 610th Rd ((2001-2099)) 620 Rd ((2000-2098)) 620th Rd ((2800-2898)) 630 Rd ((2200-2398)) 630th Rd ((1800-2898)) 640 Rd ((2000-2099)) 650 Rd ((2400-2499)) 650th Rd ((2100-2999)) 660th Rd ((1400-2499)) 663rd Rd ((1-99)) 670th Rd ((1501-6699)) 680 Rd ((2000-2098)) 680th Rd ((1401-2598)) 690 Rd ((1700-1798)) 690th Rd ((1401-2698)) 6th St ((100-299)) 710 Rd ((2700-2798)) 730th Rd ((1700-2298)) 763 Rd ((1801-1899)) 763rd Trl ((2200-2599)) Birch St ((100-299)) Cemetery Rd ((2601-3099)) Clinton St ((500-699)) E 10th St ((100-1899)) E 1st St ((100-399)) E 2nd St ((100-499)) E 3rd St ((100-699)) E 4th St ((100-599)) E 5th St ((100-599)) E 6th St ((100-599)) E 7th St ((100-399)) E 8th St ((100-399)) E 9th St ((100-399)) E Bay St ((100-699)) E Lariat St ((100-399)) E Linn St ((100-199)) E Orin St ((100-499)) Fairview Dr ((600-699)) Grant St ((200-299)) Haig St ((300-399)) Hickory St ((500-599)) Keller Ct ((1-99)) Lincoln St ((2-299)) Linn St ((300-699)) Love St ((300-398)) Lugenbeil St ((300-399)) Main St ((102-198)) Mills Rd ((5400-5999)) Moulton St ((201-599)) N Ash St ((100-1099)) N Cornell St ((100-499)) N Elm St ((100-1099)) Nelson Rd ((7201-7498)) N Hickory St ((600-1299)) N Main ((1100-1298)) N Main St ((100-1099)) N Maple St ((100-1099)) N Maverick St ((100-399)) N Oak St ((100-1099)) N Pine St ((100-999)) N Sheridan St ((100-399)) N Spruce St ((100-1099)) Pershing St ((101-299)) Plum St ((100-299)) Pole Creek Rd ((1601-1999)) Rd 1295 ((6000-6799)) Rd 145 ((6401-6499)) Ross St ((400-499)) S Ash St ((200-399)) S Cornell St ((100-399)) S Elm St ((200-499)) S Foch St ((100-399)) S Main St ((100-6799)) S Oak St ((200-599)) Spade Ave ((1300-1399)) S Spruce St ((200-299)) State Hwy 27 ((100-8198)) State Hwy 87 ((7101-7199)) US Hwy 20 ((305-2899)) W 10th St ((100-499)) W 11th St ((100-199)) W 1st St ((100-699)) W 2nd St ((300-1099)) W 3rd St ((100-699)) W 4th St ((100-599)) W 5th St ((100-399)) W 6th St ((100-299)) W 7th St ((100-499)) W 8th St ((100-199)) W 9th St ((100-598)) Walnut St ((1101-1199)) W Bay St ((100-599)) W Lucas St ((400-898)) W Orin St ((100-399))

    69343 Places and Attractions

    A Bar Ranch Abbott Ranch Albany (historical) Albany Pine Lodge School Albany Post Office (historical) Albert Timm Ranch Alkali Lake Anderson Lake Antelope Creek Antelope Creek Dam 20-A Antelope Creek Dam 40-B Antelope Creek Dam 60-A Antelope Creek Reservoir 20-A Antelope Creek Reservoir 40-B Antelope Creek Reservoir 60-A Archie Kime Ranch Arkansas Valley Auker Lake Badger Lake Balius Ranch Bayonne Bayonne Post Office (historical) Beckwith Ranch Bethel Cemetery Big Hill Big Lake Billys Lake Bobtail Lake Bornemann Ranch Bovee Valley Braunsweiger Lake Brighton Valley Brockmoller Ranch Carpenter Lake Case Bridge Cedar Lake Chicken Lake Chokecherry Lake Church of God City of Gordon Clark Trailer Court Clear Lake Clifford Bridge Clifford Creek Clinton Clinton Clinton Post Office (historical) Clinton Public School Coburn Canyon Cowboy Museum Cullison Lake Dads Lake Devils Hole Dolly Warden Lake Dooley Lake Dorsey Ranch Dry Lake East Gordon Election Precinct East Kinney Lake East Pride School Eddie Hill Bridge Edwards Lake Elsberry Ranch Emil Fuchser Ranch Enscow Flat Esther Lake Fair Ranch Fairview School Farmers Co-op Elevator Company Elevator Fieldside School Frank Timm Ranch Frye Lake Fuchser Ranch Gay Lake George Jansen Ranch Gillaspie Election Precinct Goose Lake Goose Lake Gordon Gordon Gordon Bible Church Gordon Cemetery Gordon City Library Gordon Clinic Gordon Country Club Gordon Countryside Care Gordon Elementary School Gordon Good Samaritan Center Gordon High School Gordon Junior High School Gordon Memorial Hospital District Gordon Municipal Airport Gordon Police Department Gordon Post Office Gordon Rural Fire Protection District Gordon Volunteer Fire Department Gordon Volunteer Rescue Squad Grace Lutheran Church Gypsy Valley Hackberry Lake Hamilton Park Campground Hardin Bridge Harmon Ranch Hart Lake Hart Lake School Hay Creek Hill Crest School (historical) Hinchley School Hog Island Holzberger Dam Holzberger Reservoir Hoover Lake Horseshoe Bend Pond Horseshoe Drainage Ditch Horseshoe Meadow Hupp Lake Indian Bridge Indian Hill Irwin Irwin Post Office (historical) Irwin Public School James Valley Jerry Jansen Ranch Johnson Dam Johnson Reservoir Kellers Trailer Court Kern Lake Kimble Ranch Kime Rinch Kimes Camp Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kinney Lake Knight Ranch Knudsen Ranch Kramer Ranch KSDZ-FM (Gordon) Ladely Ranch Lake John Larson Lake Lavaca Bridge Lavaca Cemetery Lavaca Flats Leach Dam Leach Reservoir Lefler Ranch Lions Bridge Log Cabin Lake Log Cabin Lake Lone Butte Longview School Long View School Mally Lake Margrave Meadow Mari Sandoz Museum Marty Lake McAlister Lake McGinley Ranch McMurty Ranch Meadow Vale School Merrill Landing Strip Merrill Ranch Milan School Miller Lake Mills Bridge Minnich Lake Minor Ranch Mishler Ranch Mission Ranch Morgan Lake Mount Hope Cemetery Mount Hope School Mount Pleasant School Mullis Lake New Life Fellowship Church North School Number 135 North Star School North Twin Lake North Valley North Valley School Northwest Cherry School Opening the Sandhills Historical Marker Otis Motel and Trailer Court Otte Dam Otte Reservoir Panhandle Surgical Clinic Peterson Ranch Petes Lake Pioneer Public School Piper Ranch Pleasant Hill School Pole Creek Pole Creek Valley Powell Lake Prairie Flats School Presbyterian Church Rat Lake Rat Lake Rat Meadow Retzlaff Grain Company Incorporated Elevator Rock Hill Rush Creek Rush Lake Russell Election Precinct Saint Leo Catholic Church Saint Marks Episcopal Church Sand Draw Sandoz Ranch Sasse - Vinton Ranch Incorporated Saults Ranch Scamahorn Museum School Number 124 School Number 129 School Number 134 (historical) School Number 134 (historical) School Number 165 School Number 166 School Number 166 (historical) School Number 19 School Number 21 School Number 26 School Number 57 (historical) School Number 58 School Number 61 School Number 83 School Section Flat Scott Meadow Seventh Day Adventist Church Shadbolt Ranch Shald Ranch Shedeeds Trailer Court Shell Lake Shell Lake Shell Lake Dam Shell Lake State Wildlife Management Area Sheridan County Fairgrounds Slim Meadow Smith Lake Soudan (historical) South Twin Lake Spall Lake Spring Lake Spring Lake Airport Spring Lake Ranch Steve Kime Ranch Tailbone Ranch Tennessee Valley The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thirty-One Lake Thomas Ranch Thompson Lake Tomahawk Park Campground Trucks Lake U - Cross Ranch U Cross Ranch U Cross Ranch U-Cross Ranch United Methodist Church Valley Union School Village of Clinton Walter Timm Ranch Walt Kime Ranch Wayland Park Webster Dam Wesleyan Gospel Chapel West Gordon Election Precinct White Valley Wiley Ranch Willow Creek Willow Valley Willow Valley Willow Valley School Wounded Knee Election Precinct Zimmerman Lake