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  • Crawford High School
  • Crawford Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 69339 is located in Dawes County (71.20%) Sioux County (28.80%)

    69339 Street Addresses

    1st St ((701-1198)) 2nd St ((100-1199)) 3rd St ((2-1199)) 4th St ((100-1199)) 5th St ((100-1199)) 6th St ((700-1199)) 7th St ((200-1199)) Annin St ((1-898)) Ash St ((100-499)) Beech St ((300-699)) Bethel Rd ((1-995)) Breakneck Rd ((1-399)) Coates St ((1-699)) Cobblehill Rd ((100-351)) Cobble Hill Rd ((200-298)) Corkscrew Rd ((201-699)) Corner Rd ((100-197)) Cottonwood Rd ((1300-1999)) Crow Butte Rd ((1-1099)) Deadman Rd ((300-499)) Deep Creek Rd ((400-999)) Diehl Rd ((400-1498)) Dodd Rd ((1-499)) Dyer Rd ((1-299)) E Belmont Rd ((100-499)) Elm St ((100-799)) E River Rd ((12200-12299)) Four Mile Rd ((300-798)) Fremont St ((1-699)) Glendy Rd ((1-198)) Glen Rd ((2-199)) Hanley Rd ((1-399)) Highland Rd ((1-199)) Holmgren Dr ((2-98)) Horseshoe Rd ((1-99)) Hospital Dr ((801-1199)) Hough Rd ((1-999)) Hwy 2/71 ((12100-13198)) Johnson Dr ((100-199)) Jones Dr ((1-99)) Lawrence Rd ((200-226)) Lemmon Rd ((300-398)) Linn St ((100-499)) Main St ((100-799)) Manley Rd ((2-499)) Mansfield Rd ((100-299)) Mc Pherson St ((2-3569)) Meng Dr ((100-198)) Mill Rd ((1-299)) Milo Rd ((1-299)) Missouri St ((3101-3499)) Moody Rd ((1-198)) N Belmont Rd ((2-199)) Oak St ((101-699)) Oetken Rd ((100-399)) Oet Ken Rd ((100-399)) Old Hwy 20 ((1-998)) Paddock St ((1-3298)) Park St ((1-99)) Phelps Rd ((1-99)) Phelps St ((1-199)) Pine St ((100-799)) Raben Rd ((1-299)) Rd P19 ((900-998)) Rd P25 ((3101-3499)) Reed St ((1-599)) Rimrock Rd ((1-198)) Sandcreek Rd ((265-299)) Saw Logging Rd ((400-698)) Sawlog Rd ((1-99)) S Belmont Rd ((1-198)) Section Line Rd ((1-99)) Smith Rd ((1-298)) Soldier Creek Rd ((300-399)) Squaw Creek Rd ((64-598)) Squaw Mound Rd ((301-999)) State Hwy 2 ((12216-14199)) State Hwy 71 ((12000-14198)) Table Center Rd ((501-507)) Table Rd ((1-699)) Tall Aves Rd ((100-198)) Tall Pines Dr ((1-299)) Tall Pines Rd ((1-299)) Toadstool Rd ((1-399)) US Hwy 20 ((2-3899)) Vogl Loop ((1-199)) W Ash Creek Rd ((3-1399)) W Belmont Rd ((1-1799)) White River Rd ((100-1198)) Wohlers Dr ((100-199))

    69339 Places and Attractions

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