Valentine, NE 69201 ZIP Code Map


Valentine ZIP Codes


69201 Schools


  • Simeon West School
  • Valentine High School
  • Valentine Middle School
  • Valentine Elementary School
  • Goose Creek School
  • Simeon East School
  • Kewanee School
  • 69201 Hotels

  • Comfort Inn Valentine
  • Dunes Lodge And Suites
  • Trade Winds Lodge
  • Valentines Niobrara Lodge
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    ZIP Code 69201 is located in Cherry County (85.90%) Todd County (10.10%) Keya Paha County (4.00%)

    69201 Street Addresses

    295th St ((29301-29399)) Airport Rd ((300-399)) Antelope Cir ((101-199)) Ash Ln ((101-199)) Bessie St ((801-899)) Bias St ((600-899)) Blue Moon Ridge ((1-99)) Candice St ((900-999)) Candice St W ((700-998)) Co Rd Ee ((3001-3099)) Craig St W ((700-899)) Desirae Dr ((700-899)) E 10th St ((1000-1198)) E 1st St ((100-899)) E 2nd St ((100-899)) E 3rd St ((100-899)) E 4th St ((100-599)) E 5th St ((100-999)) E 6th St ((100-599)) E 7th St ((100-899)) E 8th St ((100-1098)) E 9th St ((700-1098)) E A St ((100-599)) E B St ((100-599)) E C St ((101-798)) E Hwy 20 ((101-1099)) Elenora Dr ((400-599)) Essex St ((600-799)) Hazel St ((100-498)) Hwy 20 ((601-899)) Keech St ((800-899)) Lakeshore Dr ((1-199)) Lake Shore Dr ((1-199)) Little Burg Rd ((1300-1398)) Littles Ct ((100-599)) Meadow Lake Rd ((100-199)) Moon St ((801-999)) N Cherry St ((100-899)) N Edna St ((100-499)) N Government St ((100-899)) N Green St ((100-1099)) N Haley St ((100-999)) N Hall St ((100-799)) N Howe St ((200-899)) N Hugh St ((500-999)) N Lodi St ((100-299)) N Macomb St ((100-699)) N Main St ((100-999)) N Queen St ((800-1099)) N Ray St ((200-699)) N Ridge Rd ((100-199)) N Shore St ((100-299)) N Thacher St ((100-298)) N Thatcher St ((101-399)) N Valentine St ((200-699)) N Victoria St ((200-399)) N Western St ((100-499)) N Wood St ((100-799)) Prairie St ((100-199)) Queen St ((800-1099)) Rd Ee ((3001-3099)) Riege Ave ((900-998)) Sandoz St ((500-599)) S Cherry St ((100-299)) S Eva St ((105-199)) S Government St ((100-299)) S Hall St ((100-399)) S Helen St ((100-299)) S Macomb St ((100-199)) S Main St ((100-299)) S Ray St ((100-299)) S Sally St ((100-299)) State Hwy 12 ((1-999)) State Hwy 97 ((300-398)) S Thatcher St ((100-299)) S Vivian St ((100-299)) S Western St ((100-299)) S Wood St ((100-299)) Trail Dr ((1101-2098)) US Hwy 20 ((100-1098)) US Hwy 83 ((100-29599)) W 1st St ((100-199)) W 2nd St ((100-1299)) W 3rd St ((100-899)) W 4th St ((100-699)) W 5th St ((100-499)) W 6th St ((100-399)) W 7th St ((100-399)) W 8th St ((100-299)) W A St ((100-699)) W B St ((100-999)) W C St ((100-899)) W Donoher St ((700-899)) Whispering Pines Ln ((100-199)) W Hwy 20 ((100-899)) Wild Horse Way ((100-198)) W Ridge Rd ((301-399))

    69201 Places and Attractions

    Ainsworth Canal Alkali Pond Allen Bridge Assembly of God Church Bachelor Ranch Baker Ranch Bakers Lake Ballard Marsh Public School Ballards Marsh Ballards Marsh State Wildlife Management Area Beaver Lake Beeds Landing Area Campground Bens Flat Berean Fundamental Church Berry Falls Big Alkali Lake Big Alkali State Wildlife Management Area Big Beaver Creek Big Dry Valley Big Lake Boardman Creek Boardman Creek Area Campground Boardman Creek School Borman Bridge Borman Bridge Wildlife Management Area Bow and Arrow Ranch Boyer Ranch Bryan Bridge Bryan Bridge Historical Marker Bryan Bridge Scenic Overlook Bryant Ranch Buffalo Bridge Bull Lake Bush Ranch Campbell Lake Cedar Bay Cedar Lake Centennial Hall Center Lake Chamberlain Swamp Cherry County Cherry County Court House Cherry County Fairgrounds Cherry County Historical Society Museum Cherry County Hospital Cherry County Physicians Clinic Cherry County Sheriffs Office Chesterfield Flats Churchill Ranch City of Valentine C Klein Dam Clear Lake Cleveland Election Precinct C McCormick Dam Colburn Park Coleman Lake Coleman Pond Conterra Conterra Post Office (historical) Coon Creek Copeland Ranch Cornell Bridge Cornell Dam Cornell Dam School Cow Lake Crooked Creek Dads Lake Daniels Ranch Darr Bridge Decker School Deer Park Country Club Devils Punch Bowl Lake Dewey Lake Dry Creek Dry Creek Dry Creek Duck Lake Duck Lake School Durbin Lake East School Number 8 East Twin Lake Ecological Park Ell Lake Evangelical Free Church Falls Bridge First Baptist Church Fishberry Creek Fish Hatchery Lake Flattop Flying Diamond Landing Strip Fort Niobrara Historical Marker Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge Fort Niobrara Trail Fort Niobrara Wilderness Frederick Peak Fullerton Ranch Goose Creek Public School Gordon Creek Gordon Valley Ranch Government Canyon Grace Eve Lutheran School Grace Lutheran Church Green Lake Gus Lake Hackberry Lake Harms Ranch Harns School Hassel Ranch Hayford Lake Hay Lake Heth Ranch Hidden Timber Hidden Timber Dam Homestead Lake Hudson Lake J Lee Ranch Kennedy Kennedy Election Precinct Kennedy Post Office (historical) Kennedy School Kewanee Cemetery Kewanee School Klein School KVSH-AM (Valentine) Lawrence Ranch Little Alkali Lake Little Beaver Creek Littleburg Little Hay Lake Littles Trailer Court Lone Tree Creek Lone Tree Lake Long Lake Lookout Tower Number 1 Lost Lake Lovejoy Flats Lovejoy Lake Lovejoy Ranch McCormick Eye Clinic McKeel Lake McLeod Ranch Meritt Reservoir State Wildlife Management Area Merritt Dam Merritt Dam Landing Strip Merritt Reservoir Merritt Reservoir Merritt Reservoir Main Area Campground Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area Merritt Trading Post and RV Park Merry Land Park Merryland Park School MF Ranch Mid - Cherry Rural Fire District Middle Marsh Lake Miller Field Airport Miller Ranch Mill Pond Minnechaduza Cemetery Minnechaduza Creek Moosman Bridge Mount Hope Cemetery Mule Lake Muleshoe Lake New Harmony School N Hanna Ranch North Marsh Lake Ormesher Ranch Our Savior Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Packingham Lake Parker Bridge Paxson Ranch Pearson Ranch Pearson Swamp Pelican Lake Peterson Ranch Pierce Milling Plant Dam Pierce Milling Plant Reservoir Piercy Ranch Pine View Clinic Pine View Good Samaritan Center Pony Lake Powder Horn Area Campground Presbyterian Church Rat and Beaver Lake State Wildlife Management Area Rat Lake Ravenscroft Ranch Red Deer Lake Red Deer Ranch Reiser-Shockley Swamp Richland Harmony Cemetery Robinson Lake Rogers Lake Rolling Stone Ranch Rose Valley Ranch Ross Ranch Round Lake Rustlers Roost Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Joseph Cemetery Saint Nicholas Church Sandhills Museum Schiffern Ranch Schlagel Creek Schlagel Creek State Wildlife Management Area Schlagel School School Lake School Number 100 School Number 109 School Number 12 School Number 121 School Number 127 School Number 149 School Number 167 School Number 17 School Number 175 School Number 183 School Number 20 School Number 21 School Number 25 School Number 28 School Number 3 School Number 33 School Number 4 School Number 41 School Number 42 School Number 44 (historical) School Number 53 School Number 56 School Number 64 School Number 68 School Number 72 (historical) School Number 76 School Number 86 School Number 90 Sears Ranch Sears School Seventh Day Adventist Church Shadley Creek School Sharp Landing Strip Sharp Ranch Short Creek Simeon Simeon Post Office Simeon Public School Smith Falls State Park Smith Falls Trails Smith Lake Snake River Snake River Area Campground Snake River Falls South Marsh Lake South Marsh Lake Sparks Cemetery Spencer Lake Spring Creek Steer Creek Stetter Ranch Stout Lake Stub Lake Sunny Slope Ranch Swan Lake Swanson Camp Swanson Ranch Swanson Ranch Swanson Swamp Sweetheart Trailer Court Sweetwater Valley Tate Lake Taylor Cemetery Taylor Ranch Thatcher Thatcher Post Office (historical) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Tiny Town Tioga-Burge School Trout Lake Turner Ranch Turner Ranch Twentyone Lake Twin Lakes United Methodist Church Unorganized Territory of East Todd Valentine Valentine City Park Valentine City Park Campground Valentine City Park Dam Valentine Election Precinct Valentine Elementary School Valentine KOA Campground Valentine Middle School Valentine Motel and RV Park Valentine National Wildlife Refuge Valentine Police Department Valentine Post Office Valentine Public Library Valentine Reservoir Valentine Rural High School Valentine State Fish Hatchery Valentine Trailhead Park Valentine Vision Center Valentine Visitors Center Valentine Volunteer Fire Department Vian Ranch Vrender Swamp Ward School Watts Lake West School Number 8 West Twin Lake Whitewater Lake Willow Lake Willow Lake State Wildlife Management Area Windmill Lake Worth Dam Worth Ranch Worth Reservoir Zion Lutheran Church Wisconsin Synod Zion Lutheran School