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  • Sutherland High School
  • Sutherland Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 69165 is located in Lincoln County (56.60%) McPherson County (43.40%)

    69165 Street Addresses

    1st St ((100-5299)) 2nd St ((801-1599)) 3rd St ((800-1599)) 60 Rd ((700-798)) Beveridge Rd S ((4900-8099)) Blackwood Rd S ((8100-9699)) Bucktail Rd ((200-399)) Cactus Ct ((3400-3498)) Cherrywood Dr ((100-198)) Cobbler Ln ((800-899)) Darlin Ct ((900-999)) Darlin St ((800-899)) Diamond Bar Rd ((200-298)) Ell St ((400-499)) Elm St ((100-899)) Emerson St ((31401-31499)) E Morgan Dr ((100-198)) Fern St ((500-699)) Gilkeson Rd S ((4900-8099)) Haugland Hill Rd ((29800-30999)) Hill View Dr ((500-699)) King Rd S ((4900-11299)) Liberty St ((200-699)) Linden St ((100-899)) Locust St ((400-1599)) Mamie Dr ((400-499)) Maple St ((100-499)) Mc Kinley St ((400-699)) N Arensdorf Rd ((100-199)) N County Rd ((100-1599)) N King Rd ((1-1699)) N Ofallons Rd ((1850-2232)) N Prairie Trace Rd ((600-28999)) Oak St ((100-299)) Park Rd ((2700-32899)) Park St ((100-199)) Paulman Blvd ((1300-1499)) Pine St ((100-799)) Pioneer Trce ((200-3298)) Poplar St ((100-799)) Pueppka Dr ((200-299)) S Beveridge Rd ((1-8099)) S Blackwood Rd ((1700-4899)) S Bubble Rd ((1700-4899)) Seifer Rd ((7701-7799)) S Gilkeson Rd ((3300-4899)) Simmons Rd W ((32800-39199)) S King Rd ((1-4899)) S Maple St ((100-199)) Snake Rd ((30300-30398)) S Oak St ((100-299)) South St ((100-1599)) S Prairie Trace Rd ((8100-9699)) Spruce St ((100-299)) S Seifer Rd ((1-4899)) State Hwy 25 ((100-299)) State Hwy 92 ((900-2199)) State Hwy 97 ((6500-11299)) Storer Rd ((300-599)) Suburban Rd ((28000-29599)) Sutherland Cemetery Rd ((36500-36599)) Tin Camp Rd ((300-398)) Tower Rd ((31100-31298)) Union St ((100-1498)) US Hwy 30 ((100-42499)) Victory St ((100-299)) Vine St ((100-199)) Walnut St ((100-899)) W Antelope Rd ((26400-27999)) W Correction Line Rd ((29600-32799)) W County Rd ((100-3798)) W Daly Rd ((200-398)) W Goedert-White Rd ((32800-42499)) W Maire Rd ((35001-35099)) W Meadow Lawns Rd ((28000-32799)) W Morgan Rd ((2-98)) W North River Rd ((29600-37599)) W Park Rd ((31401-32899)) W Platte Valley Rd ((28000-29599)) W Power Rd ((28000-29599)) W Sarben Rd ((34400-42499)) W Simmons Rd ((34400-37599)) W Snake Rd ((31200-37599)) W State Farm Rd ((32500-32598)) W-State Farm Rd ((37600-42399)) W Suburban Rd ((28000-29599)) W Sutherland Cemetery Rd ((34400-36599)) W Tjaden Rd ((3700-29899)) W Walker Rd ((35200-39199)) Yucca ((1-3499))

    69165 Places and Attractions

    Applegate Ranch Arensdorf Ranch B Thompson Ranch Bull Ditch Charles Morgan Ranch Coker Community Care at Sutherland Connell Ranch Cottonwood Election Precinct Crossing the Overland Trail Historical Marker Crouse Ranch Danseys (historical) Den Ranch Dexter (historical) Diamond Bar Lake Diamond Bar Ranch East Clear Creek Flats Flats Post Office (historical) Fred Seifer Ranch Gale Morgan Ranch Grace Lutheran Church Great Platte River Road Historical Marker Green Valley Ranch Harshfield Ranch Hope Baptist Church Interchange 158 Keith Lincoln Canal Kellogg Ranch KHNE-FM (North Platte) KPNE-TV (North Platte) Lawyer Lake Little Diamond Bar Lake Maxine White Public Library McNutt Ranch McNutt Ranch Methodist Church Moriarty Ranch Mueller Ranch Oregon Trail Golf Course Oregon Trail Park Campground Paul Seifer Ranch Presbyterian Church Railroad Park Reid Lake Richardson Ranch Rundback Ranch Sacred Heart Catholic Church Schick Lake Schnick Ranch School Number 104 (historical) School Number 38 School Number 45 Scoular Grain Company Elevator Snyder Lake Storer Ranch Strieff Ranch Sutherland Sutherland Sutherland Cemetery Sutherland Dam Sutherland Eastbound Travel Information Center Sutherland Election Precinct Sutherland Medical Clinic Sutherland Post Office Sutherland Public Schools Sutherland Reservoir Sutherland Reservoir Sutherland Reservoir Campgrounds Sutherland Reservoir Park Sutherland Reservoir State Park Sutherland Rest Area - Eastbound Sutherland Rest Area - Westbound Sutherland Volunteer Fire and Rescue Sykes Cemetery Tin Camp Ranch Trego Airport Valley Rang School Valley View Cemetery Village of Sutherland West Park Whitewater Lake W Thompson Ranch