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  • Brady High School
  • Brady Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 69123 is located in Lincoln County

    69123 Street Addresses

    Anchor Bay Dr ((100-199)) Bailey Rd ((32800-34399)) Banner Rd ((12900-15398)) Brady Moorefield Rd ((20501-24998)) Brady Rd ((11300-17699)) Canyon Rd ((39700-43999)) E Antelope Rd ((39200-43999)) E Bailey Rd ((32800-34399)) E Banner Rd ((32800-34399)) E Brady Moorefield Rd ((20367-32799)) E Commercial St ((101-599)) E Correction Line Rd ((20000-23199)) E Fort McPherson Rd ((21288-32799)) E Fuller Rd ((32800-34399)) E Hall Rd ((39501-39599)) E Hild Rd ((37601-39199)) E Island Rd ((11400-32799)) E Kaneb Rd ((29600-37599)) E Line Rd ((34400-37599)) E Marker Rd ((21600-24799)) E McCullough Rd ((26400-31999)) E Palmer Rd ((34400-37599)) E Pawnee Rd ((8100-9099)) E Platte Valley Rd ((37600-43999)) E Plumer Ave ((200-314)) E Popleton Ave ((200-398)) E Railway St ((2-98)) E River St ((100-399)) E State St ((200-399)) E Suburban Rd ((37600-39199)) E Walking Plow Rd ((31200-42399)) E Wild Horse Rd ((39200-42399)) E Wildlife Rd ((37600-40799)) Fort McPherson Rd ((29501-29599)) George Rd ((9701-9799)) Hall Rd ((39501-39599)) Island Rd ((11100-24099)) Jeffrey Rd ((17700-30499)) Johnson Cir ((400-499)) Kaneb Rd ((29600-37599)) Lakeview Rd ((1-99)) Line Rd ((34400-37599)) Locust St ((400-599)) McCullough Rd ((8001-8099)) Miller Rd ((5101-11399)) N Ash St ((101-199)) N Brady Rd ((1-57699)) N Fir St ((100-198)) N Harrison St ((100-399)) N Locust St ((100-498)) N Main St ((200-499)) N Market St ((100-498)) N Mathewson St ((100-198)) N Miller Rd ((5101-7199)) N Oak St ((100-199)) Norris Ct ((200-299)) N Svea-Dal Rd ((1-8099)) N Valley Rd ((1700-3299)) N Vine St ((100-299)) Palmer Rd ((34400-37599)) Pelican Dr ((2-198)) S Banner Rd ((15300-20899)) S Brady Moorefield Rd ((20501-24998)) Sea St ((19500-19999)) S Fletcher Rd ((16000-17699)) S Fort McPherson Rd ((12900-14499)) S Harrison St ((100-199)) S Jeffrey Rd ((18300-30499)) S L-56D ((12900-14499)) S Lakeview Rd ((1-99)) S Locust St ((101-299)) S Main St ((100-299)) S Market St ((100-298)) S Miller Rd ((9100-11399)) Smith Rd ((19300-20899)) Snell Canyon Rd ((15401-25198)) S North Brady Rd ((11100-11999)) S North Valley Rd ((1-6499)) S Scott Rd ((16000-22499)) S Shore Dr ((100-199)) S Smith Rd ((9100-20899)) S Snell Canyon Rd ((15401-25198)) State Hwy 56D (Link) ((100-14499)) S Vine St ((200-298)) S Wahlgren Rd ((17700-24099)) SW Pawnee Rd ((4900-9099)) Taberge St ((19701-19799)) Tyler St ((101-199)) Wahlgren Rd ((17700-24099)) Wayne Ave ((200-298)) W Commercial St ((100-299)) Wild Horse Rd ((39200-42399)) Wildlife Rd ((37600-40799)) W Pawnee Rd ((16000-19299)) W Poppleton ((101-399)) W River St ((100-398)) W Short St ((101-298)) W State St ((100-299))

    69123 Places and Attractions

    Antelope Cemetery Antelope Election Precinct (historical) Berean Fundamental Church Brady Brady Brady Cemetery Brady Eastbound Travel Information Center Brady Election Precinct Brady Island Brady Post Office Brady Public Schools Brady Rest Area - Eastbound Brady Rest Area - Westbound Brady Rural Health Clinic Brady Volunteer Fire and Rescue Brushy Island Chester Island Chester Island State Wildlife Management Area Conroy Canyon Cottonwood Springs (historical) Cottonwood Springs Post Office (historical) Earth Dam-Canal Mile 135 Dam Earth Dam-Canal Mile 148 Dam Earth Dam-Canal Mile 156 Dam Earth Dam-Canal Mile 158 Dam Earth Dam-Canal Mile 164 Dam Earth Dam-Canal Mile 177 Dam Earth Dam-Canal Mile 20 Dam Earth Dam-Canal Mile 228 Dam Farmland Service Coop Incorporated Elevator Fort Brady Museum Fort McPherson and North Platte Historical Marker Gaslin Cemetery Gaslin Election Precinct (historical) George Island Gothenburg Diversion Dam Gothenburg Diversion Dam Reservoir Gulch Canyon Hindrey (historical) Interchange 190 Interchange 199 Jeffrey Canyon Jeffrey Canyon State Wildlife Management Area Jeffrey Queen School (historical) Jeffrey Reservoir Machettes (historical) McCullough Island Nebraska Gateway Sculpture Pawnee Creek Pawnee Slough Road Ranches along the Platte Historical Marker Snell Canyon Spannuth School (historical) Svea Church Svea Dal Cemetery Tri County Supply Canal United Methodist Church Village of Brady West Brady State Wildlife Management Area Wild Horse Valley Ranch Wild Horse Valley School (historical)