Arthur, NE 69121 ZIP Code Map


Arthur ZIP Codes


69121 Schools


  • Arthur Elem Sch - Lower
  • Arthur County High School
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    ZIP Code 69121 is located in Arthur County

    69121 Street Addresses

    69121 Places and Attractions

    A McMillan Ranch Anderberg Ranch Arthur Arthur County Arthur County Courthouse Arthur County Fairground Arthur County High School Arthur County Library Arthur County Rural Fire District Arthur County Sheriff Office Arthur Election Precinct Arthur Elementary School Arthur Municipal Airport Arthur Post Office Baptist Church Bar 91 Ranch Bean Soup Lake Bear Hill Beeken Ranch Beekin Ranch Beekins Ranch Benscoter Valley Berryman Ranch Bourquim Hill Box Lake Box Lake Ranch Bucktail Bucktail Lake Bucktail Post Office (historical) Bucktail Ranch Bucktail School Calora Calora Post Office (historical) Casey Valley Center Valley Center Valley Center Valley Church Center Valley School Cerny Ranch C Kramer Ranch Cocklebur Windmill Colburn Valley Collins Valley Courthouse Museum Coyote Lake Coyote Valley Cranford Valley Cross Ranch Curtiss Lake Dale Corfield Ranch Dancer Ranch Dancer Ranch Dean Simpson Ranch Deans Valley Doherty Valley Duck Lake Dunlap Valley Eagle Point East Ranch Eaton Lake Enfield Ranch Enfield Ranch Erie Corfield Ranch Eymann Ranch Fejt Ranch F Lane Ranch Frye Lake Frye Ranch Frye Ranch Frye Ranch Golden Ranch Graham Ranch Hall Ranch Hartman Ranch Hartman Ranch Hartman Ranch Harvey Valley Hawkins Ranch Hawkins Ranch Airport Hawkins South Ranch Hayes Place Haythorn Lake Haythorn Ranch Haythorn Valley Helmer Ranch Helmer Valley Hiner Ranch Hobin Valley H Orr Ranch Houder Valley Houpt Ranch Hulbert Lake Indian Valley Jensen Lake Jensen Ranch J McMillan Ranch Johnson Ranch J Walz Ranch Kaps Ranch K C Lake K C Valley Larsen Ranch Lawler Ranch Lightning Valley Loyd Valley Lute Kramer Ranch Lyle Kramer Ranch Lyons Place McCollin Ranch McElhinney Ranch McKeag Meadow View School Mell Valley Neilson Lake Neilson Ranch N Kramer Ranch Nostrum Valley O Lane Ranch Packard Ranch Packard Ranch Airport P Cross Ranch Peterson Crouse Ranch Peterson Ranch Peterson Ranch Pilgrim Holiness Church Porter Place Powers Ranch Powers Ranch Quick Ranch Rasmussen Place Reichenberg Ranch R Ellingrod Ranch Robert Simpson Ranch Roberts Valley Rothwell Ranch Rounds Place Sand Puddin Lake Schneede Ranch School Number 1 School Number 27 School Number 3 School Number 33 School Number 39 School Number 4 School Number 40 School Number 51 School Number 55 School Number 7 School Number 9 Silliasen Ranch Silliasen Valley Sizer Ranch Smith Ranch Soehls Lake Spahn Ranch Spencer Ranch Spotted Horse Valley Staples Ranch Starkey Ranch Stinsman Valley Sunnyside Ranch Sunnyside Valley Swanson Ranch Thoelecke Valley Threemile Lake Threemile Ranch Three Tanks Lakes Tilley Lake Tillingbast Ranch Trenary Ranch Triangle Valley Vasa Ranch Velma Velma Post Office (historical) Village of Arthur Voss Valley W Cross Ranch White Ranch Williams Ranch Wilson Ranch Wilson Ranch Wymore Ranch