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68967 Schools


  • New View School
  • So Valley Elementary School
  • Southern Valley Jr/Sr High
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    ZIP Code 68967 is located in Furnas County (50.00%) Harlan County (50.00%)

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    Ag Valley Cooperative Elevator Buffalo School Cadwalder Dam Cadwalder Reservoir Cambridge Canal Cardinal Country Club Carter-David East Dam Carter-David East Reservoir Carter-David West Dam Carter-David West Reservoir Carter (historical) Carter Post Office (historical) Crow Dam Crow Reservoir Deep Creek Drake Dam Drake Reservoir Elm Creek First Baptist Church Foster Creek Frear Dam Frear Reservoir George R Mitchell RV Park Hardscrabble School Hollinger Hollinger Hollinger Post Office (historical) Kellner Cemetery Lueking Dam Lueking Reservoir Mascot Mascot Mascot Post Office (historical) Mascot School (historical) McDonald Dam McDonald Reservoir Milrose David Dam Number 2 Milrose David Reservoir Number 2 New Era Election Precinct New Era School Oxford Oxford Oxford Cemetery Oxford Dental Clinic Oxford Election Precinct Oxford Elementary School Oxford Evangelical Free Church Oxford Junction Oxford Medical Clinic Oxford Municipal Airport Oxford Post Office Oxford Public Library Oxford State Wildlife Management Area Oxford Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Peterson North Dam Peterson North Reservoir Peterson South Dam Peterson South Reservoir Republican River Flood of 1935 Historical Marker Saint Johns Lutheran Church Saint Michaels Catholic Church Southern Valley Junior/Senior High School Spring Creek Spring Grove Cemetery Sturtevant Dam Sturtevant Reservoir Swartz Creek Township of Albany Township of Emerson Township of Lincoln Township of New Era Township of Oxford Township of Spring Grove Township of Weaver Turkey Creek Turner Cemetery United Methodist Church Village of Oxford Walker Post Manor