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  • Lawrence/Nelson Secondary Sch
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    ZIP Code 68961 is located in Nuckolls County

    68961 Street Addresses

    1st St ((300-699)) 2nd St ((201-399)) 5th St ((300-599)) 7th St ((400-599)) 8th St ((400-499)) E 1st St ((1-2599)) E 2nd St ((1-599)) E 3rd St ((1-499)) E 4th St ((1-599)) E 5th St ((1-599)) E 7th St ((1-399)) East St ((100-199)) E Gourlay Ave ((1-199)) Elm St ((700-899)) Hwy 14 ((1501-1599)) Lincoln St ((300-398)) Main St ((1-1398)) Maple St ((1-299)) Mt Clare Rd ((3300-3599)) Nevada St ((700-799)) N Main St ((1-599)) Park St ((100-499)) Porter St ((100-199)) Rd 3100 ((1100-1198)) Rd 3300 ((2000-2298)) Rd 3400 ((1400-3499)) Rd 3500 ((2001-2099)) Rd 3700 ((1100-1298)) Rd 3800 ((1301-2099)) Rd 3900 ((1101-1599)) Rd 4000 ((901-1899)) Rd 4100 ((1301-1399)) Rd 4200 ((1001-1099)) Rd 4300 ((1301-1399)) Rd 4400 ((1000-1298)) Rd 4500 ((1201-1399)) Rd K ((4201-4299)) Rd L ((3001-3099)) Rd M ((3301-4499)) Rd N ((3201-4098)) Rd P ((3601-3998)) Rd Pq ((3200-3799)) Rd R ((3101-4098)) Rd T ((3401-4148)) Rd U ((3218-3999)) Rd V ((3301-4099)) Road N ((4200-4298)) S Denver St ((700-899)) S East St ((400-499)) S Elk St ((1-199)) S Elm St ((100-499)) S Main St ((600-1398)) S Maple St ((300-799)) S Montgomery St ((1-599)) S Nevada St ((1-199)) S Park St ((201-599)) S Peoria St ((1-499)) S Porter St ((200-899)) State Hwy 14 ((1-2099)) State Hwy 4 ((2700-3599)) S Wheeler St ((1-899)) US Hwy 136 ((3700-4644)) W 1st St ((1-299)) W 2nd St ((1-499)) W 3rd St ((1-299)) W 4th St ((1-1098)) W 5th St ((1-299)) W 6th St ((1-299)) W 7th St ((300-599)) W 8th St ((1-499)) W 9th St ((200-399)) Washington St ((300-498)) W Gourlay Ave ((1-499)) Wheeler St ((100-498))

    68961 Places and Attractions

    Adams Dam Adams Reservoir Angus Angus (historical) Angus Post Office (historical) Bauman Dam Bauman Reservoir Biltoft Dam Biltoft Reservoir Church of Christ City of Nelson Doher Landing Strip Drohman Dam-1 Dam Drohman Reservoir Drudik Dam Drudik Reservoir Elk Creek Country Club Farmers Union Cooperative Association Elevator Farmers Union Cooperative Association Elevator Frahm Dam Frahm Dam Frahm Reservoir Frahm Reservoir Good Samaritan Center Harbine Park Harbine Park Campground Jones Dam Jones Reservoir Lawrence-Nelson Junior-Senior High School Lyon Dam Lyon Reservoir Nelson Nelson Community United Church of Christ Nelson Dental Clinic Nelson Election Precinct Nelson Elementary School (historical) Nelson (historical) Nelson Post Office Nelson Public Library Nelson Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Services Nora Nora Cemetery Nora Election Precinct (historical) Nora (historical) Nora Post Office Nora United Methodist Church Norgaard Dam Norgaard Reservoir North Park Nuckolls County Nuckolls County Courthouse Nuckolls County Fairgrounds Nuckolls County Sheriffs Office Oxbow Cemetery Oxbow Creek Pleasant View School Ruttman Dam Ruttman Reservoir Sacred Heart Catholic Church Schleufer Dam Schleufer Reservoir Seventh Day Adventist Church Skirmish at Spring Creek Historical Marker Thayer Dam Thayer Reservoir Township of Blaine Township of Liberty Township of Nelson Township of Nora Village of Nora Wehrman Dam Wehrman Dam Wehrman Reservoir Wehrman Reservoir We-So-Braska Camp Westside Medical Services Whithorn-Brown Dam Whithorn-Brown Reservoir Williams Dam Williams Reservoir Wroughton Dam Wroughton Reservoir