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  • Sargent High School
  • Sargent Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 68874 is located in Custer County

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    Antelope School Antelope Valley Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary Church Big Oak Canyon Blue Mound School (historical) Boggs Table Canal Number 2 Church of Christ City of Sargent Coburgh Post Office (historical) Coburg School (historical) Cummings Park (historical) Cummings Park School (historical) Divide Hill Dry Valley Dry Valley Cemetery Dry Valley School (historical) Elton (historical) Elton Post Office (historical) Elton School (historical) Evangelical Free Church Farmers Cooperative Elevator Lillian Creek Little Oak Canyon Mills School (historical) Morris School (historical) Mount Hope Cemetery Mount Pleasant School (historical) North Star School (historical) Oxford School (historical) Peace Lutheran Church Phillipsburg Post Office (historical) Phillipsburg School (historical) Pleasant Ridge School (historical) Round Valley Round Valley Round Valley Cemetery Round Valley Post Office (historical) Saint Marys Cemetery Sand Canyon Sand Creek Sargent Sargent Ambulance Service Sargent Family Practice Sargent Feed and Grain Company Elevator Sargent Golden Acres RV Park Sargent Library Sargent Municipal Airport Sargent Nursing Home Sargent Park Sargent Post Office Sargent Public Schools Sargent Rural Health Clinic Sargent Volunteer Fire Department School Number 186 School Number 36 School Number 52 Shady Hollow School (historical) Somerford Cemetery Somerford Post Office (historical) Somerford School (historical) Somerford Valley Stokes School (historical) Tableland School (historical) Township of Corner Township of Douglas Grove Township of Lillian Township of Sargent Township of West Union Union Hill School (historical) United Methodist Church Vikram Incorporated Hospital Walworth Walworth Cemetery Walworth Post Office (historical) Walworth School (historical) West Union Cemetery West Union (historical) West Union Post Office (historical) West Union School (historical) Winnegar Canyon Zion Hill School (historical)