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  • District 70 Elementary School
  • Burwell Jr-Sr High School
  • Burwell Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 68823 is located in Garfield County (61.10%) Loup County (24.40%) Rock County (8.90%) Valley County (5.60%)

    68823 Street Addresses

    10th Ave ((100-299)) 11th Ave ((100-399)) 12th Ave ((100-299)) 13th Ave ((200-46698)) 1st Homestead ((46200-46298)) 453 Dr ((82001-82099)) 454th Ave ((84600-84698)) 455th Ave ((84901-84999)) 459th Ave ((82700-82799)) 460th Ave ((84601-84799)) 461st Ave ((82401-82499)) 464 Ave ((800-82898)) 464th Ave ((82701-82799)) 464 Th Ave ((82101-82199)) 465 Ave ((84500-84598)) 465th Ave ((81400-81598)) 465 Th Ave ((82501-82599)) 465th Rd ((84500-84598)) 465th St ((81601-81699)) 466 Ave ((81601-82399)) 466th Ave ((81685-82298)) 467th Ave ((82500-83298)) 468 Ave ((82200-82399)) 468th Ave ((2301-82399)) 469th Ave ((82700-82798)) 470th Ave ((82900-83298)) 471 Ave ((82300-82498)) 472 Ave ((82601-82898)) 473 Ave ((82300-82398)) 473rd Ave ((81900-84099)) 473rd Rd ((82500-82598)) 474th Ave ((82700-84399)) 475 Ave ((82300-82398)) 476 Ave ((82400-82498)) 476th Ave ((82400-82498)) 479 Ave ((82300-82398)) 480 Ave ((82300-82398)) 483 Ave ((82601-82699)) 821st Rd ((46801-46899)) 822nd Rd ((46601-46699)) 822 Nd Rd ((46400-46699)) 823 Rd ((47300-82398)) 823rd Rd ((46600-46998)) 824th Rd ((46201-46898)) 825th Rd ((45500-46899)) 826th Rd ((45800-48399)) 827 Rd ((48101-48199)) 827th Ave ((48101-48199)) 827th Rd ((45554-45698)) 828 Rd ((46300-46399)) 828th Rd ((45901-46999)) 829th Rd ((45701-46999)) 830 Rd ((47200-47298)) 830th Rd ((46500-46999)) 831st Rd ((46900-46998)) 832nd Rd ((46701-46898)) 832 Rd ((47001-47099)) 833 Rd ((46701-46899)) 833rd Rd ((46701-46899)) 834 Rd ((47001-47399)) 837th Rd ((46400-46799)) 839th Rd ((47200-47299)) 840th Rd ((46300-46699)) 844 Rd ((46701-46799)) 844th Rd ((46500-46698)) 846th Rd ((46800-46898)) 8th Ave ((301-82399)) Alps Rd ((81800-81998)) Bass Ln ((83000-83099)) Bean Creek Rd ((47100-47299)) Bison Hills ((45901-45999)) Bison Hills Dr ((45900-45998)) Burwell Ave ((400-499)) Calamus Dam Rd ((45600-46098)) Calamus Dr ((46000-83999)) Calmus Dam Rd ((46500-46599)) Calmus Dr ((82701-82899)) Canyon Rd ((46000-46099)) Carson Rd ((84400-84599)) Cedar River Rd ((47301-47998)) Co Rd 829 ((45701-45799)) Cottonwood Ave ((82301-82399)) Dam Rd ((42201-46499)) Dry Creek Ave ((83200-83699)) Dry Creek Rd ((83500-83598)) D St ((101-799)) Eagel Nest Rd ((45901-45999)) Eagle Nest Rd ((45901-45999)) E St ((600-799)) Falcon Ave ((84801-85098)) Finch Rd ((45500-45599)) Fort Ave ((81900-82499)) Fort Hartsuff Rd ((81900-81999)) Fox Run Rd ((45900-45998)) Frontier Loop Rd ((45701-45799)) F St ((601-999)) Gracie Creek Ave ((83401-84399)) Grand Ave ((400-414)) Grouse Ln ((82601-82799)) G St ((101-1299)) Halfway Rd ((46100-46198)) Happy Jack Loop ((82001-82099)) Hatchery Rd ((42201-42299)) Henesteud Ln ((82800-82898)) H St ((100-1299)) I St ((101-1298)) Jones Canyon Rd ((82501-83198)) J St ((500-999)) Jungman Ave ((81601-83107)) Kent Rd ((82501-82898)) K St ((300-699)) Lakeview Ln ((45900-45999)) Longhorn Ln ((83001-83599)) Loup Dr ((82900-83999)) L St ((101-1299)) Mule Deer Ln ((82601-82799)) N 13th Ave ((82500-82599)) N 6th Ave ((100-498)) N 7th Ave ((100-399)) N 8th Ave ((200-398)) N 9th Ave ((100-999)) N Platte Ave ((46001-46099)) N Platte St ((46001-46099)) Pebble Creek Rd ((46401-46698)) Railroad Ave ((100-198)) Railway St ((100-198)) Rd 459 ((82100-82198)) S 12 Th Ave ((100-158)) S 13th Ave ((46600-46698)) S 1st Ave ((1-299)) S 2nd Ave ((100-199)) S 4th Ave ((101-499)) S 5th Ave ((100-499)) S 6th Ave ((100-499)) S 7th Ave ((100-499)) S 8th Ave ((201-499)) S 9th Ave ((189-199)) Sandhills Dr ((82800-82898)) Silver Rd ((47300-47998)) Sioux Creek Loop ((46001-46199)) S Lake Rd ((45600-46098)) Snyder St ((100-298)) S Platte St ((46001-46099)) S St ((1-99)) State Hwy 11 ((100-84598)) State Hwy 91 ((45400-48298)) State Hwy 96 ((45701-82798)) Sunset Dr ((83000-83199)) US Hwy 183 ((82200-82399)) Valley View Ave ((83700-83799)) Valley Vista Dr ((301-499)) Walleye Way ((83001-83099)) Whitetail Ln ((82700-82798)) White Tail Ln ((46300-82798)) Wildcat Dr ((45900-458998)) Willow Springs Rd ((46700-46899)) Windy Hill Rd ((82500-82999)) York Point Rd ((42201-42299))

    68823 Places and Attractions

    Aggies Acres Alfred James Detention Dam Assembly of God Church Bald Lake Banner Cemetery Banner School Bean Creek Beat Flats Berean Fundamental Church Big Cedar Creek Blue Grass School Bohemian Brotherhood Cemetery Bohys Canyon Bromwick Canyon Bryan Election Precinct Buckshot Bay Burwell Burwell Baptist Church Burwell City Park Burwell City Park Campground Burwell Elementary School Burwell Family Practice Clinic Burwell Junior-Senior High School Burwell Library Burwell Medical Clinic Burwell Post Office Burwell Rural Fire District Burwell-Sumter Diversion Reservoir Calamus Country Camper Court Calamus Fish Hatchery Calamus Golf Course Calamus Reservoir Calamus Reservoir State Recreation Area Calamus River Calamus Townsite Historical Marker Calamus Valley Historical Marker Carson Lake Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Church Cedar Valley School Chapman Ranch City of Burwell Clark Lake Community Christian Church Community Memorial Health Center Community Memorial Hospital Community Memorial Nursing Home Conner Ranch Cottonwood Cemetery Cram Field Airport Deverre Deverre Post Office (historical) Dry Cedar Election Precinct Dry Creek Dumas (historical) Easter Blizzard of 1873 Historical Marker Erina Church Erina Election Precinct Erina Post Office (historical) Eureka School Evangelical Wesleyan Church First Christian Church Fort Hartsuff Historical Park Fort Hartsuff School Gables Gables Post Office (historical) Garfield County Garfield County Courthouse Garfield County Fairgrounds Garfield County Historical Marker Garfield County Historical Museum Garfield County Sheriffs Office Garska Meadow Garska Ranch Gideon School Goldenrod School Golden Standard School Goodenow (historical) Goodenow School Gracie Creek Gracie Flats Gracy Election Precinct Hannamon Bayou Campground Harrop (historical) Highland Election Precinct Hillsdale School Hillside School Ho Ranch Iverson Chiropractic Clinic James Reservoir Number 1 Joint School Jones Canyon Jungmann Hall Kamp Kaleo Kamp Kaleo Historical Marker Kent Cemetery Kent Diversion Dam State Wildlife Management Area Kent Election Precinct Kent (historical) Kent Post Office (historical) Kent School Kinkaid Election Precinct Kinkaid School Komensky School Larsen-Schwartzlander Dam Larsen-Schwartzlander Reservoir Leydell Canyon Litle Cedar Creek Little Cedar Creek Littlefield Cemetery Little York Point Park Headquarters Lone Star School McCord Canyon Midvale Election Precinct Midvale Public School Mikes Meadows Miller Diversion Dam Miller Reservoir Mirdan Canal State Wildlife Management Area Morgan Dam Morgan Reservoir Number 1 Mud Bayou Nichol Lake North Loup Dam North Loup Dam North Loup Project Historical Marker Nunda Post Office (historical) Nunda School Nunda Shoal Campground Orr Station Parker Cemetery Pebble Creek Fight Historical Marker Pioneer School Pleasant Hill School Pleasant View School Rainbow Trailer Court Rejda Dam Rejda Reservoir Richland School River Ranch Riverside Park Riverside School Riverview Public School Robbins Ranch Rockford Election Precinct Roosevelt Election Precinct Rosehill School Round Hill School Rush Lake Sacred Heart Church Saint Johns Lutheran Church Scherzberg Bayou Scherzberg Ranch Schonhar Ranch School Number 10 School Number 11 School Number 17 School Number 19 School Number 20 School Number 22 School Number 24 School Number 29 School Number 3 School Number 32 School Number 34 School Number 4 School Number 7 School Number 8 School Number 9 Sebesta School Sioux Creek Sloux Creek School Sunfish Lake Taylor-Ord Canal Township of Bryan Township of Elyria Township of Eureka Township of Gracy Township of Kent Township of Kinkaid Township of Little York Township of Midvale Township of Rockford Township of Willow Springs United Church of Christ United Methodist Church Valleyview Flat Campground Valleyview Historical Marker Valleyview Post Office (historical) Valley View School Virginia Smith Dam West Side Cemetery West Side School Willow Springs Election Precinct Willow Springs (historical) Willow Springs Post Office (historical) Willow Springs School Willow Springs Trailer Court Park Windy Hill