Anselmo, NE 68813 ZIP Code Map


Anselmo ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 68813 is located in Custer County (77.00%) Blaine County (23.00%)

68813 Street Addresses

15 Rd ((80801-80899)) Anselmo Rd ((80901-81199)) Burlington ((202-398)) Cedarlake Rd ((43301-43399)) Cedar Lake Rd ((43201-43398)) Chalmers St ((201-311)) Columbia Table Rd ((43101-43499)) Dog Leg Rd ((43600-43699)) Dr 437 ((81201-81299)) Drive 814 ((43401-43499)) Drive 818 ((43501-43698)) E Cornhusker Ave ((100-399)) E Foster Ave ((100-499)) E Milburn Rd ((43600-43699)) E Owen Ave ((100-499)) E Rolla Ave ((300-398)) E Smith Ave ((300-499)) Eureka Valley Rd ((41801-80899)) Gates Rd ((81601-82098)) Grandview Rd ((42800-42899)) Hwy 2 ((81201-81299)) Milburn Ave ((82201-82698)) Milburn Rd ((43649-83298)) Min Main Rd ((42301-81098)) N Baxter St ((100-599)) N Dorr St ((201-299)) N Evelyn St ((100-298)) N Hawkeye St ((100-198)) N Scott St ((100-299)) N Whittemore St ((100-298)) Pioneer Rd ((42500-42699)) Rd 420 ((80201-80899)) Rd 422 ((81500-81699)) Rd 425 ((80700-80798)) Rd 426 ((81201-81499)) Rd 428 ((80701-81098)) Rd 429 ((81300-81398)) Rd 430 ((80801-81099)) Rd 431 ((81300-81398)) Rd 442 ((81701-81799)) Rd 805 ((42800-42899)) Rd 808 ((42301-42799)) Rd 812 ((42800-43099)) Rd 813 ((42600-43198)) Rd 814 ((43500-43798)) Rd 818 ((43700-43798)) Rifle Creek Rd ((42101-42499)) River Canyon Rd ((43101-81799)) Sargent Rd ((43500-43898)) S Elmira St ((200-299)) S E St ((81201-81299)) S Evelyn St ((101-398)) S Hawkeye St ((100-398)) State Spur 21A ((300-498)) St Spr 21 A ((43500-81999)) S Whittemore St ((100-299)) Victoria Springs Rd ((81201-81299)) White Rd ((80201-80299)) W Owen Ave ((100-199)) W Rolla Ave ((100-1098)) W Said Ave ((300-398)) W Smith Ave ((300-399))

68813 Places and Attractions

Anselmo Anselmo Anselmo Post Office Anselmo Volunteer Fire Department Ash Canyon Bell School (historical) Campville (historical) Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon Center School (historical) Climax Post Office (historical) Climax School (historical) Columbia Table School (historical) Copperville School (historical) Demont School (historical) Dry Creek Eureka Valley School (historical) Farritor School (historical) Fowler Ranch Gallington School (historical) Grand View Cemetery Grand View School (historical) Hall School (historical) Happy Hollow School (historical) Hazen Ranch Hoosier Valley School (historical) Karnes School (historical) Maroney School (historical) Mc Ginn Ranch Airport Mc Millan Ranch Airport McMillen Ranch Milburn Milburn Diversion Dam Milburn Post Office Milburn School (historical) New Helena New Helena Post Office (historical) New Helena School (historical) New Hope Cemetery New Hope Valley Open Bible Standard Church Ortello Cemetery Ortello Chapel Ortello Post Office (historical) Ortello School (historical) Ortello Valley Phillips School (historical) Pleasant Valley Rankin Ditch Red Star School (historical) River Canyon Saint Anselms Catholic Church Saint Anselms Cemetery Sand Valley Sand Valley Sand Valley School (historical) Sargent Dam Sargent Reservoir School Number 6 Township of Hayes Township of Milburn Township of Victoria Victora Springs State Park Victoria Springs Cemetery Victoria Springs State Recreation Area Village of Anselmo Windy Point School (historical) Yucca Hill Post Office (historical) Yucca Hill School (historical)