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    ZIP Code 68638 is located in Nance County

    68638 Street Addresses

    13th Rd ((58800-58898)) 14th Rd ((58100-58199)) 18th Rd ((2961-2999)) 19th Rd ((2838-2999)) 1st St ((1-1099)) 21st Rd ((2946-2998)) 2nd St ((100-899)) 3rd St ((100-1099)) 4th St ((100-1099)) 590th St ((1800-26398)) 5th St ((100-1099)) 6th St ((100-1099)) 7th St ((100-1199)) Belgrade Rd ((28200-28298)) Bernard St ((200-798)) Broadway St ((100-1099)) Carl St ((200-699)) Cemetery Rd ((49801-49899)) Co Rd Line ((22900-26398)) Ct Line Rd ((22900-26398)) Division St ((101-1099)) E 1st St ((101-197)) Esther St ((100-899)) Fuller St ((200-1099)) Germand St ((100-799)) Grove St ((300-699)) Ida St ((100-899)) Irving St ((100-1099)) Johnson St ((300-912)) Kenwood St ((300-699)) Malcolm St ((600-699)) McClelland St ((2-499)) N 150th Ave ((50800-50898)) N 180 Ave ((54900-56798)) N 180th Ave ((54000-54098)) N 200th Ave ((56301-57998)) N 205th Ave ((52900-52998)) N 210 Ave ((57600-57699)) N 220th Ave ((49600-49698)) N 230th Ave ((49801-49899)) N 240th Ave ((53100-53198)) N 250th Ave ((51100-51198)) N 265th Ave ((44500-45599)) N 270th Ave ((48501-49699)) N 273rd Ave ((50901-53198)) N 280th Ave ((49400-51998)) N 290th Ave ((48300-49699)) N 2nd St ((100-1099)) N 3rd St ((200-1198)) N 450th St ((27000-27098)) N 480th St ((28200-28298)) N 4th St ((100-499)) N 530th Ave ((27300-27799)) N 545 St ((24200-24598)) N 545th St ((21701-24199)) N 570th St ((18300-18398)) N 580th St ((19901-19999)) N Broadway St ((100-399)) N Cross Ln ((55900-55998)) N Edgewood Rd ((50301-50898)) N Ember Rd ((55800-55898)) N Esther St ((100-399)) N Fuller St ((100-399)) N Germand St ((100-299)) N Ida St ((100-399)) N Johnson St ((103-199)) N McClelland St ((100-499)) N Osage Rd ((26200-26298)) N Pawnee Rd ((17800-17898)) N Reynolds Ave ((200-399)) N Star Rd ((54000-56798)) Pleasant Valley Rd ((22200-22599)) Rd 224 ((101-197)) Rd 227 ((49801-49899)) Rd P31 ((300-399)) Rd P422 ((1000-1098)) Reynolds Ave ((200-699)) S 220th Ave ((58800-58898)) S 230th Ave ((58100-58199)) S 240th Ave ((57400-57799)) S 270 Ave ((56000-57098)) S 270th Ave ((55700-55798)) S 280th Ave ((54800-56798)) S 290th Ave ((54001-57699)) S 300th Ave ((54201-56698)) S 310th Ave ((54800-56398)) S 320th Ave ((53001-55899)) S 330th Ave ((54200-56798)) S 530th St ((27300-27799)) S 535th St ((33500-33598)) S 550th St ((29100-33499)) S 555th St ((26900-28598)) S 560th St ((26600-30798)) S 570th St ((25101-32898)) S 590th St ((22900-22998)) S Johnson St ((100-1099)) State Hwy 14 ((100-1099)) State Hwy 22 ((100-30598)) State Hwy 52 ((25300-25998)) Valley Rd ((18301-24999)) Wiltse St ((100-199)) Y Rd ((1799-2099))

    68638 Places and Attractions

    Ash Creek C A M P Airport Cedar River Cedar Valley School (historical) City of Fullerton Council Creek Elm Grove School (historical) Fullerton Fullerton Fullerton Manor Fullerton Park Fullerton Plant Dam Fullerton Post Office Fullerton Public Library Fullerton Public Schools Fullerton Rescue Squad Fullerton Vision Clinic Fullerton Volunteer Fire Department Gdowski Dam Gdowski Reservoir Happy Hollow School (historical) Hellbusch Dam Hilltop School (historical) Horn Dam Horn Reservoir Horse Creek Kotlarz Dam Kotlarz Reservoir Kremer Public School Liberty Knoll School (historical) Lone Tree Medical Associates Merchiston Merchiston Mormon Pioneer Campsite Historical Marker Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Nance County Nance County Courthouse Nance County Medical Clinic Nance County Sheriffs Office North Star North Star Post Office (historical) North Star School (historical) Pawnee Hills Golf Club Pleasant Valley Public School Plum Creek Presbyterian Church Red Top School (historical) Riverview School (historical) Rose Dale School (historical) Saint Peters Catholic School Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church School Number 16 (historical) School Number 25 School Number 56 (historical) School Number 5 (historical) School Number 9 (historical) Sunnyglade School (historical) Sunnyside School (historical) Township of Cedar Township of East Newman Township of Fullerton Township of Loup Ferry Township of Plum Creek Township of West Newman Tri Valley Cooperative Elevator United Methodist Church Victory Baptist Church Voichahoske Dam Voichahoske Reservoir Woodlawn School (historical)